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Funny game, maybe movement is a bit harsh, and camera is pretty annoying, but visuals are nice and the concept is pretty good. Good job!

Nice challenging game, visuals are pretty good too. Good job!

Nice concept for the game, maybe sometimes it feels a bit clunky, but overall it's nice to play. Keep it up!

Reminds me of some flash games I played years ago, overall nice execution, maybe adding a feedback on eating another fish would be a nice touch. I also noticed the bug with 300pts as my fish didn't grow bigger. Keep it up!

That's a good point with the comma separated numbers, easy to implement yet it could give much more into readability. I'll keep it in mind on my next game. Thanks for playing!

Nice take on the growth theme, the green blob might be too low of a threat at some point, I wondered what it does because I didn't notice any effect it has until I started chasing it again. 

Nice funny game, I managed to reach 50m. Simple yet engaging gameplay.

Thanks! Yeah it has no ending, didn't have much time left to finish gameplay, I over-scoped my idea, again.

Hello, fellow godotter, I really like the relaxing ambience, it was fun to play. Also I noticed it's  somehow similar idea to mine but tbh yours game have a better execution of the money earning system.

Thanks! Yes it's intentional, it also changes colours, as an ending of the journey. I had similar ideas to make it more of a strategic game, but I played too long with hexagonal map, and didn't spend too much time on actual gameplay, unfortunately.

Thanks, I had some more ideas to make it more of a strategic game, but with the time limit I had to drop off some of the ideas. Nice one with the adjacent buildings, I'll keep it in mind when I'll revisit the idea. Nevertheless I'm happy with my hexagonal tilemap, I gave too much thought to it apparently.

Thanks for playing my game, I'm glad you liked the "ending".

Same here! It's way too fast on 144hz! :)

Hey, check out this tutorial explaining the problem and solution to two bone IK, it helped me in making my game
Analytic Two-Bone IK in 2D -

Hey, thanks for checking my game! That's interesting, is it because Escape key didn't work, or maybe adding an in-game note to press ESC would be sufficient?

I'm amazed how good this game is, I've collected all the flowers and died once, it took me ~5min. I really enjoyed playing your game, it was fun. I also found a bug where you can jump on the edge of the horizontally growing plants and I got stuck here as jumping into the water resulted in returning to the same place on the edge without any exit.

Nice game with interesting art style, but maybe adding more check points wouldn't be a bad idea as I had to restart the entire level multiple times. Good job with this one!

Nice take on the limit, but maybe adding some particles and sprites would make this game even better! Good job with your first entry!

Thanks! I'm trying my best to test all games I can, and having a full time job doesn't help! :D

Thanks! Yeah it might be too difficult, I was playing this game on repeat and eventually I've learned how to beat it.

Hah I didn't play getting over it either, but maybe I got inspired by it a little though. Thanks!

Thanks! I might need to improve my level design skills,.

Thanks! I got some ideas how to make it more responsive.

Thanks for playing! I'll try to address the issue with too step difficulty level.


Visually appealing little game, I liked the puzzles too. I've managed to get to the level with a breakable brick, but I got stuck here though. Good job.

A lovely idea for a game, it was somewhat a relaxing experience for me. Also the art is nice and clean.

I really like the art, looks amazing, but I got some game breaking bugs, like jumping for me was almost always impossible, I even though there's no jumping at all, but spamming a space bar eventually resulted in a jump.

I'm glad you liked it. Nevertheless, last stage needs a real lifting though, it's super annoying for most of the players who have tested the game. Thanks for playing!

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Thanks! I'm not an art guy myself, and I'm glad you liked my pixels. I totally agree, didn't have much time for play tests, but I'll try to fix the few stages to make the game less frustrating.

Cool, I'll fix this stage and the next ones too, thanks for sharing!

Hey, thanks for checking out my game, I'm sorry for making it a frustrating experience for you, I didn't have much time for play tests with this kind of experimental controls. To improve it, do you mind sharing which stage gave you the most trouble?

Thanks! I'll try to experiment with alternative controls, idea with mouse wheel sounds great :D

Wow, thanks for testing it on mobile! I really appreciate your feedback! :D

Really funny game, but at this point the game is unplayable :D


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! :)

Thanks! I tried my best in these two days :D