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EventEmitter how it works?

A topic by Lightnet created Mar 20, 2016 Views: 324 Replies: 4
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How to setup the emitter event for the script on global and local script run?

hello there! It looks like this is very late but did you still need help with this? I would need additional clarification if so.

here is the documentation for the EventEmitter anyways https://nodejs.org/api/events.html

It usally the collision stuff event when they enter in trigger, collision physics (filters), volume trigger.

hmm. I suspect english is not your first language. If so, could you write in your native language and use google translate to post in english. It would help us understand each other quicker.

Well I want to have event trigger on physics collision with the volume collision but there nothing I see I think. Some thing like 3d sword attach animation hitting the character collision but to trigger only. Or the character enter the volume cube are for trigger. Just not want distance trigger.