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No, i mean for the next version it is fixed. The old version available to the public for now is bugged.

I've already fixed it, but ty.

Kinda impossible since I'm not getting money from anyone atm :P

"looks around awkwardly"

"throws smoke grenade and runs"

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Trying to remember how many scenes he had in the old version, I don't think he had many. 

They were certainly a bit lacking. The new version is filled with a lot more h-scenes and they're a lot longer in length, for all possible romances. (basically working on the assumption that I will eventually have CGs made for them).

Sounds about right.

Reworked in general :P


Just keep going north or northeast. There's plenty more.

While there are a lot of things I want done, I am still the one who will have to manage them, so I want to avoid overextending (even more than I currently am I mean) for now.


Not yet honestly. At some point, she will get new graphics as well, but she's no priority.

Because I am a bit dissatisfied with her character as well, I have been thinking a bit about giving the berserkers some second potential class girl, a magus or something similar.

No idea honestly, I haven't touched the old version of the game in like a year. :P

Roger, thanks.

Her character has always been that she is selfless to a fault (and I mean "fault" literally, she is almost self-destructive) and lacks confidence in her decision-making. In the new patch she gets a lot of screentime, so the player can see her better.

Kaliska doesn't want to get married either, but will not act on it on her own (as I said, I haven't even began working on that part, so I'm still thinking about how she would act, I am currently doing other parts).

As for the type of marriage... Well, Psema is a very sexist place, toxically patriarchical in most areas. Theodoxa and the areas surrounding it are the only places I have designed so far with a strictly matriarchical system , and they are their own brand of horrible. Imperia and its lands are far more gender-neutral mostly because of Ezalor and his stoicism (if you side with the Queen it turns into a more patriarchical society like the Town of Beginnings and if you side with Leona is turns into a far more socialist place), but Asari specifically has long-since had strictly patriarchical traditions. [I have expanded Asari to also have an eastern part, and with all the new events it is very clear that the locals and the occupying force (Imperia soldiers) have very different cultures and thinking. For example at one point you find a guard and a merchant arguing about the punishment of a thief. The guard is saying that by law he should just do community service for a day, the merchant says it is tradition that he has a hand cut off. The guards see the people of Asari as barbarians, the people of Asari see the guards as uptight fools meddling in things that do not concern them].

The more I write it here the more messy it sounds, but it's quite clear in the new patch, because I've mapped out the place better, aka separated the floors into specific kingdoms, all of which have more or less the same cultures/values. Floors 1-4 and 10-11  are the kingdom of Yudah, and belong to king Rune (the old man in the Black Iron Palace). Floors 5-9 and the new floor from Into the Jungle and the kingdom of Petros, belonging to king Ezalor/queen Oracia/queen Leona depending on who you side with.

To come back to Kaliska, she is too pure of heart, so she listens to what others tell her unless it goes against her conscience. It is self-damaging. (she actually has a lot of Hana's old qualities)

There are 2 quests you can do southeast of the Town of Beginnings, in the church area. They should give you enough exp to level up to about lvl 5 and learn magias that practically instakill the weaker enemies of the starting area.

Sorry for the delayed response, I've been busy lately. Also yeah, it is possible to f@ck your character up if you take too many of the perks, since most contrast with one another. Fortunately, just learning Confusing Stare is not enough for that, and it will help a lot later, when you fight multiple enemies at once.

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-Bodolf is the basement of one of the ruined houses. You get a message when you enter it if you have gathered enough clues that one of the walls seems less dusty than the rest, which reveals a secret entrance to his mini-dungeon.

-Which NPCs have no interaction?

-The volcano has a second floor (and will have even more in future updates) with a giant black hexagram at the end of it, and a smaller, red hexagram in front of it. Step on it and you will fight the Gatekeeper.

-I have in fact added a quest log. All new quests use it, and I'm slowly adding it to old quests as well.

-Floor 13 is the top you can reach in the current version :P Floor 14 is Theodoxa, and I haven't completed it yet. Sorry to say, you've done most of the currently available content.

Honestly I'm trying my hardest to cross things off the list I have to do to release the next version, but the list is just huge (well, usually it starts with little things, like just changing the face graphic used in one scene, then I decide I am not satisfied with the dialogue so I remake it, then I decide to add more options and potential outcomes and so on). Every day I make progress though.

Not NTR per se, but yeah, unless the player pursues a relationship with her, she and Gouki will end up together. Hana really can't stand Nao and Azar (thief and blood magus girls respectively) so spending time with either of them gets points off her romance. 

In the new update I will have a lot more content with Hana (and chances to romance her/h-scenes), so look forward to it. For the version you're currently playing though: I intentionally put few romance events in the first floors (there are 13 total) to give a better sense of pacing. Your chances will go up the higher the floor.

As for the locations, I've tried to make potential romance sub-paths be more on less along the player's path for the main story, so you can't miss them

Floor 8 has 2 maze-like maps, one much larger than the other. I think you might be in the wrong one. (sorry for not replying, it's just that with the new version coming out I have a lot to take care of (also I got a new desktop so I've been wasting a bit too much time with Fallout 4))

It's freaking gigantic, so it's taking really long. In two-three weeks or so, I hope.
Btw warning: The next patch will require you to start a new game because of all the new scripts I'm using, sorry about that, and sorry about all the delays, it's just that there is a LOT of content coming.

I will have it fixed for next patch. Sry.

(1 edit)

I haven't added that mission of Azar yet. Will eventually be included, though not in the next patch.
Edit: The 14th Floor, Theodoxa, hasn't been included yet either. It will be the big patch after this one.
See facebook page for more info on the exact planning of the patch releases.

They do appear because of insanity, yes. Same goes for some of the crows that you see flying around, the black goats and almost all of the ghosts you can meet. 

As a warning, because in the next patch I am changing a lot of scripts and game mechanics, players will have to restart the game, so perhaps you want to abstain from putting too much effort into it for now. (+ a lot of things will change in the first floors as well)

I am working on the next patch daily, but I can't give a proper release date yet.

Will be fixed, ty.

I'm working on the new patch daily. There are way too many changes being made.

Unfortunately no, at least not in the current version, her purpose in the story is to highlight Kaliska's character.

Well, it's a horror game. Letting the player save at any point would kinda defeat the purpose.

Heh... I just realised what I did wrong, and why others didn't find the problem. For some ungodly reason, I put a condition on the door to only be active if your love for Hana is not negative. I did this 100% by accident, will be fixed next patch. For now, sorry, I cannot think of any immediate solutions.

Just tested it and it is fine. Other people haven't reported anything in that area either. Have you tried reloading?

Yeah, it's been reported, will be fixed.

Will be fixed.

The fact that you could teleport during the mission is worrying enough as is :P. Will be fixed.

No, no problem. I need the reports. I don't know if I can do anything for Red, but the others will be fixed.

Thanks! :)

Yep, ok, fixed.

Hm... I have seen this bug before. I will assume you were playing a previous version of the game, then I released a new version and you downloaded that one, copy-pasting your save, right?

(you didn't do anything wrong, just want to confirm some suspicions)

I assume you mean all these for floor 11, as there is no succubus on floor 10.

Taking them in order:

  • Has been reported, will be fixed.
  • I think you mean for Hana. It's her old face, I change it wherever I find it.
  • That's alright, not a bug.
  • Hm... Not sure how I can fix that. This is RPG Maker's default code, not the scripts I have added. Will look into it, but I'm not promising anything.
  • Which ones?

It's not the maps themselves, it's the scripts on them. I managed to reduce the lag of Hikari's tomb for the next update, and I will be working on them as I come across them. To be honest even I don't understand exactly how the game decides how much memory is being used, as the same rules don't seem to apply to every map. I'm experimenting as I go along.

As for a sprinting-lock, I have been considering it for a while now. Might add an option next patch, though it won't be turned on by default.

Bloodfang has 2 sex scenes until now, one if you use his bed in the ToB's (and high enough estrogen/romance with him), and another if you have high estrogen in Floor 13's inn (if you get a royal room and have high enough estrogen, you should be fine based on your post).  Planning to add more in the future.

(actually I have already made another that triggers in the player house of Floor 14, Theodoxa, which isn't available yet).

He's a pretty recent addition to the romancable characters, so it's to be expected he's a bit lacking in content for now.

Actually the problem lies with not having the wolf in your party... Who is also bugged at the moment. You can craft sleeping powder with Voodoo. (the recipe for it is included in the ertu mushroom recipes, which can be found in one of the abandoned houses in the map).

Ok, i just fixed it. I hope I will be able to upload an update soon. Working hard on Kaliska's newest mission at the moment.