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Thank you!
In fact that's one of the few games I've made that I'm (yet) not bored with replaying it haha

I see you've put a ton of work in this opening screen! :D
That's a very fun game! To be honest, after playing all theses games where I was a dice, I've got quite happy being something else haha. I liked the gameplay a lot, the idea of balancing between gambling and shooting is very interesting and exciting. I just don't know if I'm extremely unlucky or the slotting machine should give bullets a little more frequently.
Overall, that's a pretty cool game! Nice job!

Wow this game is so chill! *-*
The animais - and even the enemies - are very cute, and the relaxing music in the background makes it even better. The gameplay is very fun and surprisingly easy to understand, just a little sad that it ends too early (maybe you could increase the dice's life a little bit?).
Still, that's an amazing job, congrats!

Also I'm curious, what strategy did you use to get 294 points? Best I got was 92 haha

I'm so proud of this page haha
Thank you very much!!

Thank you!!
A great tip for this moment is to get closer to the dice. As it is a circular movement, the distance you travel in a radius closer to the center is way smaller than far from the center in the same given time ;P
But I must agree that a faster ship would be nice as well haha

More bosses would be an awesome addition. Maybe other type of dice, or even playing cards? There's a lot of possibilities around there. 

HAHA two dice at the same time would be insane! I'm definitely trying this out!
And thank you for the feedback! :DD


Thank you! I'll be improving on that :P

Thank you!
I had a great time writing these dialogues haha



Wow, this art is looking amazing! *-*
Also, the gameplay is very fun and easy to understand, and the little story makes a great addition to the whole game. Just missed a little bit more of evolution as we advance in game - some more mini games, maybe. Btw, are you brazilian? Wesley is a pretty common name here haha
Anyways, awesome job and awesome presentation!

Bullet hell gang 😎🤝😎
Awesome art and style, creative implementation of the theme and, of couse, perfect presentation. That's a great game for sure.
Congrats, great job!

Stunning visuals!! The tiny pumpkin eye moving around is awesome :D
I'm very curious if the story in the description is actually true, and how you guys managed to coordinate this massive team haha

This dice animation is incredibly smooth! 
You made the difficulty of the levels in a way that made it actually really natural to think how the dice turns. Also, the music is very relaxing and enjoyable :D
Good job!!

Playing this was VERY fun!! haha
I remember the old days where I could only roll over small hydrants, time really flies :,)
Nice job, I had a great time playing it!

Wow, that's actually pretty fun!
Wasn't expecting to get my math tested in this game jam, but I liked it a lot haha. These visuals are amazing and you made them fit with each other very well. Just missed a small tutorial - took me a while to start understanding what I was doing. But the nice levels and polished menu convinced me to dive deeper in untill I get the concept.
Cool idea, and great presentation. Great job! :D

I need to say it's very fun to catch these spheres haha
But the controls for choosing witch type of of cut really should accept mouse, numbers are so confusing :( Still, the game looks pretty nice, and the customer models are very well made.
Congrats, nice job!

I'm always a big fan of Pico-8 games, the chunky visuals build such a nostalgic vibe *-*
I liked the way you implemented luck in this game, it's a very fun mix between strategy and randomness. I just think that maybe there are too many turns? I've stopped in turn 40 with 21700 population.
Cool game tho, and nice job!

That's a funny idea! Impressing that you made sprites for all 8 directions both player and enemy in such a little time :o
I just need to point out that just running in squares (without throwing any dice) it's an invincible strategy - I've got an 11800 score with that B)
It's a pretty cool little game, good job!

Making these attacks were the best part in programing for sure haha

Thank you!
If you want it, you can try the mode "I'm on a rush" as well. The dice has way less health in this difficulty ;P

Thank you!
It seems like I've made the space way to much frictionless haha. I'll be improving on that ;P


Wow, thank you very much!! :D
A tutorial would for sure improve the game a lot. Thanks for the feedback as well haha

Thank you!
A twinstick shooter would be soo fun!! I'd love to implement this some day if I have some free time :,)

Wow, that's a very cool looking game :o
Quite hard to do math while you try to not die while you try to protect the king tho haha. But really liked it, VFX and sprites are all pretty well made. The tiny dice with the pink cheeks are so cute that they almost convince me to not shoot them xD
Well done!

Now I can safely say that I don't have any hability to create my music  xD
But that was quite an experience, actually. The art is pretty amazing, and the song (when I'm not playing over it) is very relaxing.
Nice job! 

It takes so long to unlock the cup :(
But cool idea, a nice take on factory games!

The random selling got me haha

That's a fun game, pretty different from other idle games. The story is pretty funny too xD

These visuals are just incredilble! The particles in the background are so subtle but also so pretty *-*
Full paper cube is the answer for almost every level tho haha.
Nice game, really liked it! 

That's a pretty fun game!
It's a puzzle that doesn't require us to find the very best answer, so I don't feel too dumb while playing it haha
Good job!

Haha wow! Thank you very much! :3

A spaceship can't be that easy to controll, right? Haha

Thanks! I'd love to make a longer version as well :D

There's a difficulty setting in the menu if you want; "I'm on a rush" makes the dice have a very small health ;P

Spaceships can't be that easy to controll, right?  haha

That's SO MUCH fun! xD
I'm not a fan of downloadable games, but yours caught my attention. And I must say it was very worth it! I gave a laugh every single time my dice were punched into the air haha
The only problem I'd say is that the punches are so fast that I could rarely evade from any. Still, getting punched was also pretty fun, so that's only half a problem haha