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Hi Lunialation666!

You can make any kind of game you want, the only two rules are: follow the theme, and self made graphic assets (the rule doesn't apply for audio, for example).

You can check last year's submissions if you want to see some example of the creations we had!

Hello! The exe doesn't work, I think you need to upload a zip file!

I have now changed all the musics. Thanks for telling me! <3

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Hello! Thanks for your comment and thans for doing a playthrough!

But I'm not quite sure how it's possible that the musics are under copywrite... They all come from EvokeMusic, and they are all guaranteed royaltee free...

Edit: I figured it out, you need an account on their website to use their music for free. But I also realized that their licence for games is much different so I will be taking them out until I find a replacement.

Hello everyone!

We are organizing a 50h-beginner friendly jam on the 12th to 14th of November, based on one single rule: You have to use self-made visual assets. It means: Everything! Character, background, UI elements... We allow hand drawn, vector, even the use of photographs. 2D, 3D... Whatever works for you. You can also reuse your own old assets.

There will be a 1 week voting period afterwards, which will be closed (only people participating will be able to vote).

Check our page:

That's a really cool game!

Puzzles are pretty smart and the came is cute.
Took me a while to figure out how to spook the cat with the TV haha

Nevermind, it showed up! :D


Thought so!

We made it public on Sunday around 12PM (CEST). Do you know how long it will take?


My partner and I are organizing a Game Jam. We created the page and everything, it's online and public and starts on the 12th of November but it's still not in the calendar. 

We were wondering if maybe we did something wrong somewhere?

Here is the link:

Thank you!

I died :c

Loved the art! It's really cute!

That was... confusing at first. Buuuut interesting. I enjoyed it!

Uh oh, I'm not a very good assistant... But I guess it could have been worse! (Got ending 2)

Oh god I'm terrible at poetry. But I had fun and the art was just so great!

Good job to the team!

That was really great! It made me want to know the whole story!

Just love everything about this game.

11/10 for the music

Really cute and chill game... I really liked it. Also the art was really neat!

Looooooved it!

Bonus point for the use of "I'm flabbergasted."

Oh boy that was depressing a little... But I liked it! 

Really liked the ambience you managed to set! 

Love, love, love. This was really cool!

Nice concept! The history nerd in me was pleased!

I really, really, like it! Super original, and usually I'm a bit annoyed with narrative loop game because it sucks to read the same thing over and over, but yours really had just the right amount of text. I go two bad endings before finally getting the good one, but it was worth it!

Died between two giant butts


I wish there was an "art" category just so I could give 5 stars to this game! I loved it.

Really interesting! Also congrats on the artist for drawing all of that in such a short time!

I came looking for copper, and I found gold.

Awesome idea!

Here is our file for Only Human:

We used Godot for the puzzles, which is why after a puzzle description you will only see two choices which are "Correct answer" and "Incorrect answer". All of our pictures were also included with the engine.

Really enjoyed it! Not only the story is interesting but also I love what you did with the colours and such. Great job!

I didn't expect the leader to be so cool about the livings being there... Nice story!

The true horror is not knowing because your imagination probably makes you picture the worst... :D

Thanks for the kind comment, I'm glad you like it!

I hesitated to give more hints about what happens to them, but I thought it would be more nerve wrecking to not say a thing :D

Definitely one of my favourite! Had a Smeagol vibes I really enjoyed

Oh damn I had an idea very close to this one at first, I'm glad I changed my mind ahah! The rats gave me chills... 

This left me wanting to know what happens next... Great job!

Very well written! I'm not much into body horror so it was a bit hard to read all of it, but still really good. I really liked how you used the theme!

I'm sorry you felt a bit lost... but I'm glad you still enjoyed it! Thanks for the feedback!

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Eheh, I'm happy that I made you feel that way for me characters, thanks!

I'm really glad you liked it, thank you! 

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This is our Game Jam project! The theme was "Lost and Found" and it was made with a team of three. Mix of Assets found and modified, and made by ourselves. This is a cute 2D platform game with a nice story and two endings! - What did you say? TWO ENDINGS? That's right. You get to make a choice at the end!

A little about our story: Dave is very annoyed. The movie he just saw sucked and he just can't wait to go home. But oh damn, his keys fall in the sewers. Being a very brave (or maybe stupid?) guy, he just decides to go look for them on his own. Unfortunately, he gets trapped into doing a quest he doesn't want to. But he will still do it. Or will he, really? Your choice!

Playable in browser:

Team: ChrisVifzack, MrNiacin, Lady_C.