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Error message, though I'm sure everyone is seeing it by now:

Websites prove their identity via certificates, which are valid for a set time period. The certificate for expired on 9/5/2022.


And via butler:

creating build on remote server: Post "": x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid:

Looks like I can't upload via butler or even access the site without approving it.

Any estimates when the new cert will be installed?

You can check out a full playthrough by ReadySet Indiegames here:

Thanks for the feedback! The controls will certainly be on the top of our list for the full game. I'll make sure to get our tester feedback on map size/speed as well when we're ready to release it.

Nice use of concept!


Hopefully you'll be happier with the controls when we make the full scale game. This one is definitely getting a full-scale version because we loved the art and concept too much to toss it out :)

Thanks so much!

I was wondering the same thing. I use a shortcut to pass Unreal the appropriate command (-vulkan, -dx10 etc) via a shortcut, and was hoping to do it via manifest more cleanly.
If you do want a portable shortcut in the interim, you can do it like this:
C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c .\executable.exe -switch

Looking forward to checking this out :)

I love the idea that you're publishing a game to learn about the ins and outs first hand

I agree, I don't think there's any concern of people getting a head start when there's no judging, no prize, and the goal is just to learn a little Godot :D

We all win - and if someone starts early, they just get to learn more!

I gave it a shot because it was mentioned in the docs - may I suggest just striking that line?

The tool works well - but the addon side (from the steam godot) produces: 

Unable to load addon script from path: 'res://addons/material_maker/'. This might be due to a code error in that script.

Disabling the addon at 'res://addons/material_maker/plugin.cfg' to prevent further errors.

Just FYI. If you import manually instead it works fine. This tool is a big help when coming from something more like UE!

Love it! What a neat game

Thanks, and you're completely correct. The concept here is something we are likely going to revisit post-jam.

Really well done!

Thank you! It was composed by Sten Pettersen for this game.

Thanks! I'd have loved to do even more with that mechanic. It presented a lot of opportunities.

Thanks! We might do something like this in the future.