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Super cute! Excellent work on the graphics and sound/music :) There was a little bit of stuttering glitchiness for me, but I'm going to blame my computer for that. Would love to see how the complexity grows with even more levels.

Thank you! Really wish I'd had time to add in sound effects for the movement and gems, and some basic background music. :(

Awesome of you to share, and the devlog is a great idea!!

Thank you. There are a few reasons I didn't go that route.
1) It's a retro-style game, and this was a very common control scheme for old games (e.g., Combat on the Atari, Wolf3D, etc)
2) It's developed in PICO-8, which doesn't really allow for mouse control (unless using debug mode, which isn't supported in browser)
3) I dislike games that require you to use both hands (mouse + keyboard) when one hand is enough to cover all the controls. Requiring only one hand rather than two can make your game more accessible, both for people with physical restrictions and for folks using laptops without mice (like me!)

Ahhh, I thought it was just a double jump and didn't realize the two characters had different abilities! Yeah, there's never enough time for us to get everything we want in there during short jams like this!!

Ah yeah, so close... just gotta leave the light shining on it and letting it sparkle long enough to collect it :)

And thank you for the compliment!

It's PICO-8!

Without being too explicit: as you reveal more of the map, you might notice certain rare things in the pathways that also show up on the mini-map. Their colors are meaningful, and they'll always appear near certain walls...

I loved the 3d/2d mix, the lighting effects, and the cats!

Seems like a rough sketch for a cool puzzle platform idea. Some of the mechanics aren't directly explained. I was able to get one character across the first long gap by using the other as a platform, but then I wasn't sure how to get the second across.

Cool art, interesting idea :)

I love this concept AND especially love that you used TypeScript!!

Excellent work!

Hahaha, thanks for checking it out :) It's one of the only "complete" games I've ever released!

At first I thought some of my keys weren't being registered on hard mode, but then I realized that what I thought were Vs were actually Ys. Not sure if that's what you were running into too. The font was a little misleading to me there.

Spock always comes back anyway!

Thanks again for playing!

Thank you!

Thank you for the compliments! I love the series as well, and I hope that comes across :D

Just replying to everyone's comments to let you know that I've added a dialogue fast-forward button. :)

Just replying to everyone's comments to let you know that I've added a dialogue fast-forward button. :)

Just replying to everyone's comments to let you know that I've added a dialogue fast-forward button. :)

Just replying to everyone's comments to let you know that I've added a dialogue fast-forward button. :)

Thank you!

Thank you!

Great stuff, much more difficult than it seems it would be!

You did a great job of making the dogs creepy and terror-inspiring!

Well, that was way creepier than it had any right to be!

(1 edit)

I totally agree about the button to skip bubbles and the chat sound, and they would have made it in if I'd had more time. As for them being too slow... All I can say is that one person's too slow is another person's too fast. :) The button to skip would be the ultimate solution for that.

Great work, and hard to imagine pulling off this much in a jam!

And thank you for the kind words!

I was literally just playing through your game while you wrote that comment! Great work! :) I'm a big fan of both Papers, Please and The Good Place, so it was a good matchup for me.

Shift works much better! Thanks! I'm still not good enough at the game to get him anywhere near the door. :D

I love the look and sounds, and I'd love to try to beat the level, but ctrl+directions seems to conflict with various Mac desktop commands. It would be nice if I could map the control move to another key.

Thank you, totally agree on the dialogue. There are some places you can skip it, but there could definitely be more. And the fact that the first 2 scenarios are always the same (for the setup) before you reach the randomized ones also makes that more sluggish.

It was a bit confusing at first but fun for a little while when I figured out how to do certain things!

Thank you! Yes, some of the dialogue (and most of the joke concepts) were lifted from the episode. Much of the dialogue was rephrased, but some direct quotes were included. I absolutely agree about the feedback and would have included everything you suggested if I had more time for the jam. There were other improvements I wanted to make as well, but a lot of the scope had to be trimmed, and I still ended up submitting a little bit after the deadline. The last day of dev was essentially a major crunch to ensure all of the main functionality and content for the game loop was in place.

Love this!!!