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Hi, I added a 0.2-second hit stop when the player shoots, and when the player hits enemies This slows down the time of the game, meaning enemies cannot shoot and bullets cannot fly during the hit stop so it does not affect gameplay in any way except for giving impact to shooting and hitting enemies. While playtesting I found this time to be barely noticeable. Are you having issues with it being longer than 0.2 seconds?

Thanks for the feedback. This was kind of intentional, to force the player to keep moving. I did not get many people to playtest, but the two people I saw did play in a very fast way, similar to the way you have to constantly move about in doom. Clearly, this could have done with some tweaking. Thanks again for the feedback.

agreed, I wanted to add a system that would point to the nearest alien but couldn't get it to work in time since everything is on spheres :P

Thanks for the feedback. The view and movement are both orthoganol (not perspective). I had thought this would be a problem for some players, so implemented the camera switch and a spot shadow for the player, Ultimately I went that way because I think it looked nicer. You are absolutely right though, it can be difficult to judge the players position and movement especially in more complex scenes.

Does this include FBX/GLTF/OBJ files which I can use in blender or godot?

Best game I have played so far, really is something I haven't seen before and it looks and feels great! GG!

yeah not sure why the stutters are happening. The particles are all pre-compiled and cached on the game start... its probably some funky godot web-GL stuff I need to change :P

thanks for the feedback! I wanted to avoid bullet patterns for my game, making a more chaotic unpredictable bullet hell game. I do think you are right with some exploits to avoid being hit, and given more time would like to solve this by adding more variation of enemies with different attacks such as grenade, lasers etc. being harder or using different techniques to avoid.

Thanks for the feedback, I totally agree the auto controlled camera can be a bit restrictive sometimes. I experimented with some more camera control but it was difficult since you aim with the mouse as well, and prototypes were restricted by time and were quite buggy. I did experience that bug during testing... for some reason when you get to higher levels where there are a lot of enemies, they have a small chance to spawn inside each other and sometimes go flying into the sky. I don't have a fix yet but will probably update it after the jam results are in :)

yeah the theme interpretation was definitely a bit meh. I intended to do something more interesting with a canyon walls closing in but I just ran out of time :P

Nice game, I really liked the parry mechanic, it felt nice. I did find it a bit hard to understand what to do for the first few levels but after that I enjoyed it a lot. Although it could have done with some more audio design and the background image is a bit distracting.

I love it, the game has a brilliant sense of polish thanks to the great art and very well designed UI and particles! It's very fun in general, Im amazed that it has an in-game economy! in a jam game! One area of improvement would be that it did start to drag, there are a lot of levels and a lot of them feel very similar, but maybe that's just me :P Great game!

in the github it says MIT

Lmao thanks I cant get enough of them chunky pixels

Thanks! I really enjoyed your game too!

yeah, point collection was kinda buggy! thanks for the feedback!

damn you can really see me rushing there aha, I must have used the whole car prefab instead of just the model :P

I really liked the concept for this one! It fits the theme very creatively! The gameplay was fun too, with the sun slowly catching up as I made mistakes and having to use the eclipse to stay safe.

I really liked the platforming once I had gotten a hang of it, and the visual style is great too. Could have maybe done with some sfx with more time! Great job though!

thanks for the fredback!

I am unfortunately addicted to pixels, and not in quantity, but size... Hence the 144*76 screen size haha... I will keep that in mind for future reference!

10/10 my GPU's capacitors were buzzing idk why

I didnt make them myself, @splendidjams did, but i am pretty sure it was just belnder!

yeah... we got to saturday evening and then realized just how goddamn buggy the game is... we then completely ran out of time to fix the bugs and actually finish the game properly :P was good fun to make tho :D

What is happening when you are trying to download, it is working fine for me?

When you are prompted to donate, make sure you click 'no, just take me to the download page'

that's weird. The game has no music, but should have sound. I will look into that issue. Can I check which browser you are using?

thanks a lot for the feedback. That was my main aim for this jam, to take relatively common gameplay and make it as satisfying as possible. The particle effects and screenshake played a big role in that.

Thanks so much man!

Thanks for the feedback! yeah music is not my strongest point and I ran out of time :/

I Loved this game, it was such a unique concept and really fit well with the theme in a way that I haven't seen before. The idea and execution were brilliant! The only feedback I can think of was the audio design was very average, but you cant win em all! Well done!

I thought the concept was great! and I loved the gameplay loop, however, I thought using the arrow keys to move with the mouse was a weird decision, and the odd mix of pixel art and vector art looked weird. Other than that, the game was great fun to play!

The game was very fun. I loved some of the attention to detail like the wind effects when using nitro. I thought the game could have looked a lot better if the shadows didnt spawn a few metres infront of you, some more realistic lighting could have gone a long way. Great game!


yeah, i agree. The wall situation was a bug on my behalf :/ thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the feedback!

no problem, you did great!

I loved this game! It was something I hadn't seen done in this way before and was very entertaining. The art style was also nice and it felt relatively polished. Only downside was it was a bit short.