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oh my gosh that menu screen artwork is hilarious. oh and also the game is pretty fun too haha

Oh I think the time limit I was running into was actually food limit haha

Confusing at first, but when you figure it out it's pretty interesting.  I was a bit frustrated by the time limit though, I rarely had enough time to get more than one order out due to all the randomization happening, and also I just wanted to keep playing the run because it was fun!

I don't know if it was a bug or not but my camera was constantly spinning making it really frustrating to line up shots. Overall fun idea though!

The wall jumping with the mines is soooo satisfying!!! only complaint is that larger jumps are very hard to judge, including just a little bit of air control while spinning around might have been a good idea, but I had a lot of fun with this!

Quite fun to play! One suggestion though, when you tap an arrow key, you don't always immediately turn around. I'm guessing this is because you face the direction you're moving, but it does make the controls feel unresponsive sometimes. I would suggest having you face the other direction when you hit the arrow key in that direction rather than facing the other direction when your character actually starts moving in that direction. Overall it was a pretty good game though!

Nice job with the procedural music!!! It was also pretty cool to kinda wait for just the right moment to get the next planet down to get the lil guy to move in just the right direction

I came across another submission today called Inverto ( that also had remapping controls, it was very well communicated there, I would recommend giving it a look!

I would be very interested in a version of this where the ship can be controlled entirely with one hand. I like the idea of managing 2 situations at once, I just wish the spaceship part required a bit more coordination, spamming shoot is a pretty effective strategy for this

The control switching is very well communicated! I would have liked to see some sort of time pressure added as I continued to play the game to force me to adapt to new control schemes quickly, but overall it's a pretty well made game

The level design is great at confusing you and giving you a sense of little control! It took me a while to figure out what the "asset" that I was supposed to retrieve was, and the enemy (and myself) spent the majority of the time sorta clipping into the walls and stuff

I like the concept of needing to balance between food for your dino and completing deliveries on time, but I found it frustrating to play. There were very few chickens, they did not respawn, and they were all in one corner. Also, there was very little feedback when you complete an objective, and the objective sometimes stay the same after completing one

This seems like a decent idea for an addicting game, pushing you to just keep going for higher scores while trying to remap your fingers and  brain haha

Player feedback is definitely an issue with this game, it's difficult to figure out what in the world is going on at first. I do appreciate the arrow keys in the corner to allow players to test the controls once things start getting wacky.

We now have a mac build!

no worries! My team sure understood the pressure, we submitted last minute only to realize we forgot a ladder in our second level haha. Your game's my favorite from the jam so far!

Great idea and wonderfully implemented! The only thing I wish had been added was something to tell  the player that a robot was just about to change behavior, but that's definitely not necessary. I could play this game for hours haha!

Unfortunately there was a bug that made it unplayable and the fix just barely missed the deadline. If you still wanna play the game, go to the game page and follow the github link to the most up to date version