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I love the look and sounds, and I'd love to try to beat the level, but ctrl+directions seems to conflict with various Mac desktop commands. It would be nice if I could map the control move to another key.


yes - sorry. I'll add a second (alternative) key for CTRL today or tomorrow at last. Thanks for writing me about that


if you still got time, now you can use SHIFT instead of CTRL for controlling ray (I hope this way it won't have side effect on Mac)
Oddly enough I've tried the game on my Macbook and even with CTRL I didn't see problems (but I'm going to update the OS now - maybe it worked because it was not updated)

Thanks again .-)

Shift works much better! Thanks! I'm still not good enough at the game to get him anywhere near the door. :D

eh eh .-) - I know it's hard

thanks for letting me know the shift works .-)