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Gracias por jugarlo :)!
Hay unas cuantas habilidades que son muy divertidas, pero al ser un poco difícil subir de nivel muchos no llegan a verlo. Nos hubiese encantado tener un día extra de puro pulido, pero así son las Jam, jeje :)

Gracias por jugar nuestro juego :)

Se hace difícil un balance justo cuando estás todo el día jugando tu juego, ya te volvés bueno y después cuando lo agarra otro te querés morir!

Al tema queríamos aplicarlo bien de manera más simbólica y no tan literal, tomamos el 0 a 100 como un cámbio radical, e inspirados un poco en PacMan, el concepto de volverte fuerte de un momento para otro, lleno de ira, o amistoso e indefenso.

Solamente se han utilizado assets para los VFXs, debido a la falta de VFXs artists.

Los assets utilizados fueron parte de packs gratuitos de Epic Games.

  • AdvancedMagicFX12
  • AdvancedMagicFX13

Oh, that is very weird, I have downloaded the zip just to check and it's working OK for me.

Hey! Thanks for playing our game, it was really fun to work on it and we learned a lot!
About the gameplay, take in mind that you need to carry all the bodies, including the first one, with you to the green location, if you kill more guys, those guys need to be hidden too.
Take care!

Great Game!!
I deal with a bug:
In the second boss, the ice one, i was using a earth mage and i push the boss body out of the map, on a corner.


Great! I'm starting my vacations today, coming back in one month. If i found something then, i will post it.


Sorry, i think you don't understand my question, i want to add the Itch widget on github readme, not use markdown on

They indeed filter iframes, y try posting embed itch widget but not work. How should i do to make it work with iframe code?


Hi there! My name is Sebastian, i'm working on a game called Under Control, it's open source, made with Unity, Wwise and using InControl;i already post it on, but the reason i'm posting here is because i can't find the way to use the Itch widget on my Github Readme or in the release section.

Is there any way to do it? I was really looking for a way to do this but i can't reach it.