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For now, the new, fixed version is not up yet, however, we are planning to release it by the end of this week. 

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Sorry, everybody, this was not finished in time and the download is bugged. For the game jam, rate it on this download, but if you actually want to play a game, then go to this link., we'll be putting the more polished game there.

Great game, loved the sound effects and controls. Very simple, although at times, some of the text was hard to read. Otherwise, great game overall!

Thanks, the sky was from a pack I got on Epic Games, but the voice acting is pure Canadian. From California

Thanks for the compliments, seeing which weapon is equipped and also expanding on weapons/ inventory would probably have made the game look cooler.

Thanks, we planned on having a movement thing like that, whether it be a sprint or roll, but to save time I think we just upped the base movement.

Voice man says thanks, and I appreciate the feedback on breaking the goals down into smaller bits, I'll definitely take that to mind for my main project that I've been working on

Appreciate the feedback, we spent most of our time on getting the base game done, and so we didn't have much time to add spice and more fun things. 

Great game, love the art style and crafting features. One suggestion I have is a way to tell the player that the sheep are enemies, besides the little gameplay clip, there isn't much to show that they're an enemy. 

Overall great game. The music and the models were very nice and fit the theme very well. The only suggestion I would have is to help allow the player to reset some of the cards without having to reset the entire thing. 

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Great game, love the music. The animations and models fit well and the world generation is a nice touch.  One thing I would suggest adding is to have the elephants attack the player or pose some kind of challenge. 

Amazing art, relaxing music. Little too much text for me, but I'm sure it works for others. Gameplay I found satisfying and relaxing. Great Game!

When I started playing I found it funny, because we had a similar idea where you would fly around breaking planets as a meteor, so kinda similar. The gravity systems and most of the other mechanics were pretty well done a great game!

Great art style, really cool animations. The enemies were pretty easy to kill and what you were meant to do was a little vague, however I found the voiclines quite funny so well done!

The music was really eerie which was pretty cool. It was kind of hard to figure out what to do in the beginning but otherwise a really well-themed game!

lol thanks



not bad lol

so scuffed i love it lmao

we made very totally extremely scary game, called the child. Sppoky right? download plz its good. also everyone else games looked good