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Always interested in your work!

Looking forward to it! 

Are Youtubers able to do Let's Plays? I might (attempt) to do one soon.

Thank you for giving it a try!

I am terrible at backgrounds, that's why I used the mosaic effect for everything. 😅

And I did realize that for Sen, but I was still able to read it, so I kept his color. If I do end up adding on to this, I'll change it.

Again, thanks so much for playing!

Really? That made my day! 

I'm not even done with the demo yet but I love this! The writing is so good and snarky <3

Definitely buying after I'm done.

Awesome! I was pretty close to getting it from Steam, but I'll wait a little longer.

I love visual novels that give you the option to kind of explore that world. In Amplitude, you can go outside, go shopping, hang out with friends, etc. When I saw that in the demo, I fell in love.

To you as well.

Thanks for playing!

Wow, you made a video! Awesome. I'll watch it after work today.

The loud noises were meant to be jump scares since the town is otherwise silent.

I'm glad you liked it!

I'll probably end up remaking the whole thing using different software (maybe I'll finally learn Ren'py.)

I'll go through it and see what I can change.

As for the font, I tried a lot of different ones, but they wouldn't show up on the program (I think that was a bug) and if the narrator's text isn't orange, that's also a bug.

Thank you for telling me!


I'm just now seeing this.

That's great! I look forward to buying it. From what I've seen, it's a phenomenal game.

Do you know when the full game will make its way here? Steam is soooo slow for me.

I really enjoyed this story. Well done!

This was actually really cool. I'm going through games that were created with Tyrano to see what features I can work with, and this helped me a lot. A nameable player, using macros (I think?), etc. 

I liked it! The story was cute as well.


Nevermind. I ended up just sleeping saturday and sunday. It worked.

I don't know if others have encountered this, but December 29th kind of ends up glitching me out of the game >_< I'll try to change some things about how i go about getting there, but it's just weird..

I really enjoyed this. I liked the cute details, and your voice actors did really well! I look forward to your future games.

I played through most of my favorites, as well as a couple members that I'm not so much into. Pretty good! I like the idea of creating a unique character. The writing was pretty good. I was literally rolling at Kris' route.

CGs could have used some work.

Overall, I enjoyed my playtime.