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thank ya so so much! and sorry that it crashed :<
the issue should be fixed now ✿

thank ya!
should be fixed now ✿

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thank ya ✿
should be fixed now 

thank ya <3

haa finally

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oh i think you found a bug! thanks for the screenshot <3
it should be fixed now and easier to beat ✿

thanks for telling me!
fixed it ✿

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thank ya!! sorry that it caused some trouble :<
should be fixed now ✿

<3 <3 <3

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should be fixed now ✿
thx for letting me know!

already on my to-read-list

same yours <3 <3


aaaa this is really happening bloggin' here we come!!


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i think it has been around for a bit but recently it was made more accessible

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Dance with the planets
and look after your friend's own

[ play it here ]

twine ^^


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Welcome To Curseball!

your goal: hit the ball before time runs out

different curses to gain
worlds to explore

[ play it here ]

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there is this one fence

separating the garden from the city

the trees from the buildings

and one day

two creatures just happened to walk past it


✿ 3h ~ long visual novel
✿ 20k + words of walking around and-
✿ swords

[ game page ]

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oh, sorry!! and thanks for reminding!
rewrote it

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lose95 yourself to the depths of your folders
and try to make space for the downloads!

[ play it here ]


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spin around the space

and try to collect all of the cosmic flowers!

[ play it here ] Community » General » Release Announcements · Created a new topic Had
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darkness stole all of your stuff 

 let's get it back!

~ 20 tiny levels to solve ~

 [ play it here ]


help Sulka find a new home!

≻ 20 tiny levels to solve ≺

[ play it here ]

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pick up the epolevne

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Skele Magic

help the skeleton magician find their way out of the magical realm!


  ▼ 20 small puzzles to solve ▼

[ play it here ]


clean the dangerous line machine
from ancient dust!

play it here

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yea ✿

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Pipe Skull

lead the magical skull through the underwater pipelines!

  △ 24 tiny puzzles to solve △

♦ play it here ♦ 

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Cog Owl

jump higher and higher as you
clean the clockworks of reality from the cosmic waste!

play it here

with 10+ unlockable colour palettes ✿

loved the audio-design and the animations too!
was a nice little puzzle adventure ✿

loved the audio- n visual design!
one of my favourite games from this jam ✿

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Onward Blocks

out-block your enemies
and solve their challenges to claim victory!

play it here ]

loved the way you had named and
built each level around a theme
and the puzzles just got
cleverer and cleverer the further it went ✿