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like, a hundred bears

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Thanks for the reply.

"When you say it forgets where you loaded from last time, do you mean when you quit BlastFX and open it next time, or do you mean during a single session of using it?"
I mean when I quit BlastFX and open it again. I have my project files in a directory other than the BlastFX install directory, which is where it defaults to. A way to set this default folder and save it between work sessions would be ideal.

Hi! First off, thank you for making such a great tool.

I'm not sure if it's still in active development, but if so, a way to either set a default loading directory, or an option to use the native file browser would be helpful. As it is, the program forgets where I loaded from last time and navigating to my project from the itch appdata folder is quite a chore.

This is more of a minor quality of life issue, but I also believe a slider interface for values which support it would help speed up work, much like in Godot or Unity.

Thank you for your time, cheers!

Thank you! I've uploaded the bomb asset just now

Thank you! Unfortunately, I do not have any plans to expand on the game.

Thank you for the prompt reply! That worked perfectly.

Hello! I'm encountering an issue with the latest version where whenever I middle-click on a built-in function or variable, it brings up a browser page that says "404 Not Found". For example, middle-clicking "instance_exists()" brings up this page. This happens in both firefox and chrome. Navigating that site and displaying the function through the menu on the left displays the correct information.

This website is incredible, and so are the people behind it. I'm extremely proud to be even remotely involved with the community here.

Heck, maybe even a toggle somewhere that just says "I don't care about popularity" and hides that sort of information would be nice?

I'm also a bit worried that the current wording (even if it's only one word) and presentation make it feel more competitive than you've intended it to be. I agree with Fenreliania above that a delta would serve the same purpose, possibly even better. Changing the term from "Rank" to something less immediately competitive like "Browse Position" could also go a ways towards improving this.
I certainly appreciate your desire to be transparent and help us measure our success, but I'd hate to see a change like this cause anxiety and stress in developers who otherwise wouldn't care about this sort of thing.

Thank you!

Good to know. Thanks for the reply!

This looks really cool! Any chance of releasing it separately from the asset pack?

FINALLY! I'd wish you luck on the kickstarter, but you're only $600 away as of my typing this, so

No, sorry. I'm running a reverse sale. The price will be back to PWYW in a couple days.

That was fun! I love the style and atmosphere. The visuals are perfect, and the sound design matches well. Neat main mechanic too. Nice work both of you

Haha, yep! I saw your post in that other thread. I'm really glad my game inspired you like this

Hey, this looks rad! I loved Metroid Prime's scanning mechanic so it's great to see something like that here. Keep up the good work!