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You're getting a black screen? If yes, maybe you just need to wait a llittle. I don't know why but it takes some seconds to show the loading bar.

Sorry, the engine I made it doesn't save in any dowloadable form :(


Thanks! I can't even imagine how that happened haha

Congrats, I think haha

I don't know if that was on purpose, but the noise of clicking in the space bar mach too well the sound of a camera shutter. Anyways, awesome game! Nice levels, creative idea, fun upgrades, I liked it a lot (currently trying to pass mission 10). I just don't think the  graphics are as good as the game mechanics - they look a little childish, like from an educational game.  That doesn't affect the gameplay by any means, it just make it less atracttive at first glance. Still, loved it! 

Thanks!! Well, I think you would get kinda angry if I told you that this hard jump didn't need to be that hard haha. I made a playthrough of this level, if you want to take a look: 

I'm really thankful for the tips by the way, there are a lot of things that I can improve it!

Nice game! I especially liked the deafeat phrases haha. That God protects us from new Matrix movies.


Thanks! A hint would be save the rocket boots for the last jump, use the "shoot a enemy" to deal with the first trouble.
But if it still too hard, I made a playthrough of this level, I hope it helps:

Well, it looks like I made this game a little too hard haha
I recorded a playthrough of this level, take a look:

I set the todo list this way: 0:00 shoot enemy, 0:30 invert controls, 1:00 shoot enemy, 2:00 shoot enemy. Then all you need to do is hit the shots, paying atention to the last enemy, because it has a shield.

I hope this helps!

Well, I took a little too long to understand how to play, but once I did, it's really fun! Cute graphics by the way, amazing job!


cool idea!

So cool! Really liked it!

Thanks! I thought that a music would hide the clock sound, which is pretty helpful.

You can jump without touching the ground, like flappy bird.


This game is so fun! Really liked it!

Really liked how this game fits so many play styles! Great work!

It's so pretty! (I loved A LOT that "play" cloud)

tho I feel it miss some middle term reward, to encourage the player to keep going (like a new hability once you reach a certain number of thoughts).

So beautiful! It's probabaly the best graphics my computer has ever been able to run lol
Nice puzzles too, really liked it.



On what level are you?

But yes, it's automatically. As soon as the clock reach the time you set before, the action is executed.


Thats's incredible good! Great work!

Thanks! Well, I use Construct 2, a program that let you build your HTML games really easy without knowing code. If you struggle with it (wich is common at start), there's a lot of tutorials in YouTube to help.

I'm two years late, but I really liked this idea, nice game!



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Found the title very interesting and the art is awesome! It's more like a story than a game but still a cool experience, good job.


thanks! The character's head was imagined by me like a 3x3 square with 2 eyes inside haha. But your idea is honestly a lot cooler

thanks! Now that you said, that would be a great idea tho!



Thanks! Even I like to play it like that