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Hi stephP!

Oh yes the discord feedback (in-game) works. You can check it on the discord, under the channel "gamefeed-instant".

These are your messages, right?

steph: (v.0.85.11) Awesome game, just needs at least local multiplayer.

steph: (v.0.85.11) Can you differentiate with a slight different color the last slot for special items? thx

steph: (v.0.85.11) Can you add an option to start battles zoomed out?

steph: (v.0.85.11) after battles, allow to access manage party by clicking on the left party panel.

steph: (v.0.85.11) When the mouse pointer is on the edge, the game screen is shaking like an epileptic.

steph: (v.0.85.11) this append in windowed mode and full screen mode.

steph: (v.0.85.11) strange, the epilectic screen during battle doesn't appear on every battles.

yes :)