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I really liked the mechanics, the music, and the design. A neat little package and well-polished

Loving he new update! I always get so excited when there is one but this one is just great. I can finally tell the generator how many roads I want :D

Adjusting the hitboxes and making the perspective more clear is definitely something that we should do in possible future updates.

Man I loved that! You gotta add some more levels when the rating phase is over :D

It was a nice little game.

It would've been helpful of diagonal movement was supported to get to weeds more quickly. Also sometimes it looked like you could go between stones when you actually couldn't

This game is AMAZING! The polish is stunning and it has a fun loop. It would be cool to have some sort of conatiner like a chest though or an easier way to select what you pick up.

Thanks for letting us know. This is definitely not intentional behavior.

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I quite liked the main mechanic It's a shame it's so short. The music really fits the game as well. However, at times it was a bit hard to see where floating platforms really are placed.

What do you mean by that last part? Guards don't randomly turn

The solution to the second half of level 3 is indeed not what it seems to be at first.

Hi! Thanks for checking out our game. Let me just say that the direction of the running is in fact not random.
I also think the tune is great and Flo722 really got the best our of the visuals ;)