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you found an old cartridge from the forest and decided to plug it in
it's so dark that you can't see, so you might have to listen...

[ boot it up ]

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you might have accidentally held ctrl down while pressing t

sure <3

you can do it <3

merry christmas ^^

aw this was like the cutest thing ever (っ´ω`c)

aw thank youu <3

try if it works using on mac 


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my go-to cave

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lookin' so pretty! thank you for keepin' the zine up ^^

props for adding the preview-mode to the levels!

this made my day, "Jason, 34, admits that he is a fish" brilliant <3

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loved the little splashing animation the rock did when hitting the water <3

but overall nice little game!

although maybe missing the audio and a bit of polish, this was super cool! loved the main mechanic soo much, and would love to see this expanded on too^^ great work!

although after a while it might get a bit repetitive, the idea itself is super neat! maybe adding another chart of keys with a slower deadline etc. would add a bit depth to the gameplay loop, but still great work!

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so cool how you combined the card game mechanics with the grid based-movement!

as others stated, it could be a bit more challenging for example with a limit to the cards, certain cards that must be played or some other objectives on the stage, this has a lot of potential!

loved the art style, especially the level-backgrounds, good work!

aw this was just too cute ^^ great job!

super neat idea!

loved the art style so much and the characters with their own little stories were just too charming <3

what a wonderful little story ^^ loved that you included the ambient on the background! really placed you there watching clouds with the narrator

this was soo cute, absolutely loved it <3
the gameplay loop was simple yet very polised and the audio was just top notch, could listen to this all day ^^ great job!

love it <3

super polised for a gamejam entry, good job!

this was so beautiful and charming ^^ the color palette also worked so well with the athmosphere, thank you for making this <3

even though being a short one, this game really made me feel connected to the protagonist and have a lot of empathy towards the end, so beautiful ^^

also loved the idea of going inside the pictures and seeing what waited behind them. good work!

loved it! the music, trippy aesthetics and the peaceful gameplay works well together, can't wait to see where this goes ^^