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Hi! Thank you for playing our game, I am glad you enjoyed it. We made the story the best we could in a short amount of time with our talented writer. We left a lot of things open ended for you to think about (including the same portraits for the shrink and the demon which may or may of not been a shortcut haha). A lot of people have mentioned the lack of meaningful choices, and I agree all the way. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for your review. I agree with all the criticism that we have recieved. It is nice to here you enjoyed the story, and it is interesting to hear your choice at the end! The story is left open ended to let your mind wonder and question what happened; each of our team members have our favorite theory. I also thought it was a little confusing that the characters are not always facing each other, so thats certainly a point I agree with. I also agree with your comment about pacing, but sadly we could not figure out in time how to add pauses. Thank you for playing and for a kind review!

This game was probably the one I felt invested in most because there was a little learning curve trying to understand the powers. I felt kind of clever solving what the power does, but I was not sure what it is.  A very good game, and with a bit more flesh to it. your game could be popular!

Hi, thank you for playing our game. The lack of consequences for a story is a common criticism of our game, and I could not agree more that it is something that is needed to make it more enjoyable.  As you know, time was limited. If we were to redo this game jam, the choices would certainly be prioritized. I am glad you liked the music, I made it myself in less than 12 hours :)  Your feedback is really valuable; thank you for your fair comments.

Yes i agree with your criticism, If we were to do it again, we would prioritise different aspects. As you know the game jam is tough in terms of time, but we gave it a good shot. Thank you for your fair review.

Hi, what a stylish game :) I really like it. I did encounter another bug where the box disappeared and did not come back. Aside from that, it was good and unique. I enjoyed the music and the art style.

Its a stunning game, you should be proud! Keep up the good work.

Thats part of the beauty of a Game Jam though :) Bashing together some random art assets online and stuff, so no critisicms for that. You did a very good job!

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This game looks great, but I cant control things properly; I can only move the ghost down and right, and move the man right. I think this prevents me from playing the game :(

I really like the graphics. They are simple, but they mean a lot. I could not figure out what I was meant to do. I think I was meant to protect the gems, but I couldnt shoot or stop them.

Thank you for playing our game. I agree with your criticism 100%.
It would of been really cool to have more impactful choices, and we planned on adding them,  but sadly we did not have enough time.

I like the game; it is bite-sized and addictive. It is a shame that the pixel graphics are blurry (there is a way to fix this in Unity), and the music is a little repetitive. I kept trying to reach a new score, and enjoyed playing this game.

What a game! I love the graphics, and the design of the page. Everything about this game is telling me to play it. There are a few grammar mistakes in the game that are a little distracting, but the graphics make up for it and they look really impressive (I forgot that it was just black and white because I was immersed).  The treasure hunt was fun, but I eventually felt a little bored after a bit of time searching for things. 

I think this game is a top contender, even though it is simple. I love the way the dialogue evolves depending on what you ask. I can never seem to unlock any sort of new information; just feeling more detached from the girl because she is miserable and does not say much. (she looks younger than what she says her age is) It would be nice if there was some sort of ending that let you know what was the right and wrong decision (maybe I did not unlock it). I kept coming back to play this game a few times to explore different options, but sadly I did not learn anything new.

I loved the tutorial being shown on the floor and walls. I felt confused why I kept dying when I opened the coffin, but then I realised that I controlled some sort of time mechanism that lets me see hidden doors or something. The game has been designed well, I felt fear as the mummy was chasing me when I have disabled my time freeze ability.

I got to the bit with the scales, but got confused at that point.  

Hey Zach ! Thank you so much for playing, it was so fun to see you play a game that we worked hard on. Sorry that there was no final boss; it was a feature we planned but had no time to implement. I have taken all of your feedback on board and will be making amendments after the game jam. Keep up the good videos! Its wonderful to see a YouTuber who is interested in playing Game Jam games.

Thanks :)

Thanks for playing ! :)