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Thank you so much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :] I did upload the soundtrack to bandcamp a little while ago, heres the link!

Whoops,sorry about that! Something always ends up being accidentally deleted when im cleaning up the files for uploading :[ I did upload a new version with that file in it,so it should be fixed now (though you can also replace that file with any png of the same name if you dont want to go through re-downloading and transferring save files!) 

Thank you so much! :D Unfortunately there isint at the moment, i could add arrow key functionality in a future update though! 

theres just the one! i thought about adding more,but decided to keep it pretty simple. im glad you enjoyed it!! ^^ 

Astrid & The Witch

Hi! I just finished my own solo game (here) and I'm looking for paid work. My commission prices and information are available here! I do backgrounds and character art mostly! 

Some of my art: 

Oh my god thats hilarious,i really want to draw this now. Glad you're liking the game!! 

A funny little game about checking in on your new neighbor. Or something like that. Download for free here!

Game is now complete!

Update 1.3 is released! Devlog with all updates here.

Biggest thing is all cutscenes are in the demo now. (43 illustrations to be exact!) This is basically the full game but without music (which will be re-added next update.) If you don't mind playing on mute, of course. 

Aww,thank you so much! That means a lot! <3 

Sure! Sent you a friend request. 

This game looks really promising! I love the concept! Forgive me if this was written in the original post and i just missed it, but are these paid roles or volunteer roles that you're looking for? 

If you're still looking for someone, I made all the art assets for my rpg and I'd love to work on another project! My discord is keen#8071. 

Update 1.2 is released! Music is starting to be added as well as some graphic tweaks. Next update will focus on the battle system. 

Read the full list of updates here.

Hi,my name is Keen and I'm making my first game Astrid & The Witch. Im making all the art and music for it as well! I'm also aspiring to make some visual novels after this project. :] 

Thanks so much!

WOW.. i'm in love with the character designs here and how they all fit so well with the main pasta theme!  keep up the good work! 

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Turn based RPG with crafting system elements & random encounters! 


Astrid & The Witch follows a 70 year old woman named Astrid trying to get her favorite book back after lending it to her new neighbor. Said neighbor,known only as The Witch, is an otherworldly entity hiding in Earths dimension in what she thought was an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. While she can't shake the feeling somethings up with her neighbor, Astrid isn't one to judge someone by how they look.

After this elderly lady manages to break through every one of her wards (and has the audacity to invite her to the neighborhoods weekly book club after doing so),The Witch has no choice but to send Astrid to a different dimension,leaving her to survive against whatever monsters she meets outside of earths physical plane. Astrid still wants that book,though.


- You are a grandma

 - Original 16x16 assets and illustrations!

 - Crafting system: Craft spells from resources you find around you

 - Spell levels: The more you use certain spells,the more damage they'll cause.


Astrid & The Witch


Already says it on the itch page,but this is a really limited demo with no music. Mostly looking for feedback on the combat system,crafting system and so on. Thanks in advance if you give it a try.