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I feel like this this movement is close to the old 2D sonic games (momentum-based platformers). Since you can only perform your highest jumps once you get some speed going I feel like it would be much more fun to play in a more track-like area (or at least a bigger one) that encourages  building up that speed and keeping it.

In my opinion adding more puzzle elements like spells and crates you need to carefully jump on is the wrong direction since at first glance the character feels like an elephant in a china shop. Even scaling a simple staircase feels clumsy when you bounce off of each step of it, but give me a runway and I would skip it entierly with a well timed high-jump.

Sounds like an interesting setting.

As expected of Cocoa Moss, it looks very cute and the music is good! The gameplay looks very simple and intuitive at first but if you want to go for a high-score you'll have to plan like a chef... It's not easy making a game that plays well the first time while also hiding just enough depth to warant a replay or two!

I wish you could easily fall off a platform without changing gravity by holding the jump button while on ground.

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Thanks for the feedback!

I don't get what you meant about the text in the beginning: aside from the the options and the restart button there's only 6 keys to memorize, 4 if you don't use brakes. Maybe I could have presented the text better, with little diagrams and color coded? In any case, I do believe the best solution to everyone's issue learning the controls would have been a tutorial map or area designed to let the player mess around and learn before the race.

I decided to make every asset myself and music is still sadly outside my list of skills for now, but having a song could have been great, I agree.

Quick tip : When commenting on someone's Jam entry you can do so on the voting page so that your own entry gets displayed under your comment. That saves everyone time looking for the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

Since this is my first jam I decided against using any assets I didn't make myself, which meant fiddling with audacity to make the sound you do hear in-game, but that's the upper limit to my skills when I comes to sound design right now. Pre-Jam I had an idea of making a song using a kazoo, but it would probably not have been worth the time nor would it have fitted the game's style.

In my eyes feedback for the player's actions (including with sound effects) is more important than setting an atmosphere / ambiance through music. Nevertheless it probably would have been great having both!

I agree I could have had an other map to learn the controls and try simpler maneuvers.
It's easy to forget people playing your game will only do so for a couple minutes and won't have an hour of playtesting the game!
Thanks for the feedback.

Cute both in style and concept! Very intuitive too.
Too bad it's really short and easy as I could see a lot of potential for more interesting puzzles.

Minor nitpicks if you do make a post-compo version : retrying could have been mapped to a button and the losing sound could be a little less loud and grating.

Thanks for the hint! Now that I have finished the game I can say that it was worth giving a second shot!
I agree with the other comment saying moving lasers kept sweeping in unexpected areas including some checkpoints.
A way to move slower for precision-based challenges would have been nice.

Once again, these are only details in an otherwise great game, so don't feel bad about them!

A lot of unexpected laser behaviors could have been fixed easily by having a special kind of wall that players can go through but not lasers.

I could not get past the first two moving lasers: either they were out of sync making it impossible to find the time to go through or you are a god at your game!

Good idea and execution otherwise.

Very cool concept!
I think the levels don't do justice to how well the main mechanic works: in short, I wish the game was longer!
Also a clearer explanation could have been given in the first level, I think, but it's not a huge problem since the visuals also help later-on.

Thanks for playing!

Don't forget you can also vote on any game you play from the GMTK Game Jam!

If you want to rate mine.

The concept and presentation are great!

Too bad you didn't have time to fix the bugs and and some more interesting levels requiring more interesting uses of the robot.

A little bit confusing at first how the 3 states of the game work. I would also have loved  hints indicating which wall is exclusive to one dimension and which switch links to what laser.
In the last puzzle it took me a while to understand the cloner could be used once per box.

Cute graphics, effective level design and a nice use of adaptive soundtrack.

Very cool idea for a metroidvania and also fantastic execution!

I can't help but feel like the 20 minutes time limite is a little too lenient for all mandatory tasks. I haven't tried getting all checkpoints in a run though.

An annoying bug I ran across after dying to bosses was re-spawning with something amiss with Oracle's sprite: you can re-spawn flipped horizontally, vertically, invisible...

There's also the shadow/vision of Salesman's tail lingering in the air during the final battle.

There was this whole plot-line about a virus but I'm not sure why it was here since it's not necessary to beat the game. Maybe I should have tried to find the right suit or something? Sounds kind of annoying to be honest: there's suits everywhere with no indication of which one is the safe one, right?

I only have 77% completion so I might be missing something else here...

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When you are meeting terry for the first time you can try to leave, which prompts you with "I should probably talk to Terry some more", but you can still leave the building. Working as intended?

I think I saw a word repeated twice in one of the casino's lobby dialogues on day 1 or 2. Can't remember who exactly but it would have been someone in the left part of the lobby, before the room with the three queues.

EDIT: Nevermind, I can't find it after replaying through the start of both the first and second days of the investigation. Maybe it was on the third?

In the final map (office surprise party) once the screen has zoomed-in the mouse click becomes misaligned : it selects the tile that woud have been there if the screen wasn't zoomed-in. For example if you click roughly 3 tiles away it selects the 4th tile away.

For a 6 week project, I'd say you did fine.

The controls don't feel great but they are good enough to traverse the level with ease.

I hope you got a good grade!

Oh, and this guy made a video about it where they seem to struggle with the controls for no reason..

Never in my life a game has made me go through such feelings:

The triumph that was surviving my first pizza only to be struck with the realization that another one would replace it until doom came.

The desperation of knowing all of the pepperoni is going to be eaten, no matter how hard you try to save it.

And that sweet sweet feeling of revenge when you make the humans pay an absurdly high price for their heinous hunger-motivated crime.

10/10 Would put my life on the line for glory again.