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Hey, thanks for checking my game! That's interesting, is it because Escape key didn't work, or maybe adding an in-game note to press ESC would be sufficient?


My answer got deleted when I decided to make a video of it xD So in short, I get the hint about Escape (from itch itself I think), but it doesn’t work.

In the video it sadly doesnt show my mouseclicks, I try to MMB-click on the tab to close it, then left-click “+” to open new tab. In menu “close tab” luckily works.

But, Vivaldi does a lot with its UI (that is why I use it:) ), and it may not occur anywhere else, so if it’s hard to reproduce and fix, just don’t bother:)

Generally, I like your way of doing it; that I don’t accidentally get the right-click menu showing up while playing or similar things.