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Hi which link are you trying to use? The one on should work:

Hi I would recommend joining the Mausritter Discord, or the Games Omnivorous mailing list — that’ll get you the most up-to-date information.

The Estate is still in stock at Games Omnivorous but looks like the Box Set is sold out! We’ll hopefully be doing a reprint sometime in the new year.

This is the main game! The Estate, Honey in the Rafters and A Long Way From Lilliput are expansion scenarios.

Ah yes, I should remove that link. It’ll be up for purchase once the kickstarter & preorders are delivered.

Oh no, you’re totally right! Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll fix up now.

Yep, you should get an email with a key for the digital copies. Send me an email (isaac at isaacwilliams dot net) with your details if you haven’t and I’ll sort it out.

Ooh, thanks!

ahah I guess just a lot of mice are called Wattle! It’s the John of mouse names :P

Will probably fix this in the typohunt for the updated rule book though :)

Yep, three is correct!

Nice, glad you enjoyed it!

Yes, the intention is that in order to welcome the Heart KQJ family, you would need a Heart face card (or you can use an Ace of any suite).

Yep, as soon as you mark one K/Q/J villager, mark all three. So you only need one card to do it, as long as you can match the pattern.

Hey, thanks for getting the box set!

I definitely have plans to keep expanding Mausritter. Expect to see more in the new year. There’s also a great community of people in the Mausritter Discord with fan-created expansions, including a couple of custom playable species. Pop in and say hi here:

Thank you for the support!

Hi, your PDF reader should have an option to print as a booklet. Use the “singles” PDF. It’s a little tricky to get right, so might take a little trial and error.

Yep, after a battle, roll Usage once for each piece of equipment you used (weapons, ammunition and armour).

You don’t mark usage for each arrow fired (though the GM may ask for a mark/Usage roll if you use it out of combat).

Hey, please feel free to pop into the Mausritter discord where I’m happy to field any questions you’ve got:

Please try playing without an attack roll first!

Of course, it may not be for everyone. But I can assure you that after years of play it is a well thought-out design choice that creates fast, interesting combat where strategic choices really matter, and it leaves plenty of time in the session for more adventure.

We’ll be partnering with Exalted Funeral for US distribution

Ah, thanks for the reminder! I should post it here too!

It’s up to you to decide! I imagine them as little stones, engraved with the seal of an ancient mouse queen.

These are fantastic! Please come share them with the Mausritter Discord :)

I can’t give any details yet, but yes it’s in the works :)

Okkeb is correct, it’s to help balance out a mouse who rolls poorly.

If you need a thematic reason why, think of it as the mouse’s friends and family pitching in to help because they’re worried about their poor weak friend becoming an adventurer.

Good finds, thanks! I’ve just uploaded a new version with those things fixed, plus a couple of others :)

To answer here too:

Section 2: Yes, it should be Restore. I would stat the Beetle/Pack rat as a hireling, maybe with slightly adjusted stats.

Section 7.2: 4-6 is correct.

Section 11.2: Intentional, but confusing. I’ve just made it d4-d20.

Thanks, I appreciate the nit-picks!

Good Q. I wouldn’t give a save for a spell unless it’s explicitly mentioned (I don’t think any of the base ones allow a save, but could see a very powerful spell that does).

I general, I think the higher default HP levels (of HP + STR), plus the genuine risks that casters take (I’ve had at least one mouse reduce themselves to zero WIL on a failed spell) balance out a spell like Fireball without a Save. But if you feel like it’s overpowered in your context, house rule away :)

Ahha, yes I think that is an oversight. It should be “Restore” instead — that must have bene renamed somewhere along the line :)

Hey, I think XP is one of the easiest and best things to hack to get a different feel from your game.

XP is the best way to say to your players “this is what I want you to do”. The default assumption of Mausritter is that the players are poor and desperate mouse adventurers, without a permanent home base or social structure to rely on. They get XP for doing the dangerous things that other mice won’t (and they get XP for re-investing it into the communities that previously shunned them).

One option that’s not in the rulebook (and probably should be) is that I also award XP to my players for rewards given by other mice. So if the village puts together a collection of 300 pips to reward the mice from rescuing their matriarch from an owl, that would count as 300 pips for XP purposes too.

For an exploration-focused campaign, you could easily have non-player mice who are willing to pay rewards for mapped locations, or strange new discoveries. Or if you want to reward exploration directly, I would write out a list of things you want to reward players for, then assign values to them. Make this public, so players know what they’re aiming for ie. Mapping hex: 100xp; Mapping adventure site: 1000xp; Discovering a new settlement: 250xp; Finding a new spell: 100px.

For a Mouseguard-type setting, where mice are part of an hierarchical organisation and being sent on missions, I would consider getting rid of XP entirely and looking at what Into the Odd (on what a lot of Mausritter is based on) does. In that, you advance to level 2 after surviving your first mission, level 3 once you’ve completed three more after that, level 4 after five more, and taking on an apprentice, etc.

Can’t say much more, but It’s the next project :)

That’s great — would love to take a look! Send me an email: isaac [at]

  • Yep, you can only take the Spend Food option once per “Hire adventurers” action.
  • Correct, there’s not much point in building more than three defences on a border. But that’s a big investment of time and gems that could be spent on other things!

Hi, a lot of questions! I’ll try to catch them all :)


  • The game ends when there are five attacks on a single border track, ie. 5 on the North track
  • Losing a die also works in regards to a single track, so if there are three undefended attacks on the North track you lose a die.
  • You can (and are encouraged to!) fill defences under an already marked Attack. This cancels them.


  • You must write a number before taking the optional actions.
  • You can have multiple adventures active at the same time.

Losing dice:

  • Correct, there’s not much reason to build a mine in a space with a destroyed die. However, the mines must go somewhere if you bring them back from an adventure, so it’s still possible to fill up all your mines without defending your borders.

Tech tracks:

  • The technologies worth points are a seperate track that must be marked (instead of buying a technology that does something useful). This one I’ll try to fix up the graphic design for so it’s a bit clearer.

Thanks for playing!

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I’m glad you and your wife enjoyed the game!

To answer your questions:

  • Yep, when you reach the end of the adventure, it ends and you get all of the benefits. One thing I’m not sure is sufficiently explained in the rules is that calling the adventure home is intended to be taken as part of the Hire adventurers action, so it’s something you choose to do after adding a number/X to the track.
  • And yes, you can benefit from the the technology if you buy it on the first action. Obviously the two when doubles are rolled tech don’t have any effect on your current turn because they only work when the dice are rolled, but you can take advantage of the other ones on the same turn they are bought.

Yep, that’s correct. From the book:

any damage taken from non-warband scale creatures is ignored unless it is particularly destructive or large scale.

Yep, that’s correct. The main value of heavy armour is that is doesn’t take up a paw slot, so you can use a heavy weapon or carry a torch.

Thanks so much! The chapter numbers are actually also the page numbers, so chapter 14 got eaten by the bestiary.

I’m currently working on a small pamphlet adventure. The plan is release a new print run with that when the adventure is ready!

The zines are a bit of an experiment (and I honestly didn’t expect them to all go so quickly). I’ll probably print another run once the first batch are out the door so stay tuned :)