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I played a bit of the demo. Liked what I saw so I backed it! Good luck in your final stretch!

I've just started the game and I'm excited! I've seen other let's players go through some of it before, but now everyone's lives are in my hands. Muahahaha! 


So glad I finally got to play this properly!! On my old laptop, I kept dying in the attic because it was just so slow. Now that I've got touchscreen, it makes for a great experience!

Ya'll did really well! I'll have to check out the sequel some time.

I'm starting a let's play series for Broken Minds!

Ah! I forgot to post this. I did a let's play for the demo. I really enjoyed it. Very interesting concept.

I've not been able to download any of the early access builds through the itch desktop app and wanted to know if it's just me. I manually downloaded the update before this one, but it's much easier when  it's through the app.

Hey there.  Love the idea for the game, but as as highelves03 said, I'm stuck as well. Did you have a different build for the demo? I see your other screenshots. I want to leave the room :'(

Thanks for your comment, and for playing both! 

I think I used the smaller sprites that were provided, so whenever I come back to this project, I'll use the bigger ones and maybe shrink the textbox.

Awesome! It made me laugh a lot.

Thank you for giving it a...try...heh heh (ignore me.)

No problem!

I did a let's play of your game if you'd like to check it out.

Made me giggle a lot.

Starts at 44:05

I did a let's play of your game if you'd like to check it out.

You start out off.

Stay strong, everyone!

My last video! I'll go through everyone else by myself.

Looking forward to this~

Congrats! I've gotta try this one out.


It's so short because I was working on another jam as well, and that one took precedence.

I am so sorry! I should have put it somewhere else besides my devlog, but I mentioned that build 1 is super short because I was juggling 2 jams at once, and the other jam had priority. 

I plan on revisiting this one in the future and expanding it.

Thank you for trying it out! I really appreciate it.

Ok. I think I did all the things. 

Opinion is still the same. Loving it~<3

Thanks for giving it a go!

So I played through Cass and I'll check the others out later.

Very cool concept. What made you want to use pixel art?

It's going to get crazier from here; I know it.

Totally forgot to post these!


I'll check it out when I get a chance.

I'd like to see a project made with this. I'm curious.

I really liked this! I love that it wasn't a typical RPG maker game.

Great job!

Thank you!

In the future, I will add on to this game.

This was my first 48 hour game jam, and first time making a game in RPG Maker. A lot of my time was spent being confused and learning, haha.

Thank you! I've got 2 other jams to do, and then 1 more project to come back to, but I think I will expand on this in the future. 

They were supposed to actually go on a journey together before she turned on him, haha.

Thank you for telling me. I'm fixing it now.

Thank you for telling me. I might have sent it out wrong,

I did! I just got finished with RPG Maker Jam, and I'll also be doing NaNoRenO.

Hi, thanks so much for giving it a try!

Yes, the movie is amazing!! You have to see it. The whole series in general is, actually.

My game is super incomplete. It was supposed to be much longer and with more music, but I ran out of time. I'll probably work on it some more after I'm done with the other game jams I joined.

Couldn't play but I did watch the video. Super cool!!

Always interested in your work!

Looking forward to it! 

Are Youtubers able to do Let's Plays? I might (attempt) to do one soon.

Thank you for giving it a try!

I am terrible at backgrounds, that's why I used the mosaic effect for everything. 😅

And I did realize that for Sen, but I was still able to read it, so I kept his color. If I do end up adding on to this, I'll change it.

Again, thanks so much for playing!

Really? That made my day! 

I'm not even done with the demo yet but I love this! The writing is so good and snarky <3

Definitely buying after I'm done.

Awesome! I was pretty close to getting it from Steam, but I'll wait a little longer.

I love visual novels that give you the option to kind of explore that world. In Amplitude, you can go outside, go shopping, hang out with friends, etc. When I saw that in the demo, I fell in love.