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Thanks a lot! :3

Thanks for this awesome plugin Seanba. :)

Oh thanks a lot! :)

Hey sorry, a bit late, but nothing planned. Thanks anyway! :)

You're welcome. but, thank YOU really! ;)

Hey, thanks for the cool words!

Sadly the game didn't found the "big audience" if you look at "viewed" vs "downloaded" statistics. I guess that kind of hard shmups are not loved that much anymore.

Anyway, thanks for playing! :)

Thank you sir! :)


Le jeu tourne sous Windows 10 sans problème logiquement, et personne n'a jamais rapporté ce bug.

Parmi les différentes pistes a explorer: (ré)installation de Microsoft .NET Framework, MAJ des drivers de la carte graphique, MAJ de DirectX, ou installation d'OpenAL (peu de chance).

J’espère qu'une solution sera trouvée!


As a solo hobbyist gamedev (read by night), i can't found enough time to dedicate to this project that didn't really found an audience.

So the project is "on hold", at least, for the moment. Still, Thanks for your interest in the project! ;)

As a solo hobbyist gamedev (read by night), i can't found enough time to dedicate to this project that didn't really found an audience.

So the project is "on hold", at least, for the moment. Still, Thanks for your interest in the project! ;)

Thanks for testing! 

Your duo is super fun to watch! XD

Hey thanks! I'll look into options i got for that walljump weirdness ;)

Hey, thank you very much!

The wall jump is pressure sensitive too, the longer you hold the button pressed, the higher you'll jump. Basically, hold it while locked on the wall to go up, release to go down.

Thank you! :)

Hey, is the 2.0 source code (like in the Jam) is available somewhere? thx! ;)

Just asking, as my main control scheme is ALWAYS gamepad first, then i adapt to keyboard, i was just very surprised nobody else used it, as MonoGame make it so simple to, (pretty sure every game here could use a gamepad inputs scheme), plus you dodge the region keyboard issue .


MonoGameJam community · Created a new topic Gamepad?


Lot of entries didn't used Gamepads at all, is there any reason?

Hi guys, 

as seen in this Jam, a lot (all?) of you have used direct "Keys" without using region check at all, so this ended unusable for AZERTY keyboards , at least, without installing and switching keyboard layout for windows by pressing SHIFT+ALT on windows, but not everybody knows the trick.

Keep it in mind as a tip for your next project, or use common keys like SDFGH... XCVBN... and so on!

Thanks ;)

Thanks for sharing ;)

Ok!! Thanks for the clarification! :D

You have to understand that when you Jump, you're invincible to EVERY creeps, and can bump on heads (and kill) creeps of the same color than you. Make life a lot more easier!

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Vote done! Your fix worked like a charm, and the game is really original & fun! Had to get the balloon way-of-moving but now that's very good! Is that infinite btw?

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Oh i get it! 

Actually you can only walk 1/4th a tile at the time, not a totally free movement, because the system let you turn/change direction even if you're 1/4th tile away from the center, give you the illusion of freedom, but still very controlled for easy moves.

I know what you feel about hardcore level from level 1 to end dude!

May i ask, did you beat the 16 level?

Vote done. 

Loved that portal feeling, but i'm stuck at level2(!!!!), opened the door, walked on the exit tile but nothing happened... box on the trigger, tried few buttons switch but that don't seems to do anything. i must be dumb! :D

As additionnal informations, when i debug (all versions), i get an exception "'System.Collections.Generic.KeyNotFoundException' happened in mscorlib.dll", "Given key is missing from dictionnary".

Thank YOU! ;D

Hey, thanks for testing it. 

What do you mean by "grid-locking"? (the first levels are made to self learn the game.)

A not so related question, what's that "engine"?

Vote done. Simple but cool tower defense!

What's the game resolution? I can't play it as it expand behond my screen, i just see a pen :'(

"Game1 crashed" :/

Win10 64 (OpenAL installed) :/

Vote done. 

The game looks promising but sooooo short dude! :'(

Vote done. Had fun, great idea! :)

I can't launch/run it at all, tried normal & x86 versions. the windows pop, all black screen, 0.5s of music then crash. (0.5s of music when it close too)

So i can't vote. Could you fix it? (patch possible?)

Vote done. Great entry, really impressive!

Ok thanks. i'll see what i can do with that, as i can't repro the error :/

Sorry for that btw.