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What you did with the art style, a sketch-type minimalist pixel art, was such a nice idea! The narrative is sooooo good!

Glad you enjoyed the game! We tried to make the narrative part as short as possible for this game length, but we're planning to make a post-jam version of the game and fix some bugs after the voting period ends, so if you're interested, follow us to get updates, since we plan to tell more about the story :)

Ooooh strong Atari vibes with this one! Really good work with the art, and the choice of soundtrack and sounds!

Very satisfying game to play! Will definitely play it again.

Thank you! I thought it was important to bring up that they're still struggling, even though we had very little time to make a bigger game and consequently a more in-depth narrative. I hope we are able to improve this part soon in our post-jam version.

Nice and fun game! I managed to toss 7 boxes so far, but I will try to improve my score later!

Really fun game, but I found it very difficult, my ship keeps sinking, but I keep playing it. Good job!

Wow, congratulations for making such an amazing game!
It was a nice choice to use free assets and focus more on the narrative and the choice of gameplay. Very interesting story and the historical accuracy crowns were such a nice idea! You did an impressive job, the dialogues are perfect!

Portuguese titles are so beautiful :3 it was a nice choice of theme and the game is simple and relaxing!

This game is so cute, I can't handle the doggo! The story is great, you made an amaaaazing job with the narrative and the use of art, congrats!

Such a fun little game to play! Loved it!

I found the game really hard but overall is very good, and good choice of music!

Lovely art (the soldiers are so cute), and the overall texture of the wood is really beautiful! Amazing sound effects (especially the cleaning one, it's ASMR-ish).
It was a little difficult to understand the gameplay, but once you get to understand it, it'ss really fun, though I killed almost everyone who I was taking care of (turns out I'm a horrible nurse). 

Thank you!
Yes, unfortunately, it's all true. There is much more in the story than that, but we tried to keep it as short as possible for the players.

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Thank you! We really appreciate your feedback!
We are planning to make a post-jam version soon, and we will update the camera thing, which we couldn't fix at time.

You're such an amazing artist and a big inspiration! Thank you for making these available for free! <3

That was so good!
It's like Tokyo Ghoul meets Elfen Lied!

oh no i want this at playstore right now, seriously. this is too cute, it must be everywhere, i can't handle it. i'm digging the soundtrack so hard!

Oh my, this is too cute for words, I enjoyed it so much! And the soundtrack :3

Oh wow... it's a strong subject, and you managed to create its narrative so well.