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Lizzip (MagicSheepGames)

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Thanks very much! It highlighted some things I need to make more obvious/intuitive if I want to expand on this game

Works perfectly for me. Love the graphics and gameplay, though I suck at it!

I died a lot, and quite quickly! Like the art style and music

It's a fun game for a short amount of time with nice music and graphics. Some different levels would be cool

Plays lovely and looks even better

Lovely visuals and nice simple gameplay. Sometimes the ship freaked out a bit when I bashed it against the walls

Really cool concept and that it's randomly generated, was fun to play. Though sometimes it generated a level where I couldn't fit through the starting gate bit

Flawless hacking, cyber trooper! Very nice visually, gameplay was fun but I think it would probably be better in multiplayer.

Nice idea and very polished. Quite hard, but not in a bad way

Very interesting concept with great music and voice acting

Plays very nicely and quite polished

Played very nicely on samsung s4 with xbox controller. Did bug out a couple of times, but a really nice game otherwise. Great graphics, music and idea.

My brain and eyes!

Turns out it only works in Chrome or on mobile devices. This is what I get for rushing and not testing properly!

Really interesting concept, and executed well

Were you trying to switch tiles that would cause a match? Because ones that wouldn't result in a match won't switch. It's also a click drag movement, in case you were trying to click two seperate tiles to switch them

o(^‿^✿)  -  First text game I have ever got to the end of. So worth it

Visually looks so great, controls and sound also really fitting. Though after 10 min I still couldn't find/complete any of the objectives

The best of everything, but it gets hard!

This ones really awesome. Like a candy Super Meat Boy

I really hate jelly beans now