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Good concept, good execution, and ripe for more stages with more than 2 blocks.

But heads up, when I beat the last level I got to the leaderboard screen where the game immediately crashed, which froze the game window. My guess is it has something to do with the leaderboard, but the error message was a long complex string of unity assets and numbers, so I've no clue what the actual problem is. I'm using Firefox if that helps.

Well, even in the video the framerate seems kinda low, so that could use some optimization. Some of the animations look a bit stiff (when this character enters the match in the opening cutscene they sorta hover in standing perfectly upright with no sign of momentum). The voice acting is hard for me to make a call on since it's in a language I don't speak, but when they get hurt they more like they're bored than in pain. And finally, the lighting is too dark and doesn't have much contrast. Even in the map where they're outside the characters are very shadowy.

But like, I get that since this is still in development these things can all be worked on down the road.

What I'm seeing here generally needs polish but looks promising (though I don't know much about fighting games or Touhou). A specific thing I would recommend changing is the UI. A lot of the text has a color gradient applied to it. Sometimes that effect can make an element stand out, but here I think it's used too often. My suggestion is to be more selective, although I also understand if the current UI is still in the placeholder phase.

Yeah my hardware is pretty aged, so unfortunately I couldn't play your game. But thanks for playing mine :) And what I'm seeing looks promising.

I think something that's misleading is that you can pretty much pick any stage you want from the start. The problem is you can only beat later stages with resources you earned from earlier stages, so it seems like they should be played in a linear order anyway. You could either have them unlock in a linear order or just cut out the map screen altogether.

Or maybe it would also work to just give players a set amount of resources at the start of each stage. On my last attempt I lost on the final stage, and I just don't feel interested in replaying all the previous stages again for another try. If I didn't need to start from the beginning, or if there was at least more leniency, it would be less frustrating.

Everything else is a matter of rebalancing and polishing what's there, so I'd say expand on this further.

Thanks for playing! Lanter's the one who did the artwork, so show some love to them, they did a great job.

I like the artstyle, and the challenge of how tight your resources are caught me off guard, that's pretty well balanced and challenging. 

I think some of the sound effects could be more distinct, or at least louder. This is mostly because it's a little difficult to tell what's happening in the other room while you're refilling your energy, and stronger sound design would help the player figure out that information when they can't see it. 

Also, consider replacing one of the candle objects with something unique. That may have been because of time constraints, but right now, when the player hears a lighter click in the other room, they can't tell which candle is lit, so if it were a different object then they could make that distinction.

Lastly, there's a weird delay when clicking on the door to switch between rooms. And sometimes when I click on the cauldron to recharge I find myself going back to the other room by mistake. That mechanic could be polished up in general.

A few notes:

  • It's annoying that when you drive directly into the soldiers you bump off of them, I think it would feel better if you could just plow through and they only slowed down your speed a bit.
  • If I drive into a barrier sometimes I get jammed in there and can't back out quickly. I think this is a bug.
  • It's a little weird that the game scores how many tanks you kill when to me it seems like it's impossible to kill a tank. That involves waiting around for a while and getting shot at. With soldier's it's different since you can run them over. If tanks had less health that would have more purpose, as long as the cannon takes a while to recharge.

Having said all that I found myself replaying this a few times even after I beat it, it's kinda exhilarating. Also, good choice of music, has the vibe of a classic flash game.

Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to fix this in the post-jam version.

Both of these happen, but you're still right, since it takes a while. I'll definitely increase how fast it ramps up.

The puzzles are about as addicting as the original game, nice work :)

A surprisingly tense experience. Even the lighting bug added to that claustrophobia (though it made it impossible).  This might be a case where you could figure out how to take the bug and make it fun while removing the frustration. Either way, is a good game :)

Very fun, and I highly appreciate the ability to manually restart a level. Small things like that just make a game feel better to play.

My thought process was "Hm, feels like a normal platformer so far, don't see how-" then the coin got me.

This was pretty funny and charming, I like it.

The wall in the inventory kinda blends in with the walls in the background, so I'd put an outline around that version of the sprite to help it stand out more. I'd also limit how many of each item the player can use to create more of a challenge, but I understand why that might not've been possible in the time limit. Otherwise, solidly constructed game.

It's incredible that you made a fully functioning rhythm game in 48 hours, and it's really fun. The only problem is that the controls are completely separated on the keyboard. I think if they were right next to each other, like the 1, 2, and 3 keys or something, the user experience would be better.

So what they say is true: Cheaters never win... for even when they don't cheat, their country will be invaded.

I like this, had fun going through the game a few times to see what different results would get me.

Aw, thanks :)

It's mostly good, but I have a small issue with the controls. Bullet hells generally have snappy controls, where the player only moves when the key is down. The player in this game has a bit of momentum (as in, when I let go of the key they drift a little bit afterwards). It's not terrible, but it's worth tightening that up.

I found this actually pretty difficult, but I mean that in a good way. Nice work.

I sat there feeling flattered only to realize this octopus was talking to another octopus instead of me :(

Just kidding, I love this. It's very sweet.

I was a little confused when I was the purple ghost. I removed the box, but the message didn't go away and it wouldn't let me return to my human form. I had to re-possess the green ghost and then go back. Also I have no idea what that weird blue diamond outside the walls was.

That said, it's a good base for a puzzle game. And while the assest were pre-existing, I like the general vibe of the game.

So this was actually pretty fun, even though I think it's a tad outside of the jam's theme. That's only me being pedantic though.

So let me get this straight, I have to open the entire folder in a code editor (which I'm not sure how to do, but okay), then download a Python compiler and run it from the command prompt, and finally open the HTML file in the browser? I'm sorry, but that's just too many hoops to jump through for a game jam game.

I tried just opening the index file up, and it looks like this was made in Unity. I don't mean to be rude, I'm sure you had your reasons, but if this was made in Unity why not compile it as an HTML5 like normal?

It's a fun game, but I can't figure out how to get through stage 5. When I use the the water to jump it just throws me into the lave block directly above.

Based on what I'm seeing it looks like the green character is jumping much higher than he's intended to. I'm just guessing, but it might have something to do with the game running at a lower framerate on my computer (my machine isn't the best). Since this is Gamemaker, are you multiplying movement by "delta_time"? That might be the problem, but I'm not sure.

This is lovely. The music, the art, the game loop are all super relaxing and comfy. Reminds me of a lot of Nitrome games I used to play years ago.

I understand. Did it at least get more engaging as the knights spawned with more frequency, or was it easy to just use the same attack over and over again?

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I do wish there was a way to spend money, and that the customers respawned, both to add a stronger resource-management element, but I understand if you ran out of time.

Yeah I ended up prioritizing sleep over audio. Next time I might just pull the all-nighter. But thanks for letting me know about the browsers supported :)

On one hand I like how trippy and abstract some of the art looks. At the same time some of the colors chosen irritate my eyes. The game itself is pretty cool and novel.

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Yeah I got that error while uploading it too. I thought I'd fixed it; the solution I found on the web was to enable SharedArrayBuffer support on the page. But even says "(Experimental) This may break parts of the page or your project. Only enable if you know you need it." So sadly I think this is just the cost of using Godot 4.0 on the web for now. I might be able to improve it when the jam's over by changing some headers. Next time I'll probably stick with 3.0 instead.

Edit: If you want you could try changing browsers.  I mean you don't have to, but I'd appreciate it so that I can let other people know in the description. It works in Firefox on my computer if that helps.

I did not expect to re-learn flappy bird today. Only nitpick I've got is that I wish I coulda played it with a keyboard button as an alternative to my mouse (which is unresponsive). Otherwise, wow.

I think some challenge could be added in the future, but this is a very good starting point for a strong resource-management simulator.

It looks like you uploaded the exe file without the rest of the files that it needs. Make sure to zip them up next time.

Love the construction paper look the characters have. The concept is executed well, but there's this weird bug where the collision detection for the cards is misaligned. Like I have to click 50-100 pixels to the right of the card for the game to pick it. It's a good thing they're highlighted when I mouse over them.

I'm sorry to say that I can't play the game since you didn't upload all the files it needed. But for what it's worth, based on the screenshots the presentation is pretty good.

I do like how smooth it looks when the objects transition from 2D to 3D. The platforming itself felt a bit awkward though.

You uploaded the project file instead of a playable game file. You need to compile it, like it says here.

Don't worry I did the same thing a long time ago.

I don't know if I understand the point of Dozer if Rosetta can also destroy blocks. It makes sense for getting a better score, but I was having a harder time completing these stages than anything. The time limit just seems too harsh. Maybe there could be a way for Dozer to add more time. Right now they feel more like a time-out. That said, it's great that you've got ten unique levels here. It's a lot of completed content for 48 hours.

Probably my favorite game in the jam so far. Love the presentation, love the polish. But I don't know how to beat this final boss. Like, it's already a bit frustrating, but even when I pull it off for the third time and take his health down to 0, the fight just... restarts. Am I missing something?