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Sharing my Comic Book - Are We Not Men?

A topic by Richard There created Sep 11, 2016 Views: 287 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone,

I do comics and music for a long time. Now I am making my first game. It's a hand drawn platformer where you are a one legged horse looking for your hat to go to a party. It's an absurd and funny game, but I am just starting with it, so it will take a while until I have something to show. Meanwhile I decided to upload my comic books on The style of the comics are close to the game, so I think it's a way to start to show what kind of game I am doing.

I would love to get some feedbacks and thoughts about the comics and if you imagine that this kind of humour would be something for a game!

Here is the link for the comic:



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It's rather unique type of humour, but go for it :D

Surely will want to play in your game.

Thank's. Yes, unique is a good word. I believe I will have the first level of the game ready in one month or so. Than I will post something here to ask for feedbacks! So let's keep in touch.