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that's VERY awesome to play! :D
For improvment, I think it would be nice to have some text in the description saying what exactly the buildings do. I'm still not so sure about the difference between the chopping block and the lumbermill

Haha Nice!!
Thanks for playing! :D

thankss!! :D

Haha that was pretty fun to watch actually! For a moment I've got afraid that you wouldn't catch the idea and move to next game lol
Thank you, I loved it!! :D

I don't know there are many possibilities....
maybe you're too good to let yourself loose?

Haha joking xD
The game isn't so punitive about your losses, e. g., you're completely healed once you win a Combat Mode. Doing it this way, people are able to enjoy the new areas and progress more easily!

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wooooow that's a pretty cool game!
I liked how you used such peaceful colors for a darker theme and the 3D fx is awesome!
Nice job man! :P


Haha thanks! You're totally right, but dang, sound fx are hard to make :(

Thanks!! :D
I think that definitely proves that Firefox is better than Chrome haha

OOOH I could kill the turrets
thanks man, now I got it

Thankss! :3

Thanks, I'm very happy you liked!!
Btw, this bug and the (possible) audio poor quality are due to the HTML limitations :( , the dowloadable version can offer a much better experience if you want it ;P

The flame in menu is so cuuute :3
Awesome visuals, but I couldn't see the droplets very clearly (maybe they could be a little more brighter?).
Anyways, great job man!

Great use of colors, it gives a very fresh look to the game! :P

Wow that's a very well made game, I can't really imagine the work behind it all. I liked a lot the way you implemented the theme, the best use of the "10 seconds" for me. I just couldn't figure out how to pass the first room where the slowmo clock appears... :(
Still, you've done a great job! :P

I can't deny it's a fun idea haha
The life bar being a heat measurer is a well-thought move :P

Hey man, the game isn't loading :(

this is so fun and beautiful at same time that I really wanted to see how it was going to end. After some too many tries, I finally got it and I'm more than delighted.  You made such an amazing job with the story, art and music that overcame all of my expectations. Keep it up, man 10/10

haha thanks!! I'm glad you liked!

Thanks man!!
You're right, a dark background would make the map a lott better, I missed that one haha
Also thanks again for that last part!! You're such a nice guy, I'm happy to meet you :3

It was the instructions text, but it's a lot better now! thanks bud

Hey man,
I didn't know Construct already supported 3d, nice job here!
Now one thing I think I should advice you is that the text is right now very hard to read :( . If you could improve that part before the game jam closes, it would be awesome :P

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What a cool mechanic!!
I'm not much into bullet hell games, but yours made me have lots of fun! Just wished for a play button before every level so I could rest a little, but overall, awesome job! :D

LOL that's beautiful!
Such a random idea to use carrots, but I loved it 🥕

That's so fun to play! I loved the controls and the way you implemented the theme! *-*
The only problems I've faced were the ones that were mentioned down there (no feedback when shooting and some freezes), but other then that, it was an awesome experience! 

thanks! Yeah, I need to admit that the controls are kinda odd at the start, but when you get them they start to look more natural and cooler B)
If you liked the open world part, you might aprecciate my other game Overworld Dungeon! It is a Roguelike open world style , with tons of itens and weapons to discover *-*

thanks!! Yeah, it's kinda difficult at the start, but it makes you looks cooler when you get it B)

Thank you!
Nice progress! ;D

Thanks!! So nice to see you here!
I loved your game too (They're kinda close if you think about it), just hadn't time to post a comment yet. Wait for me haha

Thanks! I must admit, that's a cool idea! :D

LOL you're the most creative guy I've ever know

Thank you man! I'm happy you liked! :D

Wow, thank you! :D
I'm so happy you liked the controls, that was the thing I was most worried about

Thanks!! I'm glad you liked! :D

Thanks! The other characters are AI's, but mistaking them as real players is a such a good compliment for me haha

Haha thanks!

Every time I see someone using Godot, I go a little bit happier haha
I liked your pixel art style and the game design, and you page is pretty nice using the same background as your game :P
Nice work man, congrats for your scores! :D

I'm so happy to achieve such a high rating in a game jam with more than a THOUSAND ENTRIES!
I would like to thanks everyone who gave a little bit of your time playing my game and a huge thanks to Blackthornprod for hosting this jam and making this experience possible for us! :D
If you guys want to see another games of mine, feel free to check some other submissions I did (like my most famous one, Battle Royale: Nokia 3310 Edition), and, of course, I would be very glad :D
Anywayz, I don't wanna go to long. Thank you guyz, hope to zee you later!

haha thanks!!
checking it out :D

wow haha, thankz!!
I'm glad you enjoyed!