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This is so good! Love this game!

Really fun game! How about full version? I would like to but it on Steam if you decided to create full version! Really impressive for a jam game.

Great art! This game needs more attention!

Wow! Movement in this game is absolutely amazing. I also like this guns animations and movement. I would like to see full version of this prototype!

Thank you for playing!

Glad you like it!

Hi! I added a link to my twitter in my profile if u still interested.

You're right! This is why it's just a prototype to play a few minutes.

Thank you for feedback! Glad you like it!

Thank you for feedback! I decided to make some exits not visible(not active) to add some challenge but it seems like most of the players didn't really like it. I'll think about fixing it.

I'm really happy that most of the people enjoing my game. To be honest I didn't expect that many folks.

Thank you for playing!

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Hello! I just released web version of my first game!

I hope you like it!

It's a puzzle platformer where you can swap player with blocks.

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It's my first game and I hope you like it!


Thank you for playing my game!
Yeah, level 43 is pretty tricky so I probably should add little tutorial level before it.

Also I'm already thinking about levels that include multiple bullets in the air so it probably gonna be in the next update.

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Thank you for playing! And also thank you for that feedback.

I will add empty ammo sound and closed door sprite in next update. But I still belive that you can create some interesting situation in gameplay if player didn't know where is exit position.

Also this ideas are great! I'm just a newbie so I'm kinda forgot about screen wrapping(this is my first game) and it's probably gonna work for most of the levels.

I would release it on Mac and Linux as soon as possible!

Thank you for feedback! I would add controller support in my next update as soon as possible!