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Well I want to have event trigger on physics collision with the volume collision but there nothing I see I think. Some thing like 3d sword attach animation hitting the character collision but to trigger only. Or the character enter the volume cube are for trigger. Just not want distance trigger.

It usally the collision stuff event when they enter in trigger, collision physics (filters), volume trigger.

I see. I wanted to used the trigger for real time collision with animation. For attacking or farming tools for animation actions. When it hit something.

Is there trigger volume for the engine in 3d space?

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I was using fragment shader. Just a very simple one at most.

uniform sampler2D map;

varying vec2 vUv;

void main() {

gl_FragColor = vec4(0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 1.0);


I notice the 3d model animation couldn't play animation when I added the shader. When I remove it works.

For some reason it output twice but not sure if doing it right. I have a toggle function when the key is press.

It in the update loop. Sup.Input.wasKeyJustReleased("I"). It say in the log display twice should that be happening?

How to setup the emitter event for the script on global and local script run?

Wanted to know how get some basic stuff run and tips on using the editor. Plus it hard to look for the forums with the search function only search for game stuff but not the posting a side. I but doing a lot of looking around and open src projects relate to super power html.

Know the keys area that get added with tips from ground up or the method in setup to keep things simple.

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Is there any wiki stuff? To have people post or find thing to make games is not easy. Like guide?

I wonder if nodejs is possible to for to simulate the game engine to run headless server?