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Hey, thanks so much for playing my lil test game! I only made 2 other projects in Tyrano after that years ago and haven't touched it since. I have seen that the Japanese version has been getting updates and whatnot, and that they'll be updating the English version (if they haven't done so already.)

Played for a few minutes on Android. Seems smooth. No bugs to report.

Thanks for creating this for the cause. It's really appreciated.

Made it to about wave 11 before they got me.

Overall a good concept. I personally think it would have gone well with a MIDI soundtrack or something.

And I also agree with the pink patch + pink pathogen = hard to see.

What was meant to be comical still ended up making me kinda depressed. Not gonna lie, lol. 

I did find it a little difficult  at times when I clicked on some of the areas to clean up the messes, they would be unresonsive and you'd have to click around multiple times until the mop or spray worked.

That was so quirky and clever!

That last part really hit me, though. 'Greetings from a very empty Milan.' I hope you all stay safe as well!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

I used Ren'py, which almost can make anything if you know python. (I do not, so I mostly stick with easy tutorials and do simple stuff like this.) I also used Twine to help me figure out how I wanted all my branching to go (hence a lot of branching.)

Thanks for playing!

I've got a lot of projects to finish, but this one will definitely get done one day.

This was super clever! Great job.

I managed to live for 195 secs by staying in one place and spamming the buttons!

Anyway, its got a lot of appeal. Good job!

Thanks so much! Interactive fiction is really cool.

And I'm glad you liked my music!

Thanks for playing.

Thank you. I had this grand plan of having so many branches, interaction with all of the characters and zombies, but I also had 1 day (I joined late.) So this was what I could do in that time.

Thanks for playing!

Hey there. Mine is a 'choose your own adventure' style visual novel if you wanna check it out.

I added your to my gamejams collection and I'll get to it before the ratings end.

There's cats and I'm biased, so you get my vote.

Made it to day 3 after I figured out what was going on.

Very cool idea!

Not bad!

Good work.

This was very cute! You guys did a good job.

Really curious about this one.

You can kind of argue that the light and shadow theme was followed metaphorically instead of literally.

I liked the different art styles as well. 

Cool game!

This was super clever! Loved it.

Pretty cool aesthetic!

I have 0 sense of direction so I couldn't play for too long, but very cool concept!

Awesome! Then I've done my job.

Thanks for playing!

Then I did my job.

Thanks for playing!

I didn't loop it?! Oh, no 😔

Thanks for playing!

I can see how it might have been confusing. The goal was to collect all the internet icons before time ran out.

Thanks for playing!

Great game! I suck at golf, lol!

This. Was. ADORABLE!!

Pretty neat! Lots of replayability. 

Awesome use of theme! I died so many times, lol

Love the art style.

I don't normally play games like these. This was really cool!

Very cute! You used your theme well. 

Oooh! Thanks so much for letting me know. I just thought it was my script.

And thanks for playing!

Oh yeah. That. There was probably something wrong with my player controller script. I just used an old one I learned from my game design class some years ago.

Thanks for playing!

That's normally how it is for me when I do these 48 hour jams. I'm mostly an artist, so trying to figure out scripts can be really difficult for me, even with tutorials. And I always work solo.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Yeah, I could have flashed a brief tutorial before the timer started. You basically just 'steal' all of the internet icons before time runs out. As for the animation, I ended up keeping the test animations I had done instead of polishing them. I just couldn't be bothered to fix them, haha.

Thank you!

And yeahhh... so the cloaked guys are supposed to be the 'Cyber Police'  They just ended up following you for a little bit if you passed them.

Thanks so much!

So awesome that it's been released! This video will be it for me on my channel, but I'll definitely be going off on my own time and attempt to not die! :]

Jeremy is such a cutie. >_<