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Urtuk: The Desolation

Challenging tactical turn-based RPG in an open-world dark, low fantasy world · By madsheepstudios

Priest or/and Berserker rarity

A topic by cherubin31 created Feb 28, 2020 Views: 249 Replies: 2
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Hello, first of all: well done for this excellent game, really good job.
I play in simple mode, team: priest and I just had on the 570 round: a second priest and still no second berseker, normal?
And how do you learn talent: resilience?

Anyway: I like this game

The characters are found randomly, so maybe you had just bad luck.

Resiliencie is learned when you sustain many injuries in battles.

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hello, Thanks for the answer on how to get the resilience skill, but do you just have to take shots until you die or do you have to survive each assault?

Just die for