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Awesome first compo entry mate, love it.

Wow the physics took me on a wild ride once a car took me out haha. 

Great polish on this one, really enjoy when a game has that level of attention. 

Enjoyed this game.

Clickers are always fun and right on theme. Would be cool to know what $$ you're aiming for with the next upgrade tier. I loved the bombs at the end.

We almost made a game with a circular planet with building all over it, something about the theme hey?

Great work on getting a 3D submission going in the time frame. I think I hit a weird bug where it kept telling me it was game over but I wasn't sure why.

Took me a while to get the hang of what was going on. I think I got the idea eventually, but not 100% sure. Really awesome visuals, great output for one weekend!

Cute game, but I got a bit stuck with what I was supposed to be doing.

Well done, what a great game and an excellent challenge curve with the puzzles. 

This game is excellent, but oh so hard!

Great work as always Alex. Love it.

Cool take on the music loop angle, that had a really nice vibe.

Thanks man, appreciate the kind words and your time to check out the other game. You're the kind of person that really makes these communities so great to engage with.

I think being our first jam we dramatically underestimated how much time we'd need for what we scoped, whereas this new game we allowed almost a day for polishing it up which I think really paid off.


Thanks for the indepth feedback Jabberwockist. All spot on - as our first game, we def suffered from overscoping and getting overwhelmed with other commitments, and did not leave ourselves enough time to get the game where we had wanted it at all. We learned a lot from this experience, very much on those three points you highlighted.

In our subsequent jam game, we left a whole day for polishing, adding instructions to play, and thinking about where a user's attention is. And probably more importantly spending the time to develop our game fully on paper before touching the code!

I really appreciate your time to provide this indepth feedback, it's very helpful.

If you're interested in seeing the lessons in action - we made this one off the back of the lessons here for Ludem Dare 47:

Would love your take on that one, if you're happy to take a look.

Thanks again

Ahh I think I chose a confusing level to play first. Tried again with a different level and it's much more obvious!

Alright I keep actually legit playing this. Can you please finish it with more levels after the jam is over.

Ahh how odd, I'm not sure what was going on, I did eventually get it to trigger, but it was almost as if the particle effect from the rocket was perhaps blocking my click.

Haha that's all good - I should have read the instructions first! You've got a lot of game here.

This one has come together really nicely man - Great work!

Yup this one is a bit too hard for my brain haha.

Found it really hard to get the game to actually start - the button seems to be quite hard to click for some reason.

Wow this was really different - enjoyed it. I accidentally interacted with the bad shrimp :(

A lil too tedious for my liking, but good work in time frame!

Had some issues with this one, couldn't quite read the text very easily.

Didn't really understand what I'm meant to be doing with this one. Which theme is this one following?

This feels sweet, but I think the screen shake is a bit too much for me, made me feel kinda dizzy 

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Died three times trying to read the story and tutorial for how to play. It said don't give up, but I gave up.

Great concept - really love your visual style - very cool with the 1-bit theme!

Like the graphics, but pretty confused by this one to be honest. Couldn't really work out what I was meant to do, but it said Well Done, so I guess I won?

Ahh this one is way too hard for me I'm afraid! Found the loot mechanics pretty challenging especially with so many enemies right off the bat.

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This one has come together really nicely man - Great work!

Thanks for the kind words and great feedback. I’ll definitely be scoping in game tutorials / controls in my future game jams as a must have!

Great submission man. The characters are excellent, I'm immediately on board. Really love the art style. The idea of pairing eating apples (health) with game speed is a fun mechanic too. 

Good job.

Well done with taking on the extra challenges. Had to dust off my old minesweeper skills.

I got a bit confused at first about what the numbers meant, but once I got the hand of it I started to enjoy it a lot. Good stuff.

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I debated doing a "take car" but making it a weird language game. This is pretty funny and a lil terrifying. Great work.

I really loved the music and your art style. I would be really cool if the story branched a bit more, but obviously it's a jam game! Captured the western vibe nicely. 

This feels really well put together and a pretty solid effort all round. Good work.

Very cool world. Left me feeling good and there was something so addictive about exploring this world. This is such a unique take on the jam topic - loved it.

Agree with one of the others that it had a definite Manual Samuel vibe. I enjoyed this a lot and dug the approach. Great job.

No matter how hard you try you will never save your hatchling and that (paired with the soundtrack) made me feel sad. Such a great game, and one of my favourites so far from the jam.