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My favorite Playdate game so far! Reminded me of Unicycle Hero, but the physics feel more polished and it's just so much fun playing it with the crank and being able to go faster or slower based on the situation. Superb! :)

Yup, verbose is off. If it's not too much of a hassle to implement, a speed-up  certainly would be awesome!

Rating is out! :)

Very cool, super fun and polished! :)

My biggest QoL wish would be an animation speed setting. When playing vs. the AI most of the time I only really care about their turn result (or end state when piggybacking is on). So while most turns go quick, there can sometimes be quite a bit of waiting while they get there.

Hey, so glad you like the game! :)

Great feedback, already had the keys on my list, will look into the back button!

Thank you so much for the kind words! I also noticed this has some "couch coop" potential, haha! :D

Kudos for creating such an intense experience in just 48 hours. Amazing!

Thank you very much for playing and the kind words! Super happy to read a comment like this one! :)

Dankeschön! :)

Nicht ganz so einfach, da die Wiki API mit Seeds nichts anfangen kann. Es gibt aber schon eine (englische) "Daily Arena" im Menü, bei der jeder pro Tag die selben Artikel bekommt. Die werden dann allerdings aus einer großen vorgenerierten Liste von Wiki-IDs gegriffen und nicht von "ganz Wikipedia".

No and no! :)

Hey! Thank you for bringing this up. Mac is the only system I can't really test myself, but I had a friend look into it just now and I think I found a fix (that at least worked for him). Will upload a new build later today! :)

I'd be thrilled to add a Spanish version! Not sure how best to contact you directly but just send me a quick Twitter PM (@Ludokultur) for details! :)

And thank you for the link I'll check it out!

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Based on player feedback I added the ability to skip a duel once per run and a "popular articles only" option to the game!

Also happy to report that the game got picked up by content creatores such as Northernlion, Olexa and Esty8nine quite favorably! :)

Thank you for the kind words! :)

In terms of the Wiki content, other languages are easy to add. I'd just need support to translate the UI (buttons, mode descriptions etc.). Theoretically the game is well prepared to add more languages though, so in case anyone's interested in helping translate, let me know!

It can work, but it's not a guarantee. The excerpt is taken from the first paragraph only, which might be super short itself but then still be followed by a long article with man subsections.

Thank you so much for playing and the YT content! Enjoying it a ton! :)

Thank you for playing and the kinds words! The duels are actually completely random for maximum variety, but I sometimes see strange patterns in it too, like "fish vs. sea urchin", what are the odds? :D

Thank you so much! A party game version sounds great actually! :D

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Let Wikipedia articles battle it out in the arena and predict the winner!

Each round pits two random Wikipedia articles against each other by their title, an intro section excerpt and an image (if available).

Your task: Guess which article is longer or gets more views. Oh, and you have to pick the category as well based on what you think is the safer bet.

Game Modes

  • Arena: The "roguelike" mode. Try to reach 10 correct predictions before being wrong 3 times!
  • Endless: How many predictions can you get right before being wrong 3 times?
  • Daily Arena: An arena run that's the same for all players each day. Do you think you can read the internet's collective mind better than your friends? Start the daily run from the settings menu!


  • ♾️ Literally infinite content: Wikipedia grows every day and with it the archive the game's article randomizer can pick from. You'll never play the same run twice!
  • 📈 Statistics: Get a neat one-screen overview of your current run anytime!
  • 📊 Meta statistics: The game records how many 10-win runs you had, your highest endless score ever, and all your recent results.
  • 🐦 Battle tweets: Generate a sharable tweet visualizing the battle's result after every duel via a single click!
  • 🌐 Play anywhere: Play the game right in your browser (even on mobile) or download the client. Note that the game requires an internet connection to retrieve the Wikipedia data.
  • 💬 Multi-language support: English and German so far. If you'd like to help with more languages (any supported by Wikipedia basically), get in touch!

Play the game right in your browser or download the client:

Thank you so much! I know exactly what you mean, haha. :D

Thank you so much!

Also I experienced it myself during testing: Your brain gets "bigger" (in terms of the thinking it takes to play this particular game well) over time. :D

Thank you for playing and the kind words! Means a lot! :)

Wrote up a little launch week roundup including highlights from Esty8nine's showcase stream and a full 100-points blitz run!

CIPHER-8 is a brain-twisting game where you push numbers into a grid. Well, numbers or  all kinds of manipulatory tricks. Or bombs apparently. Anyways, after all it’s about making the total value of each column match its goal value. However, changing one column affects the others as well. Oh and by the way, bonus points if you manage to plan ahead a few turns to keep your cipher streak going in the process!

There are two game modes:

  • BLITZ asks you to reach a target score in just 90 seconds, so you better get that brain juice flowing fast!
  • PUZZLE mode on the other hand is all about planning since there’s no timer, but you lose energy if you go without scoring for too many turns.

Both modes track your skill separately and become more challenging every time you beat them.

Enjoy the release trailer (with memes) below!

I played this cause I really liked your LD49 entry Shoved Serenity and as a big fan of digital board games I have to say this one is super cool as well. Could easily see this being expanded and taken from jam game to full release in a bunch of ways. Keep it up! :)

You just put "export gamename.bin" into the console and it'll export binaries for Windows, Linux und Mac. See:

Thank you very much! :)

Haha, thank you very much! And no worries, it's really hard. :D

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Haha it's tough. I barely make it above 10 myself. Also the spinner speed increases sliiightly every time you score, which makes it even harder. Thanks for playing! :D

Ha, thank you very much! :)

I actually immediately started doing all those things after seeing them in Zep's entry (Void Roller) yesterday. Managed to squeeze in a couple more sound effects and highscore tracking (per session) this way.

Hey, thank you very much for playing and for the kinds words! :)

I agree the game ended up pretty complex in terms of how dense the mechanics are. Everything is quite tightly connected around a, at heart, simple form of input. Maybe some kind of interactive tutorial would be ideal, but I also hope with the early ranks being pretty easy you can kind of "stumble into" how things work and figure it out (maybe with help of the manual for some specifics).

Also I'm sure there's tons of potential for visual improvements, but unfortunately I'm probably as far from a visual artist as it gets. Any ideas or if you can think of someone willing to cooperate, let me know! :D

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You signed up for the biggest martial-arts challenge in history! In a gauntlet beyond example, contestants from all around the world face myriads of artificial monstrosities to find out who can deal with them performing the most stylish and efficient combos. There’s a twist though - you can only move in accordance with the hand of cards you’re holding. Ah, there’s nothing like the beautiful arbitrariness of game rules...


  • Exceptional replayability: No two playthroughs will be alike thanks to randomly generated arenas, monster spawns and a shuffled deck of movement cards!
  • Simple, but deep: The game is easy to play, but a considerable amount of complexity emerges from the dense interactions between all its elements!
  • Killing in style: Find creative ways to kill enemies by luring them into pits, smashing them into walls or other monsters, shoving them out of bounds or exposing them to the meditative power of your “spirit bomb” special move!
  • Ranked mode: Reach score goals to win matches and move up through the ranks, making the game progressively more difficult. Can you win on rank 24?
  • Endless mode: In case you like going for insane highscores, you totally can!

Play in your browser or download for Windows, Linux, Mac:

I see what you did there! Thanks a lot! ;D

Thank you very much for the kind words! :)

The numbers are weighted a little bit depending on which one has been generated before. So basically a total value is generated first that doesn't surpass what you could reach with all cards from 2-10 revealed. Then up to 50% (randomly) of that total is assigned to one of the three values (chosen randomly), then up to 50% of the rest to the second and then the rest to the third one.

Oh, that would indeed be unintended! I'll have to check.

Thank you for playing and glad you had fun with it! :)

Download for free:

“Revolution is not a one-time event.” – Audre Lorde

Revoltaire is a minimalist solitaire card game about resistance and persuasion. Quite deliberately, it’s not about “winning”, but about repeatedly and tirelessly making a stand.

Fabian Fischer created the game in a personal game jam with the intent of building a light, replayable brain teaser around nothing but a small set of regular playing cards at its core.

Website: Twitter: @Ludokultur

Glad you like it! That was exactly what this games was meant to experiment around! :)

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Crimson Company is an intense 20-minute duel about drafting an army of sellswords. It involves deep strategic as well as tactical decisions, crazy combos and gut-wrenching mind games.


You get the accessibility of all the card games you love, but combined with the competitive nature and depth of Chess. There's very little luck involved. Everything will come down to who made the better decisions!


Instead of holding a hand of cards, everything happens right on the board. Both players compete for the same deck and the same selection of sellswords and try to assemble stronger combinations of cards than their opponent.


There are 30 different sellsword characters in the game, each featuring their own unique artwork and special ability! Every match will differ from the one before and you will have to plan out your strategy on the fly each time.


The choices you make during a match are what determines your success! The outcome of the game does not depend on who has the "bigger collection" and there are no good or bad pre-determined matchups!

Great job! :)

Thank you so much for playing and for the kind words! :)