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you mean early access?

Catchy style and fun movement! Like it! More feedback from punching/shooting enemy would be cool!

I like this visuals and overall feel but some kind of chanllenge would be really great! good job!

wow. it's crazy how you manage to make this amazing visuals in this short time. game is fun too! Good job!

Great pixel art and fun gameplay! That's a great entry. Good job!

Wow! One of the best visuals from game! I like this vibe a lot.

fun little game! I like the visuals and presentation.

That was cool! I like this use of limitation a lot. I think it's a good start for a bigger game!

Wow! I like this idea a lot. Really fun to play. Good job.

I like it! Really fun to play. Limitation usage is amazing :)

Wow! Cute pixel art! I like it a lot!

I like this pixel-art style a lot. Good job!

I like this visuals! Animations also smooth and fluid. It's nice to play. Good Job!

Yea! It's a good idea but we didn't have the time to add it and balance properly. Also it's part of a challenge that you can't sell parts ;)

cool animations! love it!

Fun little game. Same comment about reload speed xD

I really love it! Such a fun game. Great presentation too.

Cool visuals. Good job!

Very cute pixel art! Love it!

that was bizzare! Good job!

Amazing visual style! Love it!

It's a bit hard for me but it was fun! Great use of limitation! Good job!

Wow! Everything is so fluid and smooth. Love it!
Great visuals and effects.
It's fun to play too! Good job!

Love this 2D with 3D visuals! Good job!

Love it! Cool visuals!

That was fun! Simple but nice!

Wow! What a nice interpritation of limitation. Good job!

Cool visuals and gameplay feeling! Good job!

Cool visuals and fluid animations. I had fun with it!

Very fun game about destroying everything :)

Great visuals and music! Really enjoyed theme and limitation interpretation. 

It's really fun to play! Great using of limitation. Very strong submission. Good job!

Amazing visuals and great controls. Interesting puzzles. One of the best submissions so far. Good Job!

ye thats the point

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Survive in an arena with infinite Sawblades. Choose between different blades and evade them.

Hey! I'm searching for a game on RPG Maker. This game was about sailing on a yellow boat...or it was about character in yellow coat sailing on a boat. (can't remember it properly). Anyone knows game's name? Thank you!

This is really fun concept. I like how you made tower defense more dynamic with roll mechanics. Good art too. Well done!

Simple and fun concept with good-looking minimalistic pixel-art. Great work!

Fun gameplay and great looking pixel-art. Amazing job! Well done.

Gorgeous artworks and presentation. Well done!