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Fun concept! Controls are confusing.

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Very fun concept and great presentation! I'm not a big fan of driving though, especially when it becomes speedy. And the time limit make it almost impossible for me to pass through more levels than tutorial. The tutorial surprisingly also had timer and very tough. May be it's just me preferring more relaxed game style, idk. The game looks really great and without time limit and with some sort of snap-turn-driving I'd definitely tried to pass all levels.

Looks great! Visuals and music are fine. Gameplay begs for some variety though. I managed to enable AI after read description on game page, in-game tutorial would be nice to have and counter of disks. 

I like the AI thing effects and final animation.

Forgot to mention in my feedback, will post here. I found in-game tutorial very clear and well implemented in step-by-step fasion.

Very well polished submission! Enjoyed it and passed the day from the second try. Good work out for me :)

 I liked the most how you can close the box. It worked perfectly, it just felt right, just like closing a real box.

I liked rope physics a lot here. It was somewhat unintuitive initially that I have to press button to stop the rope, I'd expect it stops when float touches water. After some trial I get used to it and it became an easy task to pull all of the boxes. Worked without bugs, good implementation. 

Style is simplistic but cohesive, maybe water even too realistic, but that's fine.

Thanks for such a detailed feedback! It's very valuable for me to know where the game is confusing or unintentionally hard, I'm trying to improve my skill in making game design right.

You're super fast with those 3'' planks :) I've put them there mostly for demonstration purposes but it's not forbidden to use them for building if you can cope with that.

Looks like a prototype. But great it is fully functional! It would be good to make NPCs something else then T-pose :)

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I'm on the leaderboard, all three levels! Here are some additional thoughts:

  • Tutorial should be reworked into some digestible form.
  • Before each level it would be good to see level objectives.
  • Leaderboard stays empty initially and even after you enter your name. I think it would be better to just show it without need to click Level 1/2/3 buttons, there is plenty of space.
  • Health bar bound closely to the face is a bit annoying. Might be it would be ok to place it on wrist, idk.
  • There is almost no use in slow walk but constatly pressing stick to run makes thumb tired.

In general very good! Totally playable and fun!

Now I recall that was said in the tutorial to return to the base, it's just too much to remember in one grasp. I guess some direction hints would be a great improvement of the experience, both to the delivery spots and to the base. I'll try to give it another try, luckily I used to controls and don't feel sick because when I saw continuous turn can't be changed I just stand up to turn by myself physically :D

I liked the idea to fulfil orders by crafting them, a great one! Interactions are good, maybe except buttons being a bit unrealistict when they follow my hand up. Also I had some troubles pressing the small button to change colors, I think poking gesture is almost a must here. I managed to deliver two packages in one day. If they say you should go to work making orders there, I'd be crazy due to number of movement I need to do across this small room :) I had strong desire to have some optimizations/automations to make less locomotion movements. Visuals are just fine, nothing feels odd, style is cohesive. Maybe some more sounds can make experience more immersive. In general, good submission!

Thank you! I'm happy you like the core idea of the game to use plank for everything :)

Thanks for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks! Agree with your doubts on timers. Initially when I added them in the middle of development it seemed to me as a great idea, but when I see finished game I can say there is less they add to gameplay and more they lead to unnecessary confusion.

To play any PCVR game on quest, first link your headset to pc with air link and then run executable on pc.  

Great job! I like visuals and music. A lot of movement mechanics and well implemented. I tried to see level 2 but it didn’t unlock even when I delivered all two parcels in level 1. Level 1 always says “you won” when timer expires no matter if I delivered parcels or not. I liked thorough level design. Enemies become a bit annoying but it may be just me preferring more relaxed gameplay.  For me the first level also seemed a bit tough until I discovered the sprint button in the tutorial in the lobby - first I read only that one in level start and didn’t know tutorials differ. I also liked the lobby, it is vivid and fun with all those little animations. 

Wow, thank you, I'm very glad you enjoyed it and made it to the end!

The glide motion is based on constant velocity:

* horizontally move in direction of sight, i.e. camera direction, with constant speed

* vertically remove gravity and move downwards with another constant speed

I set horizontal speed 5 times greater than vertical component to create feeling of gliding in the air.

Cool puzzle game, reminded me "I exect you to die". Thoughtful puzzles and tough but doable balance. 

I have only one major complaint about vertical movement. I see it is not necessary for gameplay at all. But it made me feel sick especially when at some point it began to move me down below the table without possibility to stop that movement. So I passed to my son to replay to see the second half of the game :)

Minor one, maybe a bit more relaxed pace would be better. A good thing you can protect yourself from turrets with hands.

In general I liked the idea and implementation a lot, great job!

Ah, so it depends on device settings, good to know. I could grab phone and tablet only when touching thumb and middle finger. Tablet jumped away strangely when I opened the drawer, possibly due to head too close.

Poking worked very well, I almost didn't notice it is virtual.

Very nice visuals! I have difficulty in finding out what should be accomplished. I found black apple that makes win sound when I take it and place it back. I also sorted vegetables to get win sound. And that's it. Maybe I miss something, just didn't find anything to do.

Location is very nice and I wish more gameplay things to do in such a beautiful place.

Finally I managed to install the apk, see solution below in comments.

Very good environment visually, I liked the minecraft style. It was somewhat unclear what to do initially but I found the instruction to throw beverages and then found the list of orders. Started to throw beverages into green boxes around tables but it didn't work. Luckily spoiled drinks counter didn't appear :) Now I guess I probably should've thrown drink directly into the customer, idk.

BTW The game can become much more immersive with simple addition of some background music. Crowded restaurant just can't be that silent :)

In general I liked the concept and how it looks. Very fun mechanic of pouring drinks into glasses.

Okay, after reading the other comment I also gave it another try. 

The error message in sidequest was: "A task failed. Check the tasks screen for more info. PolyWaiter.apk: /data/local/tmp/_stream.apk could not be installed [INSTALL_FAILED_UPDATE_INCOMPATIBLE: Package signatures do not match previously installed version; ignoring!]"

I googled and found the solution on SO. Just need to run following command (to run the command use the top right button in sidequest ):

adb uninstall

After that I managed to install the game.

Maybe the issue is you used development build?.. At least they say on SO it can be the reason.

Ha-ha, very fun! And very well executed. I liked the puzzles and humor about a lot of stupid confirmations. And I'm starting to hate hand tracking, my dog and son make it a bit crazy :)

I'm not very experienced in hand tracking controls, grabbing with touching middle finger with thumb is unintuitive for me, is it kind of standard now? I automatically tried to grab by gripping my hand.

Yep, I used planks as bridges and slopes and it worked but not everywhere. And where it didn't work it was quite frustrating to bring all the ducklings by hand. And sometimes just accidentally to make them go in a chasm. Just don't get me wrong on that, I still believe your submission is the best of what I played on the jam so far.

Thanks! I struggled a lot with water-related mechanics trying to make things more intuitive and still feel it has to be improved. Happy to know you liked the idea of levels based on mechanics, it’s the key concept of the game.

What a fun feedback :D Thank you!

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I couldn't install apk, seeing error about some unity package has incompatible signature...

Good visuals and interesting concept. Maybe it's just me but movement made me feel sick just in seconds, seems way unrealistic. I think it is the main point for improvement.

Just a prototype, but I liked the visuals. It would be good to have movement control with a controller stick also, currently the game requires a lot of space to dodge obstacles. Sound is a must of course. Good start for an energectic action game.

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After reading comments below I restarted the game again and have luck to pass through. I got "Not bad 0% accuracy" at he end :D If I didn't know the country I just threw that parcel away and there wasn't any punishment for that. Nice concept prototype, I liked the pace and idea in general.

apk is crashing on Quest 2 in few seconds after start, may be when you turn your head to the left

Sad story and you managed to deliver it to the player. White background is a bit too bright in memories scenes, maybe it's possible to somehow blend it with the scene model or make less contrast, idk actually, maybe it's just me. Anyway, very unique concept and pretty designs.

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Interesting concept and style. Pelicans are somewhat slow to arrive, nothing to do while waiting. Also sounds are like from busy city and actually the city appears quite still in background. Implementation is good anyway.

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Wow, great concept and implementation, impressive! Didn't get to the end though because it's very hard and repetitive to move a lot of ducklings, they tend to fall out of my hand.

Very nice looking game! I didn't manage to attach the scroll to my wrist, so I decided to walk further without it. Did it to the middle of the mountain and have no clue how to progress any higher.

Well polished submission, congrats! A couple of minor notes: it is somewhat hard to distinguish the color of package especially on a big boxes. Also side doors are tricky. Overall it's a good game.


Fun with some buts. I liked shooting mechanics a lot. Driving forward is also totally ok. However steering leads to full stop and makes me sick, just like jumping on hills that I tried only once because of that. I tried not to turn much. May be it's just me because I haven't played VR car or flight simulators and have nothing to compare steering with.

It would be also great to make target destinations more clear. Monotoneous background gives no clue where to go. Luckily the level is not large.

Also I would not expect the game to quit totally when I loose or win. Returning to the main menu seems more acceptable for that.

Overall good start and can be improved. Shooting mechs from the car is really fun.

Good visuals and sounds. The theme is somewhat off. But implementation is good, controls feel right.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

You're right about teleportation, it didn't fit well with the challenges.

Your guess is correct, you don't have to collect all of the planks, only enough to build the mailbox, i.e. six planks. I should've made it more obvious for the player somehow.