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I see what you did there! Thanks a lot! ;D

Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

The numbers are weighted a little bit depending on which one has been generated before. So basically a total value is generated first that doesn't surpass what you could reach with all cards from 2-10 revealed. Then up to 50% (randomly) of that total is assigned to one of the three values (chosen randomly), then up to 50% of the rest to the second and then the rest to the third one.

Oh, that would indeed be unintended! I'll have to check.

Thank you for playing and glad you had fun with it! :)

Download for free:

“Revolution is not a one-time event.” – Audre Lorde

Revoltaire is a minimalist solitaire card game about resistance and persuasion. Quite deliberately, it’s not about “winning”, but about repeatedly and tirelessly making a stand.

Fabian Fischer created the game in a personal game jam with the intent of building a light, replayable brain teaser around nothing but a small set of regular playing cards at its core.

Website: Twitter: @Ludokultur

Glad you like it! That was exactly what this games was meant to experiment around! :)

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Crimson Company is an intense 20-minute duel about drafting an army of sellswords. It involves deep strategic as well as tactical decisions, crazy combos and gut-wrenching mind games.


You get the accessibility of all the card games you love, but combined with the competitive nature and depth of Chess. There's very little luck involved. Everything will come down to who made the better decisions!


Instead of holding a hand of cards, everything happens right on the board. Both players compete for the same deck and the same selection of sellswords and try to assemble stronger combinations of cards than their opponent.


There are 30 different sellsword characters in the game, each featuring their own unique artwork and special ability! Every match will differ from the one before and you will have to plan out your strategy on the fly each time.


The choices you make during a match are what determines your success! The outcome of the game does not depend on who has the "bigger collection" and there are no good or bad pre-determined matchups!

Great job! :)

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words! :)

Check it out:

The game to explores the idea of a "slow RTS". By pairing multiple simultaneous real-time behaviors with a discrete grid- and tick-based action space, the gameplay harnesses strengths from turn-based as well as real-time strategy, aiming to bring together the "best of both worlds".

Free download for Windows and Android:

Lane Stormers is a real-time single-player card game! Using a randomized deck containing a variety of units, spells and support structures, you battle against continuously spawning hordes of monsters. Choose wisely between the three lanes when playing your cards and push through to your enemy's base to take it down!


  • Tactically challenging gameplay and quick-fire decision making in a highly accessible package (including mobile-friendly drag-and-drop controls)!
  • Endless variety! Your deck is randomized, monsters are randomized, you'll never play the same match twice!
  • Dynamic difficulty! Rank up by winning continuously to unlock evermore challenging levels! Can you beat rank 25?

Fabian Fischer created the game as a more elaborate follow-up to River Rogue (also on As such, it reflects further on the concept of diegetic timers in strategy games by pairing continuous time with a discrete action space.

There was a  bank holiday in Germany, so I challenged myself to make a fully functional game within a day. The result is River Rogue, a game design experiment based on the idea of combining discrete, grid-based movement with a continuous, spatial timer. Check it out! :)

More info and free download:

So you got sucked into a black hole! Again! By now you're used to it. It feels like you've been making a living in the midst of all this bizarre interdimensional nonsense forever. Although the whole folded space-time thing might cloud your perception. In any case, on to another silly adventure. You are the Black Hole Vagabond...

I challenged myself to a game jam challenge and this is the result. A game with weird gadgets and deceptively adorable moles. Also lots of explosions, chain reactions and tricking turrets into shooting your enemies.

Have fun! :D