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I feel like this this movement is close to the old 2D sonic games (momentum-based platformers). Since you can only perform your highest jumps once you get some speed going I feel like it would be much more fun to play in a more track-like area (or at least a bigger one) that encourages  building up that speed and keeping it.

In my opinion adding more puzzle elements like spells and crates you need to carefully jump on is the wrong direction since at first glance the character feels like an elephant in a china shop. Even scaling a simple staircase feels clumsy when you bounce off of each step of it, but give me a runway and I would skip it entierly with a well timed high-jump.

Thanks for checking it out! Made some adjustments with the feedback in mind, I think the original version was a bit too in between something that seems like 'you should go fast' and 'you should go slow'. Going slower is what I'm going for so I've tweaked it a bit in that direction.