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Heh... I just realised what I did wrong, and why others didn't find the problem. For some ungodly reason, I put a condition on the door to only be active if your love for Hana is not negative. I did this 100% by accident, will be fixed next patch. For now, sorry, I cannot think of any immediate solutions.

Just tested it and it is fine. Other people haven't reported anything in that area either. Have you tried reloading?

Yeah, it's been reported, will be fixed.

Will be fixed.

The fact that you could teleport during the mission is worrying enough as is :P. Will be fixed.

No, no problem. I need the reports. I don't know if I can do anything for Red, but the others will be fixed.

Thanks! :)

Yep, ok, fixed.

Hm... I have seen this bug before. I will assume you were playing a previous version of the game, then I released a new version and you downloaded that one, copy-pasting your save, right?

(you didn't do anything wrong, just want to confirm some suspicions)

I assume you mean all these for floor 11, as there is no succubus on floor 10.

Taking them in order:

  • Has been reported, will be fixed.
  • I think you mean for Hana. It's her old face, I change it wherever I find it.
  • That's alright, not a bug.
  • Hm... Not sure how I can fix that. This is RPG Maker's default code, not the scripts I have added. Will look into it, but I'm not promising anything.
  • Which ones?

It's not the maps themselves, it's the scripts on them. I managed to reduce the lag of Hikari's tomb for the next update, and I will be working on them as I come across them. To be honest even I don't understand exactly how the game decides how much memory is being used, as the same rules don't seem to apply to every map. I'm experimenting as I go along.

As for a sprinting-lock, I have been considering it for a while now. Might add an option next patch, though it won't be turned on by default.

Bloodfang has 2 sex scenes until now, one if you use his bed in the ToB's (and high enough estrogen/romance with him), and another if you have high estrogen in Floor 13's inn (if you get a royal room and have high enough estrogen, you should be fine based on your post).  Planning to add more in the future.

(actually I have already made another that triggers in the player house of Floor 14, Theodoxa, which isn't available yet).

He's a pretty recent addition to the romancable characters, so it's to be expected he's a bit lacking in content for now.

Actually the problem lies with not having the wolf in your party... Who is also bugged at the moment. You can craft sleeping powder with Voodoo. (the recipe for it is included in the ertu mushroom recipes, which can be found in one of the abandoned houses in the map).

Ok, i just fixed it. I hope I will be able to upload an update soon. Working hard on Kaliska's newest mission at the moment.

Taking them in turns.

-Nope. Insanity can be increased either through starting perks (I added another one in the newest patch) or through events that deliberately ask you if you are certain you want to go through with them. Keep in mind, insanity can't go down like other variables. There are a few of them here and there in Psema, and I am adding more with each patch. (also blood magi start with +1 insanity anyway)

-Eeh... No. How would that even work?

-She is the berserker class girl, Onyeka. If you were a berserker you would get the option to fight her one on one and later let her go.  She is like Azar, Kaliska and Nao, limited to her class.

-You can't restore mana in any way other than resting in the game. It is intentional, so players have a finite, non-renewable source while exploring.

-I will fix that. Where do they sell Whiteblooms?

-Will be fixed.

(1 edit)

If you mean the building itself, there are 2 exits: 1 is the obvious door, through which you went in. The other is the balcony of the landlord's daughter.

If you mean the mission in general, I just found my little fuckup, but it's not the end of the world. Just keep pressing enter on one of the roads you had come through OR the road west of the mansion. I forgot to make the event on the same level as the character, so instead of hitting on it like you would normally, you have to step and press on it. It's invisible, but the roads are both pretty small, so it's hard to miss. Should take you about 30 seconds. (just keep spamming enter on the roads either west or southeast)

Will be fixed next patch anyway, so there's no confusion.

(1 edit)

Sorry for taking so long to respond. I wanted to focus on the new version of the game's release with the Nao mission, and also Dota released the Battle Pass :P .

For main post: That mansion used to be a whole self-restrained horror mini-game, where Hana (with her old faceset) explored a haunted mansion alone. Since then though, both the plot and Hana's personality have been rewritten from a scratch retconned so much and my techniques and tools for creating the game been upgraded so much, that it would take more work to fix the mansion than to recreate it completely. Right now I'm not sure what to do with it. One idea is to create a mission exclusive for Hana if the player has romanced her enough, which will also be a self-contained horror game, but with the modern plot and her personality in mind. Another is to keep it in standby, for one of the class girl missions. A third idea is to scrap the entire area entirely, and create a new area with a new event/boss, like the rat village or the zombie village. I'm open to suggestions.

For Edit 1: Well, Hana is not exactly "bound" by monogamic limitations. In her head she is the hero of the story, not you. She and Gouki will just remain friends (unless you follow one of the other girls). 

For Edit 2: The quest can be finished as soon as you reach Floor 6. Depending on how you choose to finish it, more quests might unlock for later floors, but the first part is entirely done on floor 6.

For Edit 3: The girl you are seeing is Hana's old face, before it was replaced. I have changed almost all of them to her current faceset, so do tell me when you find one of them.

If characters get annoyed with something you do, they will  comment on it, so don't worry about secret parameters. As for Hana, at the start she is just nice to Bloodfang, same way he is with you. The NPCs can have relationships with each other, though that depends on your actions. Particularly, if you do missions with the other girls, or if you romance Hachi enough, Hana will be in a relationship with Bloodfang.

Keep in mind Hana (specifically her) is not monogamic. Even if you romance her to the max, she will still occasionally flirt with other characters (more often than not to your advantage). You will understand her character better as you go through the game. 

Some will be pissed, yeah.

(2 edits)

The class girls are temporary party members, for special missions/events.

Your basic (potential) romances in each playthrough are:



-Hachi (you'll meet her later)

-Your class girl.

There are also other romancable characters, but they do not become party members at any point.

Edit: As for Nao, you have already met her again, on floor 3. She was the girl who was being beaten by the villagers in Blackcry. If you were an assassin, you could have fought them off.

Yep, she's the assassin class girl, Nao. (she does free herself after floor 2-3 is completed regardless, this is just an early chance to romance her). Your class girl is Kaliska, the knight chick.

Lockpicking is only part of the assassin gameplay. The other classes don't have it.

It's in the inn, which is currently bugged at the moment and you are unable to climb the stairs. Will be fixed next patch,  which will hopefully be released soon.

Alright found it.  The problem will be fixed for the next patch, but if you have Hachi in your party you can just go and do it now.

(I messed up an "if" and instead of a small dialogue being added if Hachi is in the group, I instead added everything below the "if", including the proper start of the mission.)

Hm... Will take a look at it again, later.

(Just to be certain I haven't f@cked things up again,  you "are" a sword artist, right?)

Blood blessing will be nerfed, giving +5 attacks is insane, honestly it was a bug that it was left in for the patch.

The NPC is a problem because you will still miss Azar's quest in floor 4, the first mission with Alliah.

Yeah, it wasn't. Funny thing is, the NPC that caused all this mess, I added for playtesting, to make sure there were no bugs.

If you're a blood magus and you use him, you will also miss her first mission, on floor 4 (the sewers are actually her second mission) so I suggest you avoid that.

Yeah, it's been reported. It's not mandatory to go on, so I won't be uploading a new version just for that, but I have fixed it, for the next patch.

 Broken Reality was actually first released in 2013, on and the rpg maker official forums. I've been updating it ever since, the game is currently in its 14th version, heading to the 15th. I only recently (as in, a year or two) put it on, but it's been online for a long while.

If the devs have a problem with the name they are more than welcome to contact me.

(Also judging by your recent comments on, I'd say you are having a bad day. Perhaps take a break for today?)


(2 edits)

I began Broken Reality in 2012-13. I'm not saying the name was stolen, I doubt the creators of the weird first person game had ever even heard of my RPG, but I'm not changing the name when I was the first to con it. 

Edit: Personally, I don't mind there being another game with the same name.

Fixed the new reports too. kk

Thanks for the bug reports. They will all be fixed next patch. Regarding the NPC who increases Azar's route: I had added him for testing purposes. I suggest you don't use him, as you will miss her first mission, on floor 4. Also the story variable and the romance variable are different, so you don't actually get anything from using it other than skipping content.

  • All classes can alter their stats as they wish, the only differences are the starting bonuses. (sword artist: +1testo -1estro, berserker: +2testo -2estro, assassin:-1testo +2estro) (yeah, the blood magus doesn't get bonus estro or testosterone, but he does start with +1 insanity). The decisions you make along the adventure slowly change your stats. Since it's a relatively new mechanic I'm still adding new events  that help you change them
  • It's not implemented yet. It's where Azar's third mission will start, once I do add it. For now I am making Kaliska's (sword artist) and Nao's (assassin) next mission for the next patch.
  • Brain suckers are all over Psema, looking for people with unusual brainwaves. They are the pink monsters Cherry mentions in the inn, in Floor 7. Also, it's not only the brain suckers, there are crows as well flying above you, which normally do not appear, along with other changes. This basically means you've made a lot of choices that increase insanity. For now, insanity has the most major effects on floor 10, but it changes things a bit all over the place, and that includes the brain suckers.
  • You might meet these Yuki Onnas again in the future, depending on what choice you made in the end of the dialogue. There is also another one, in floor 11, though she is a bit less pleasant than the ones in floor 4.
  • Oh yeah, they will appear in future patches. The mythology I am using for them is a mixture of classical fairy tales with Stephen King's version, taking the best (read: worst) of both worlds. They are a criminally underused monster compared to other typical enemies, like minotaurs.
  • Voodoo was only added 2 patches ago, so I'm afraid it only has 1 recipe for now. Eventually I will get around to it, but don't expect anything in the next patch.
  • Well, like the Azar torture scene, it's there to increase your insanity :P You were given the option to walk away in both cases (PS: increasing insanity makes the game creepier, but from a gameplay perspective it's not strictly bad. It unlocks new items/merchants later on).
  • Again, estrogen/testosterone is relatively new as a concept in the game, so their influence will only grow over new patches. For now, Bloodfang and Agmaur (floor 10, egomaniac dragon) are the ones who appreciate it most, though there are others too over the course of the adventure. Unlike testosterone, sex scenes with estrogen will sometimes decrease your stats a bit, going with the theme (though they will boost Bloodfang's much more). While I will add various events and fun times here and there, the main plan is that Theodoxa is where testosterone will shine, and Politeia (ancient athenian city) will be where estrogen will shine, in terms of what benefits you can get. It all depends on the NPCs who have power over each place.

Glad to see you're enjoying it, thanks for the reports!

Fixed. Download again.

Yeah,  someone else just mentioned this. It's a bug. Uploading the solution now. Just copy-paste your save file in the new version. (it will be up in 1-2 hours, will make a post about it).

It will be a week. Have already made and planned quite a few things for it.

The next update will be a bit slow, as I am preparing massive changes.  The crafting system will change completely, the western Town of Beginnings will get updated, and it will also feature a new mission for one of the class girls (haven't made up my mind yet whose it will be). Obviously other things too. Sorry for the delay.

5-6 days. Depends on how much stuff I will add (I won't be releasing a whole new version just to fix this one location.)

Ok, so, in the next update, I will be remaking that whole area. Will replace it with a snow-y castle for the player to explore. In general I want to make a lot of updates in Floor 11, like I did with Floor 10.

Will look into it tonight.

Oh... Crap...