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Thank you so much for playing and the feedback! Much appreciated! We love your suggestion - we wanted to do something like that but decided against it since we started a bit late - basically halfway through the jam 😅 

Web version gives me a load error after I try to start. :( 

Failed to load images/title1/title.png 

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The game is really cute! I like the pig tails on the player character, and the dash mechanic was a fun idea. I had a similar problem as mentioned before where the first click doesn't register, and it's also a really weird hand position to try to use WASD and left shit and space at the same time, but the mouse controls were comfy. 

I loved the game! I got 23/26 and had only the old man's puzzle left - well three times that I guess. Had a lot of fun and the intro is hilarious! Brilliant and also love the Zelda reference!

Came back to this and tried it out again! This time I did encounter the dungeon and oh boy! It was a really nice experience! Very cool mechanics and visuals! Great job!!

Very good technically and visually! The puzzles were challenging and sometimes a bit too much - to perform all the complex moves the the controls require but I can see why some people would think that's the whole point! Great job!

One of my favourites! I love the visual style and the narrative that drives the game progression. The sound design is great too! 

I think the difficulty needs to be balanced especially after lantern gets smaller - also, finding health in the water would really make the game mechanics work better. I also noticed that the boat bounces off of the bounds of the game world and sometimes it just means that the boat is launched at an obstacle and takes a few hits in a row. I must admit - it was hard to find an aspect of the game that I would have improved. Very good job! 

For having been built in 15h it is pretty good! You just need to put more into the hitbox and make the levels a bit easier!

I liked the interpretation of the concept! I think if you'd want to improve on this you could implement a visual feedback for the player to know when their R is working! Just some clock going backwards appearing could do the trick. I couldn't make it past the ditch either but now I get it so I am going to go back and try it again! 

The sound was really nice and calming, the visuals were simple but very good nonetheless. In regards to the R being a bit slow - as I was playing I thought of a little solution that may work better - and that would be trying to track the objects movement in real time through a variable and then when the player presses R you only target the movement variable to go backwards in time! But that's just a guess!
All in all good puzzles - totally worthwhile- 

Hii! Thank you so much for playing, but especially for your well thought out feedback! We truly appreciate the time you have put in writing the feedback.

The game should work with arrows as well, but I think we forgot to mention that! I agree with you about the intro and to be honest, we have learned so much from other contributions in the jam - one of them being the stretching out the dialogues/giving control to user having a "Continue" button etc.. Also thanks a lot for the feedback on the instructions like "click on the upgrades". Sometimes we get too excited and forget to put in the basics and it is a blessing to have a community like the one here on Itch tell us about these misses.

Yeah, I don't think I got all of the upgrades, but I got a couple of them and it was really nice. I was thinking more about the horizontal movement - like I would appreciate a bit of control over that so I can land my jumps more efficiently. But I understand if that is the opposite of what you are trying to do here! :)

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Hi folks! Really great job on this one! The concept is 10/10, the puzzles are really nice too - I mean how could it not be pleasing to play with master works? The aesthetics are just marvellous - although I think the little "play" icon could use some jazzin' up for the sake of consistency. Do you guys have an account on Instagram? We would love to follow you and mention you in our "end-of-the-jam" post!

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Really cool! The sky shader is awesome! The music reminded me of an 8-bit System of A Down track or something like that. 

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It really caught my attention that it was going to be a strongly narrative based game and it's a positive sign when there are so many different stories. Good job producing so much content! However, I never really got through the first bit with the platforms- and I must admit, I really wanted to know more of the narrative but I fell so many times and respawned from the start that I decided against it. I think a fix for that is checkpoints - if you really need to have the platforming aspect so unforgiving -for lack of a better word. The thing with platformers like Eliza is that the controls need to be on point but the game also should give the player some handicap  especially in the beginning. 

Also, if you haven't checked this document out, I recommend it a lot. A kind soul linked us this a few game jams ago:

I played and cruised around in the environment. I really hope you implement your narrative with the mafia etc. and make this into a game! :)

Very nice little game for having been made in four days! I wish it had some nice little song on loop so I could jump and dash to it! The controls are a bit clunky but it's still an enjoyable game! Great job!

Good job! The game made me feel very nostalgic! A bit more control would be really nice, but that's just me! Love the way the xp bubbles pop, and follow the character! The sound effect is so satisfying!!

I liked the concept a lot and the UI design is especially good. I like the challenging aspect of it, but I think level 2 was really hard - a bit too hard! Still, really good job!

Wow what an inspiring game, you really set the bar high! Fantastic little game visually and acoustically . A bit too short but still a favourite because it was a hella experience. 

Thank you so much for the feedback, especially on the intro part. 

We appreciate your kind words and constructive feedback! Will definitely think about adding variety to the prototype and make a nice demo after the jam!

haha don't tell anyone but that's our way of adding content to the game 😂

Thanks for the feedback it means a lot. I forgot to fix that part with the UI but I'm happy it didn't completely break your experience! Will fix it after the jam!

Thanks Dave! You are generous with your kind words, and we will definitely make sure to add that little extra in the next variations of the game.

oh boy yeah, I see what you mean. But hey, we got the theme right I guess! 😅 Jokes aside, thanks a lot for the feedback. We surely need to work on the randomization of game to create a more enjoyable experience!

Really nice level of polish! I liked the style a lot and the floating mechanic! The first level was too hard to pass, so I gave up after that. Would love to see this game developed more! 

This is very cute! I like the black and white cloaking mechanic, but I found it too difficult, right at the beginning when you are learning to play. 

PS- I really liked the narrative too! Good job!

Really funny game! A bit of wonky controls but the game is pretty funny! A strong contribution to the jam - very well done!

This was awesome! I especially loved the "pewpewpew" "Plomplomplom" SFX. They were great. I'm unfortunatey not that good at FPS, so I couldn't save the paint factory. :( 

Really challenging and exciting game! The game looks polished and every 10 seconds of survival feels like a real victory! The damn eyes keep smoking me but I really like the surprise of getting smoked before the game started - I just wish I could skip the the beginning of the level and cut to the chase!

All in all a nice little game that will make you regret underestimating it! :D

Thank you so much for playing our game and the generous comment! We are very happy that you liked it, and will most definitely improve in the variety department in the next attempts! 

You're the best! Thanks a lot for the feedback!

Makes sense! I meant that the controls never did come back and I had to restart in order to play again. Just as a heads up. :) 

Really weird but sucked me right in haha! I think I played some 40 minutes but I didn't finish the game - basically played it until I got the 10k blood and 2.5 flesh! Fun to play for those that like resource management like me. I really liked the visuals too. For improvement, I'd add sound effects and a way to upgrade the heart!

Ps. take a look at our game and let us know what you think!

Such a cool mechanic! I had a lot of fun guiding my little lamb. The character design (latern arm) was also really unique and neat! Really well done!

This was very ambitious indeed. The visuals were impressive and it seemed like it was a cool concept. I couldn't manage to host, so I just played practice. I just, don't understand how to win? Or why I died, actually. Nothing was really clear.