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wow thanks!

that means a lot for us!!

Thank you NikitaPlombeer!

yeah sbt…

we didn't really had all the spare time we expected for polishing stuff in this gamejam 😓

It's a bug in the game :( but the team is aware of that and it will be fixed as soon as the jam is over!

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm glad you liked!

omg the hand drawn art is so cute and amazing!  *-*
Didn' expected so many type of enemies as well. If I were to nitpick, I would just like to change the absorption ray for something also handraw and with a different color - blue I suppose? -, because it is as little hard to see it before you get used.
Anyways, loved you game! Great job!

Yeah we sure had some bugs along the way 😔
btw just in case you I wanna give it a better try, it has actually three power ups - they're just showed by random, so you may get the same sometimes :P
Thanks for the feedback!

Ih rapaz, como tu descobriu? HAHA

HAHA We have an entire board full of weird ideas too

Never to be implmented but it was a great experience to come up with them.

Wow thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :D

Thanks for the feedback!
We really appreciate it c:

Thanks! :D

Dang, that's so fun! xD
I loved the voice acting, it really adds a lot to the gameplay lol. It's amazing how you could pull all that up in such little time *-*
Plus, I'm so curious: Were you doing the congrats level at the last hour of the deadline for real? haha
Amazing game, awesome job!

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Loved the dvd bouncing around in the menu haha
Great concept and presentation, and awesome polishing with the vfx. I'm hella curious how did you implement the blue guys AI tho, they're so responsive :o

Yey, I'm on the leaderboard! B)

Loved the game! The art looks great, the music is smooth, the gameplay is hella fun!
Congrats to you guys!

Man that's an intricate puzzle!
Loved the idea and loved how you kept it simple. I think some VFX would make for a great polish, but considering it's you first game jam, you've just nailed it!
Amazing job, well done!

Wow, I didn't even know Godot was capable of handling all this 3D. Congrats man, looking very polished!

Thanks man, glad you liked!
It means a lot to hear that :,)

The enemy is strategically hiding from you, it's a feature >:(
haha jk, thanks for the feedback!

I wish so bad I could do more powerups in time ;-;
Maybe at the next one

Thank you! 
My favorite one is the archer though, let's go for a 1v1 >:)


Thank you! It took us soo long to settle with this idea haha

That's pretty fun! I was oddly excited for the next fire rate power up 
Also the bullet looks pretty cute haha

Nice job!

Gotta go fast! B)
Thanks for the bug reports and feedbacks!

Thanks! We're very happy with the visuals as well :3

Hey, round 7 is pretty far, congrats! haha
Also thanks for the feedback!

WOW, that's looking amazing *-*
One of the best looking games I've seen so far. The game idea is pretty simple, but perfectly executed! The only thing I missed was some kind of tutorial ingame, because I thought it was a single player game and the objective was to stay in the arena as long as possible xD
Anyways, loved the vibes you guys gave to it! Awesome job!

Nice game! The visuals here are hella dope
The levels are a little too hard for me, I couldn't  have time to actually explore level 2. But the cool jazz music in the background make the experience a whole lot better tho :0
Congrats to you guys!

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4: 24 here, I'm feeling like Poseidon B)
That's such an inventive idea, congrats to you guys for making it work! The long text tutorial was a bit overwhelming for me at first, but I was well worth reading. Loved how peaceful it feels - the soundtrack contributes a lot for that.
Well done you all!

Eu to voano alto 😎👌

hey, Instagram and Twitter links are swapped 


Thank you!
In fact that's one of the few games I've made that I'm (yet) not bored with replaying it haha

I see you've put a ton of work in this opening screen! :D
That's a very fun game! To be honest, after playing all theses games where I was a dice, I've got quite happy being something else haha. I liked the gameplay a lot, the idea of balancing between gambling and shooting is very interesting and exciting. I just don't know if I'm extremely unlucky or the slotting machine should give bullets a little more frequently.
Overall, that's a pretty cool game! Nice job!

Wow this game is so chill! *-*
The animais - and even the enemies - are very cute, and the relaxing music in the background makes it even better. The gameplay is very fun and surprisingly easy to understand, just a little sad that it ends too early (maybe you could increase the dice's life a little bit?).
Still, that's an amazing job, congrats!

Also I'm curious, what strategy did you use to get 294 points? Best I got was 92 haha

I'm so proud of this page haha
Thank you very much!!

Thank you!!
A great tip for this moment is to get closer to the dice. As it is a circular movement, the distance you travel in a radius closer to the center is way smaller than far from the center in the same given time ;P
But I must agree that a faster ship would be nice as well haha

More bosses would be an awesome addition. Maybe other type of dice, or even playing cards? There's a lot of possibilities around there. 

HAHA two dice at the same time would be insane! I'm definitely trying this out!
And thank you for the feedback! :DD