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Hi Parker, thanks for playing and leaving your feedback!

Like this?

Hi my friend, 

I didn`t know this bug! Oww!
This version is only a prototype of something better I`m going to release with calm.
The concept is solve some puzzles that will give the boy the power of transformation into some animals.

... so, it`s a good idea turn him a cat to achieve "impossible" flowers. I`ll do.

Thank you very much for your feedback, you are the best tester. 

It makes sense! Thanks for bring this point!

The fireworks is the end?

I went there, but could`t pass through the lake.

Very cool! Loved the concept and execution. Contrats!

Great game! Congratulations!

Good entry, I liked the idea of mini games. Try to add arrows keys, would improve a lot the gameplay.

Hi Moisés! Thanks for your time! 

It’s short because I couldn’t dedicate time enough to do more. The idea was “power of transformation”. So I wanted more effects, more animals to transform, puzzles, music etc. 

I hope finish it next weeks, no deadline.

Hi Marcel! Thanks for playing! 

Yes, very short because I couldn’t dedicate time enough to do more. The idea was “power of transformation”. 

I wanted more effects, more animals to transform, puzzles, music etc. I hope finish it next weeks no deadline.

hi there! yes, it’s a prototype, I am adding more elements to the game like: turn a bird to fly over rocks and trees, some puzzles, etc.

pls tell me, how was your experience and let me know your suggestions?

thanks, you will! i hope 

Hi, I like the simplicity of bitsy. One color sprites, simple animations, etc. I did'n know Baba until you mentionate... seeing right now some videos, "Baba is You", thanks for ask!  

Hi folks,

Newbie on this JAM. I was looking the submitions of the last years and...

I am really impressed with the quality and completeness of the games!!!

My expectations are very high. Looking forward to the games are coming up. 

Good luck and much fun for everyone!

I loved, congrats!

Loved your entry! It's really fun and well polished game. Liked the smoth movements and the rotations, hard to do. My hiscore is 820, from mobile.

Hey Andy, congrats for the blue belt! It's not bad at all. These days our memory needs attention. Thanks for your feedback. 

Enjoyed! Finished the water level. I missed sound effects on breaking blocks, anyway, the concept is really nice. 

Very cool entry! My hi score is 72. Loved the bird movement! Congrats

Hi Paul! Thanks for playing and for your feedback!

I am still on blue belt. So, for now, you are the Senpai, most experienced student of the Sensei. :)

I love this game, even more than the original you published on previous jam. Congrats!

Hey, thanks for your feedback! My best is 11 but I used all my RAM.


Hi folks,

I couldn't enter to Discord as the link looks expired.

The same for you?

Hey, thanks! I gonna try improve!

Hey, thank you very much for your feedback! I'm collecting all the suggestions to improve the game as it is very primitive and I wish improve it soon.

Original and fun! I didn't understand the goal for the first plays and why the switching of X and O ahead the bull. My best was 3425, and I would like to play next versions. Well done!

What a pretty game! Loved everything. Congrats 

My favorite so far. Great submission!

hahaha Awesome to know you already almost completed this level! Sorry for frustrating you... :( BTW Just fixed it!

Hey! Thanks for that, I gonna check it out as soon as possible!

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Fantastic! The kind of game I love. Great art, retro feelings with a pinch of humor. Plus, made with Godot! :)

Meet PEAS! Animated Sudoku.

Explore a unique and charming Sudoku with a touch of fun! 

Inspired by the cover of the MY FAMICASE 2023 exhibition created by Kevin Gauvin, this game brings a refreshing approach to the classic Sudoku, with a hint of emotion and creativity.

I really have to practice more.

On the first time I tied on Easy. On the second, I won, but it was exciting because in the last moves the AI recovered many pieces!

Graphics, sounds, music and AI are great!

I loved playing and I'm sure will do more times.

Phew, thanks for letting me know! I was worried it would be something with me.


Thanks for your feedback, I will investigate.

Hey Achie!

The issue was  the locked Jumping Pea (0,0) was moving and leaving a blank space. We talked a bit and I hope this will not happen again.

Could you confirm it's fixed?

Hey Catlover, just letting you know the meeting was fine and the Peas are going to obey the orders (I guess).

Could you try again?

Hey Pies, good ideas you brought me! I am still trying to define the scope and they are interesting. Thanks!