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Ha, no problem. Thats the nature of game jams. You did a very good job considering the time constraints. I can see this game being better with more balance. 

Nice concept. I got stuck on one level. The fact you can only have one light from a previous reath at any given time means that you have to restart if you dont reach it. The game is fun, the graphics work well, and background sound gives it a good creepy vibe.

Good job! Fun game

I have never wanted a sequel so bad for a game I want to erase from my memory.

Good job! I hope this game is featured on YouTube.

Fun game, The pixel art is amazing. Good job!

I enjoyed this one, and I was pleasently surprised at how polished it felt graphically.

I wish that it was made more obvious that the corpses/slimes are able to picked up (maybe a message that says push e to pick up). I knew that i could push E to pick up things, but I didnt realise I could pick up the corpse.

Good job! Fun game

I was pleasantly surprised with this game. It was fun, and I wish there were more levels! I suggest improving the character controls, it can be a little difficult to get up some platforms sometimes.

Good job, I enjoyed the game!

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This game was like a bad dream that I would really love to return to; I was smiling the whole time in confusion and pure joy. I'm in love with the style and so freaked out by it at the same time; it was an amazing performance I did not iwant it to end. I urge anybody who who values humour and a good time to stop what they are doing and play it.

I'm not quiet sure what I just experienced, but I think I want more. Good game!

I was initially attracted to the game by the whacky thumbnail, and I was not disappointed.

This game was very fun to play, and very unique. It fits the concept well. It was more polished than I expected. I recommend updating the thumbnail and screenshots, I think the game is better than it sells itself to be.

It was challenging, but just the right amount; new concepts introduced the further you get, and even some trolls in the later levels. The art was good, the music fit the serious and focused nature of the game.

A very good game!

Thank you, I worked hard to make it polished. I would certainly improve the movement speed given the chance. I worked hard to make sure the graphics and the music fit the style I was aiming for.

Thank you for your Review!

I will make sure to look out for it, the concept could go far!  You did very well for graphics considering it was your first time doing pixel graphics. You are very welcome.

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Holy moly what a mind-blowing game. It was very clever. The music was top notch, the graphics were charming. This is a 5 star all round for me. Excellent job! 

There were a couple of glitches where the rats didnt mimic exactly what I did, but this only happened occasionally.

Thank you! A lot of games have incorporated the same idea of using your corpse as a means of progression (I thought it was unique at the time of making it, but a lot of people had the same thoughts!). I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I also have not came across a game that has a checkpoint at each danger area. I am really glad you liked it.

Thanks for your review!

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I was not expecting the game to be this good at all. The concept is really cool, rage mode stopped me from raging, and actually made me want to lose to make the game easier and more fun. This matched the concept 100%, so thats 5 stars there from me. 

Personally, I would like to see some better graphics, the style was good, maybe more detail would be nice. Perhaps a puzzle that requires you to go to rage mode to get to a certain bit, or a door that only opens in calm mode. I think there is a lot you can do with this concept, and I hope you continue with it.

An excellent game, I enjoyed playing this. Very creative! One of my favorites.

Fun game, i liked the graphics, despite them being very simple, it worked really nicely.
There is a problem with the camera where you can look infinitely upwards, making the world go upside down.

Fun game :)

 I really liked the idea of getting upgrades, this game is a  little underated, I had a good time!  It is a shame the timer doesnt work properly.

Good Job!

Nice! I killed myself in 20 seconds. I kind of cheated though as my mouse has a double click button. Iwould suggest making the controls move relative to the direction of the character, it was a little disorientating. 

A fun game!

A very good game, the puzzle design was excellent. New mechanics were introduced in good time. It matched the theme very well too!

A top contender for me!

That was fun! This game really tested my determination and I found myself wanting to complete it more and more, the more I played it. The death messages were humorous, I got a good chuckle out of each and every way to die in the game. 

My eyes were glued to the floor; the traps really kept me on my toes. 

Good work! Perhaps some more type of traps would be cool, like tripwires. 

Excellent game !

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you like the movement; I think it still needs some work though. Next time I will make the cube feel less sluggish. I am glad you enjoyed the game.

Thanks for your feedback!

Yes, the controls definitely need some work. I tried adding midair controls, but I couldn't get it working exactly how I wanted to. If I were to continue on this game, i would focus on that.

I made everything during the jam and for the jam, including the graphics and music.

Thank you for your Feedback!

Thanks. I love the color palette too, its from the original Gameboy!

Thank you for your comment!

Was fun, it got very difficult on the streets level. Was a fun game !

I love the style. It reminds me of something, but I cant recall what it is.

I enjoyed the game, it was relaxing as I knew I couldn't lose. I wanted the cheese to go flying everywhere, so flicking it towards the grators and bounce-pads were a good thing.

I enjoyed this one, good game!

Holy moly, what a game. This feels like it was made by a game studio.

The graphics are smooth, the idea is unique. I really enjoyed this one.

I am blown away by this one; there's even a leaderboard.

Amazing game!

I jumped left at the start and it soft locked, refreshing the page fixed this.

A Very challenging game, it reminds me of cat mario, I had fun with this one.

A fun game for challenge-lovers!

Thank you for your comment!

Thank you, thats some very good feedback. I'm glad you like the look of the game, I worked hard this jam to get that to work. When I was making the game I thought that the idea was unique, but soon realised it was not !  The controls is certainly something I would improve given the chance, I absolutely agree that the character controls need some work.

Thanks for your Feedback!

At the time of making the game, I thought my idea was unique, and I slowly realised it was the most common idea in the game jam. I would choose a different idea given the chance.

Thanks for your Feedback!

Thanks! I worked hard to make it look and sound right. I am glad you appretiate it.

Thanks for your comment!

Thank you ! I stuck to the 4 original coloursof the gameboy. I think it turned out pretty nicely. 
Yes the movement is something I have recieved a lot of feedback on, it is certainly something I would do differently given the chance.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for your feedback. Yes the movement is definetly the top priority for this game. I tried to make i a little bit more realistic by adding weight to the box, but that clearly didnt work out. I would do it properly next time.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! Thats very kind feedback. I worked hard on the look of the game, i am usually much worse at art so I was pleased with the outcome. 

Thank you for your feedback!

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I love the fact that velocity is maintained between lives, that idea is really unique and executed well, leading to some interesting puzzles. The design is simple, but suits the game's atmosphere perfectly. I enjoyed playing this game. I had a problem when clicking next on each level; it restarted the level instead. To fix this, I just went to the next level in the menu screen.

A fun game, and a challenge to anybody who likes platformers, but also games that require you to think; the last level really challenged me.

Good job!

Thank you for your in-depth feedback. I am really glad you liked the style. (Good job on recognising the colours originating from the 4 gameboy ones). I worked hard to make the look and sound feel right, the music was made in Fruity Loops Studio using a NES VST and composed completely by me for this game.

Ah, thank you for pointing out that the game is not running smoothly. I didnt test it with Unity's profiler and I had no idea how well it ran on lower end hardware. The code is a little quick and messy, but I didnt expect it to slow down lower-end hardware. I'll look into this for the future. 

Thank you for your review!

Using O and P for jumps and for abilities. Also using the spacebar to view the controls is strange, since that is my instinct to go to after pushing W.  I would perhaps prefer mouse-clicks. scroll wheels (instead of numbers).

Great game though! Keep up the good work.

I love the art style, the music fitted perfectly too. Kind of reminds me of hollow night.
I had to figure out for myself how to place checkpoints; I went through a long way without doing it because I didnt know it was a thing.

Very good game, good job!

This game is beautiful. I loved learning about the interviewer as they interviewed me, and (sometimes unsuccesfully) tried to annoy them. 

I've never been so disappointed in my life to be hired at a great company.

Excellent game, definetly a top-contender.

Thank you for your comment!

Thank you for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you! Yes I modeled the flag at the end after the classic mario flagpole jump that we all know and love. The triangles are annoying (I think I designed them well in such a short amount of time), but I think they are too annoying and mess up the players strategy sometimes. I think they should not be able to move the boxes. The movement is something I totally agree on, the movement should be improved so the player can move faster and more accurately with what they intend.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you. Yes I think I need to work on the controls for the cube, I agree its very hard to move (especially backwards).

Thank you for your comment.