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Agreed. I kept coming back to it until I beat it. Probably sunk a couple of hours in it. Good work to the dev!

This is an impressive amount of work for a jam game. The platforming puzzles are well done, too. Congratulations!

Same issue on my end. Here's a log of the only error in the console. Not sure if it's helpful.

Nice art and writing. Minimalist as far as gameplay, but still an enjoyable read.

I got two Non-Functional Endings where the arrow button was also non-functional and never turned into a main menu button. I needed to refresh the game to start over. Jokes on me I guess ;-)

Congratulations on your first submission to GWJ!

Nice work on the destructible terrain! The controls felt pretty good, too. The fire button seemed to register on both press and release of my mouse button, which is a little strange, though.

Overall, a fun little top-down shooter game. Nice work!

The character and world art is very pretty, and the UI design is stylish and fits well. Very good visual design, all around. Looks very inspired by another game title (or two), but that's okay.

The platforming gameplay is a nice start, though ambitious to get right in the span of a game jam. In addition to the controls feeling sluggish, I kept finding lots of places to fall off the world in the zone with the first wolves. Eventually stopped there after dying a couple of times in that area.

Great work to the whole team. It's impressive to see so much collaboration on a project!

The writing here was pretty enjoyable, short, and still got a lot of information across quickly.

I did seem to run into a bug with the bundle of sticks not registering when I interacted with the cauldron. I left the house then came back and stood in a different spot, and it worked.

Nice job on your first game jam submission!

I completed the ritual, and my father only lost his arms and legs! This had almost as much exposition as it had gameplay, but it was fun. The "Come on son" audio clip was funny.

Cute short game. Nice job.

Nice overall design to this game! A type of puzzle system I don't see too often, and I like how some of the puzzles are setup. The minimalist sigils on the cards do well to communicate their use, too.

I think I beat level 6 (VI) by exploiting a glitch? I moved my goat down a block to feed the dagger and for a brief moment it still gave blood to the snake card diagonal above it, that was previously it's neighbor. Some weird case like that. There were other little bugs as you mention on the page with the card not registering. Other than that though, still quite playable and enjoyable.

Really good work on this 2nd game jam submission!

Very enjoyable puzzle game with a steep difficulty curve in the beginning. Nice consistent art-style. The puzzles and levels were pretty well designed, too. It was enjoyable even when failing to learn why things failed.

Some of the early puzzles stumped me the hardest. I thought it got a lot easier after ~ level 5. (Spoilers) Level 12 was just the right time to add in another mechanic, for me, but maybe it could get introduced sooner.

Really good work on this!

I liked the PSX style art and the ritualistic nature of needing to repeat fetch quests.

I tried playing twice. First time died just trying to understand all the hazards. I needed to exit to restart the game, because the in-game restart wasn't working correctly. Second time I died by some gray thing in the second area that snuck up behind me and insta-killed me without making a sound. There was a bit too much friction for me to keep going after that, but I am curious if there's more. Maybe I'll come back to it later.

Quite ambitious for a game jam game. Well done!

I liked the voxel-art style in game and your intro. I'm glad you added a 2x speed up to the game, too. A quick way to restart would also be appreciated.

I played the first few stages a couple of different times with different strategies, but ultimately, none felt particularly rewarding. No matter what I tried, it felt like I was slowly dying rather than winning. Balancing games is so hard, though, especially in a game jam time budget. This was very ambitious.

Overall, a solid game jam entry. Good job!

Thanks for trying! I'll work on making tutorial text more digestible for future releases.

I have a day or two ago, I came back to try a secret and leave feedback. I know how it is watching that ratings counter though! :-D

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Very dark game. If I was in a happier place, I'd probably be able to appreciate how dark it is, better. Also, you like trolling people with main menu buttons, eh? :-)

I really liked the visuals and overall aesthetic. The icon was very enticing to click on. The style and theme was well executed on.

Levels did get a bit tedious, so I tried out one of the secrets, but then found I was missing a piece for one of the alters, and had no ability to level select to go to a prior level. So this is the furthest I got. Hopefully not a spoiler, but I can remove the image if it is.

"Submitted... 11 seconds before the deadline." I'm glad you made it! Great submission!

Nice intro! Interesting interpretation of the theme and application of the wildcards, as well.

The game froze when I tried to leave the first room the first time. The second time I fell down a hole, because I saw a hole and needed to know. The third, I got hit with a fireball. Since each time I had to start from the beginning, I stopped there. Seems like I was going to be typing "unstabilized' a lot and I thought I got the picture.

The movement controls for the character felt pretty good. Good accessibility options as well. Well done!

Cute game! I like how you applied the theme and all of the wildcards. I also like the art and the music.

It took me a few deaths before I actually felt like I had agency over the ship and understood how to control it reliably. Then I realized that the flames would follow me when I changed direction. I'd try attaching the flames to the world scene (rather than the ship as they appear to be now) so they continue in the same direction, even when the player changes direction.

Nice job with nailing the theme in this submission!

Nice music. I had display issues with the web build. Tried to play that anyway, as I've gotten fatigued of downloading games. Almost didn't get past the menu as I couldn't see the instructions until I went full-screen.

As far as the gameplay, interesting concept of being an OP melee character against weak, ranged enemies. One bug I experienced in-game was that all the bees would face my PC, but would fly to the bottom of the map instead. Then they just grouped up there and lived on until I ran out of fuel each wave. So there are some bugs to work out.

Good work submitting to the game jam!

Nice submission. I played for about 10 minutes, but didn't finish. As others have mentioned, the control/movement of the player needs attention. I just started using one piece to solve most puzzles, and the current puzzles don't really encourage diversifying. Also having the physics enabled on the object while I'm still placing it with the mouse leads to some wonky interactions.

Good job submitting to the jam!

I tried playing, but the Godot 4.0 linux builds in this jam have been having "Segmentation faults" when running on my machine. Sorry I can't rate your game :-(

Thanks, mine says 'nvidia'. I found another Godot 4.0 linux build game and the same thing happened when I tried playing it, so it's probably something on my end.

Death by spontaneous explosion?! I hate it when that happens.

Nice game! I played it twice. It had a very particular atmosphere to it. I liked playing the tapes as the sub went down to keep me entertained during the slow parts, but sometimes they were hard to hear.

I died by the tentacles crushing the vessel on my first playthrough. I couldn't figure out what I'm supposed to do with those after I patched all the glass cracks. I just watched my hull slowly drain. Figuring it out on the second playthrough was nice.

Parts did get repetitive, but overall, really nice game jam submission. Good work!

Linux build is missing the .pck file, but  I was able to pull it from the .rar package built for windows.

Neat cutscene. Started a game twice, and what I assume is a door never opened for me out of the first room. Or I couldn't find the key or button I was supposed to press to open it.

Graphics were nice, as was the music. I would have liked to have seen more.

Hi, I'm unable to play the game. The linux release a shell script that links to another file that isn't included.

Good job submitting to the jam!

The windows build worked on linux with wine for me, but by the rules of the jam, we're supposed to have 3 separate native builds (windows, linux, mac), or one html build, which this game could probably work just fine as. Lack of a web build deters a lot of people from trying a game, and that means less people rating it.

This has a decent amount of content for a first game jam submission. The game is rough and there is work to do on physics, but overall, nice start.

Thank you for all the kind words and the feedback! We can definitely work on breaking up the text more. I'm glad both you and your friend enjoyed it so much!

If you've got the time for it, could you run `lspci -k | grep -EA3 'VGA|3D|Display'` on your linux machines and share what it says for
`Kernel driver in use: ####`?

Thank you! I'm glad you still enjoyed the full version!

I made a dev mistake and now anyone who played a the playtest version cannot enjoy WASD by default in this build. I'm really sorry about that. They should work for any new players, but there is a local config file that you'd need to remove on your machine to get the same experience. I'll rename my playtest builds in the future to avoid this happening again. Thanks for reporting this!

Thanks for the follow up! I messed up and now my earlier playtesters cannot enjoy WASD by default in this build. Sorry about that. You can either delete your local config file and rerun the game, or remap to WASD in the options menu.

I'll add the license, too. Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for letting me know the linux build was tested. I'll give it another try at some point.

Neat game! It has some interesting and creative puzzle mechanics. Although, I read the tutorial and finished all the levels, I still don't feel confident I understand how all of it works. I kind of stumbled into some of the later solutions.

The art was also cute. Nice submission!

Sweet! We can definitely work on breaking up the text more. Thanks for the feedback all the kind words!

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Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate you letting us know you felt overwhelmed, even though you managed to get through that. I do worry we're still be losing people with the amount of text/mechanics.

Great to hear you'd like to see more! We appreciate all the kind words :-)

That was fun! Played it to the end twice. Good visuals and design as well. The key remapping system and menu were really robust, too.

I liked that the game changed up my weapon every time I leveled up. I eventually had my favorites that I tried to swap between, but still - it forced me into some variety where otherwise I may just gravitate to one.

The controls didn't feel right to me for the real-time nature of the game, as I was having to tap my keyboard rapidly to get the movement I wanted. It also took me a few deaths to fully understand the risk and death mechanics. By the time I got to the end, though, the boss died very quickly if my weapon had penetration. I didn't realize I had won the first time when the screen went white. Lastly, there may be a bug with hitting enter to unpause the game while the upgrades are still open?

Great submission! You showed really nice attention to detail.

I played twice, got through 4 gates on the 2nd attempt, then two systems were down at once, and I stopped playing there. There are a lot of punishing elements to this game, and I didn't feel I had agency over the ship for any longer than a few seconds at a time.

Nice job submitting two games to one jam, though.

After 10 tries, I still couldn't reliably get to the second platform. I realized that the camera angle was affecting my forward velocity, and tried to take advantage of that, but then I couldn't see where I was jumping. So I started losing patience. I made it as far as the 3rd platform a couple of times, but always slid off before I could grab the ladder/vines.

Sorry I couldn't see the rest of your content. From the comments, it sounds pretty cool.

This immediately causes a `Seg fault` when trying to play the Linux build for me. I have recently updated drivers, but maybe it's still on my end. Here's the output from the terminal.

Godot Engine v4.0.beta1.official.20d667284 -
Vulkan API 1.2.0 - Using Vulkan Device #0: NVIDIA - GeForce GTX 970M
Segmentation fault

Great job on the visuals! I was really impressed by how well this was running in my browser (Firefox on an old gaming laptop). Only stuttered when teleporting.

I liked the writing, the build-up/pacing of the glitches, and how it all comes together to solve a problem in the end. It's short and sweet. I was disappointed I did not find a hidden secret behind the GWJ symbol in the last area, though :-P . The AI voice acting was a little awkward at points, but actually worked most of the time, and was still great for a game-jam.

Just knowing that a 3D game can run this smooth in my browser is kind of inspiring. Thanks for submitting this to the jam and great work!

Gave this a couple of tries, and figured out the starting pattern was the same. I liked the interpretation of the theme, though wanted to see more variety out of the puzzles.

I would have preferred less air time getting between platforms. The jump was very floaty. I did not think I could make it to the top-right machine until I just held down the jump for what felt like an unnaturally long time for a platformer.

The alarms were pretty jarring. I was doing well, but stopped playing because I was just repeating the same thing and didn't want to listen to the alarms anymore.

Good work on your submission!

I liked the visuals of this game. The world felt like it had attention paid to it, as there were recognizably different neighborhoods with different styles to them.

At first, the world did feel too large, and the delivers a bit too long. Then I remembered there was an upgrade ability and reread the instructions. It also took me some time to realize the boost worked as a slow build-up. I was expecting more immediate feedback.

Nice job on this submission!