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Swag game! Found myself weirdly invested in the game considering its such a simple concept, guess your game design ethos is paying off!

Just make sure to normalise your movement vectors, I’m pretty sure you move faster diagonally in this.

Thanks for playing :)

Respect for the dedication

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed :)

Lovely art style and game concept, nice work :)

Thank you!

Thanks for playing and glad you found it fun!

I considered adding that but I thought it would add too much unnecessary complexity, especially with the limited time I had to work on it. Perhaps I’ll test something like that out in a post-jam version?

Very nice work! Love the concept, and the cutscene at the start was great :)

Glad you enjoyed! Apologies for the lack of clear instructions

Short and sweet, nice work!

Will check it out now :)

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Sorry about the difficulty :P

Thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed :)

Nice work! Lovely little puzzles :)

Really fun concept! Love the idea :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you found it fun :)

Really cool game idea, with some really lovely art :)

Nice work!

Thanks for checking it out :)

Thanks for playing! Glad you found it fun even if its a bit hard to control :)

Cool concept, quite fun gameplay, quite challenging but not impossible. Nice job :)

You can click on the floor and the projectiles should stop where you clicked (unless something in my programming broke :P), but glad you enjoyed :)

Very interesting game idea, nice work!

Thanks for playing! Apologies for the camera movement, I adjusted the player speed and forgot to change the camera smoothness with it, but glad you enjoyed nonetheless :)

Neat little action platformer, good work :)

Really fun game, played for quite a while longer than I thought I would :)

Here it is :)

Game looks really interesting! Will check it out shortly :)

Here’s mine:

Here it is ->

Will rate yours shortly :)

On my way to rate yours, here’s mine :)

Here it is!

Here’s mine :D

Here it is:

Here’s mine :)

Here is mine :)

Really cute little game! Loved the art and the concept, very relaxing to play :)

Nice work :D

Honestly very fun! Once I figured out the combinations were in the background I could understand how to make different things and it was pretty relaxing to play, nice work :)