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Make it playable via website D:

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I am listening to instrumental music :-0

Or any song/music without voice, just melody

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It's rather unique type of humour, but go for it :D

Surely will want to play in your game.

Wish you luck with future projects anyway :D

First game is from youtuber "Shaun Spalding", he is working for gamemaker studio and you can find his tutorials on official site, so basically its game maker tutorial {FEED}

Isn't that tutorial game from game maker?

Both of them :-0

You're welcome :D

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Goood for short time, also found bug, after you reach damage over 9999, damage display just disapear T_T

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So short yet i found bug i think, if you pick up first item and kill yourself, you will see another first item in the same spot and the one you picked up :-0

Game is good :