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Thanks so much!

It's got a lot of potential! Love your art as always.

October is what I'm aiming for.

This was precious. You guys did really well for 3 days! Hope you all expand upon it in the future.

I am not a Nintendo person and I kept getting so many Nintendo questions, lol! I got a decent amount right, though.

Cool idea!

I actually really loved this! Can't wait to see what else you do with it in later updates.

Really cute! I got up to 3328.

I liked the human animations. 

Great work!

As I mentioned in the update devlog, you'll notice that the events are still super monotonous, so you'll be doing a lot skipping through text that you've already read (the Tab button is about to be your BEST friend.)

In a later update that issue will be fixed and I'll have written new events for every other in-game day, if not everyday.

I made the old version unavailable, so you might have to redownload. The updates after this will update properly.

Yes, actually. The remaster is coming out on the 31st!

Devlog updates can be found on that page.

Lol no problem. Thanks for being hyped about the game! I'll start back working on it soon (this month my focus was on Karaoke Neighbor.)

First I'm changing game engines from Tyranobuilder to Ren'py. I basically haven't touched Tyrano since 2018, lol.

It's getting a complete visual makeover because all of the art that I created was pretty trash. All of the backgrounds will be cohesive and 3D, and I'll be adding in character animation as well as new UI.

Needs better writing, so I started replanning and writing it out like a novel.

And sound design needs to be tackled as well. I did originally like the whole silent thing with SFX as jumpscares, but I decided that there needs to at least be ambient BGM and nature sounds going on or something.

And...yeah! That's why it's getting a remake! lol

If you haven't checked already, here are some of my devlogs.

Hey, thanks for still being interested in my project!

The past few months I've released devlogs here on my continued progress. The whole game is getting remade, basically.

I'm aiming for an October release!

Thanks so much! I actually started working a bit on sprites the other day. Hopefully I'll start updating again this month. I was focusing on one of my other games for the past few months.

First, congrats to those who were able to finish their vn!!

That was not me. I entered this already knowing I wouldn't finish, but this is the most I've worked consecutively on this project since it was originally created, and that gives me a sense of pride.

Said project [2017, proof of concept/prototype]

Black Diary is a mystery/horror vn centered around a town that's resident's disappeared, and a girl who gets dropped into it all. The town's secrets can only be found in a stranger's black diary. 

Devlogs created during this time

Originally created in 2017 with TyranoBuilder, I decided the year after that I wanted to recreate it in Ren'py.  I did some character redesign, a bit of story work, collected some 3D backgrounds, and that was about it.

This game jam helped me to be more motivated and experiment with my new skill sets that I've acquired from being a game arts student.  (level design, 3D modelling, Unreal Engine)

I hope to keep this dedication and motivation in 2021 and get this thing back out to the world in the most presentable state it can be in.

Thanks for taking a look at my project!

I'm giving my older one's more attention right now, especially Black  Diary, but I'll  at least start to update the character sprites in the near future.

Hey, thanks so much for playing my lil test game! I only made 2 other projects in Tyrano after that years ago and haven't touched it since. I have seen that the Japanese version has been getting updates and whatnot, and that they'll be updating the English version (if they haven't done so already.)

Played for a few minutes on Android. Seems smooth. No bugs to report.

Thanks for creating this for the cause. It's really appreciated.

Made it to about wave 11 before they got me.

Overall a good concept. I personally think it would have gone well with a MIDI soundtrack or something.

And I also agree with the pink patch + pink pathogen = hard to see.

What was meant to be comical still ended up making me kinda depressed. Not gonna lie, lol. 

I did find it a little difficult  at times when I clicked on some of the areas to clean up the messes, they would be unresonsive and you'd have to click around multiple times until the mop or spray worked.

That was so quirky and clever!

That last part really hit me, though. 'Greetings from a very empty Milan.' I hope you all stay safe as well!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

I used Ren'py, which almost can make anything if you know python. (I do not, so I mostly stick with easy tutorials and do simple stuff like this.) I also used Twine to help me figure out how I wanted all my branching to go (hence a lot of branching.)

Thanks for playing!

I've got a lot of projects to finish, but this one will definitely get done one day.

This was super clever! Great job.

I managed to live for 195 secs by staying in one place and spamming the buttons!

Anyway, its got a lot of appeal. Good job!

Thanks so much! Interactive fiction is really cool.

And I'm glad you liked my music!

Thanks for playing.

Thank you. I had this grand plan of having so many branches, interaction with all of the characters and zombies, but I also had 1 day (I joined late.) So this was what I could do in that time.

Thanks for playing!

Hey there. Mine is a 'choose your own adventure' style visual novel if you wanna check it out.

I added your to my gamejams collection and I'll get to it before the ratings end.

There's cats and I'm biased, so you get my vote.

Made it to day 3 after I figured out what was going on.

Very cool idea!

Not bad!

Good work.

This was very cute! You guys did a good job.

Really curious about this one.

You can kind of argue that the light and shadow theme was followed metaphorically instead of literally.

I liked the different art styles as well. 

Cool game!

This was super clever! Loved it.

Pretty cool aesthetic!

I have 0 sense of direction so I couldn't play for too long, but very cool concept!

Awesome! Then I've done my job.

Thanks for playing!

Then I did my job.

Thanks for playing!

I didn't loop it?! Oh, no 😔

Thanks for playing!