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A House of Thieves a level-based stealth comedy-horror game about a Thief who doesn't go shopping but instead takes his shopping list and breaks into random houses to get his things.

It also offers a free Demo!

The game has been on Steam for a while and now it's time to release it here on as well. With a launch sale because the game was already on sale on Steam (before/currently is).

It took so long because I wasn't sure how to deal with selling it on two different stores since only the Steam version has full multiplayer. The Itch version only offers local multiplayer (same network) in addition to single-player. But that could be bypassed by using a proxy software. 
 I didn't just want to sell keys for the Steam version here on itch, so the full game is now available for download here. 

 Have fun!


Cool that you liked it! Thanks for the video. I'll try to reproduce your steps and maybe I can figure it out (if it's a bug/glitch or something else).

Great to hear! Thanks for trying the game out. Getting caught three times is pretty good for the first time.

Awesome! Funny video. And by the way, the toothpaste was upstairs ;)

Great video! Cool to see that you got scared/nervous. You learned pretty quickly.

57 seconds? That's quick!

Cool video! 60 nos in less than 30 seconds - that should be a new high score.

You were really scared, nice video!

hahaha when he jumped out of the window at 2:50

Nice video!

Funny video! The first thing you did was ring the doorbell 😄

Don't worry. At least you tried! I am also getting scared by some games...

Yes, the game is harder than it looks. But it's cool that you enjoyed the game and thank you for your video.

Cool video! Also liked that Playstation 1 graphics part. Glad that you enjoyed it. I'm sure you will beat it at some point.

Nice video! Thank you for trying the game out and buying it. I am glad you enjoy it. The 4-player multiplayer mode/level is more of an addon/extra/bonus. You will have the most fun by playing through the 11 single player levels (9 of them can be played online with a friend).

Nice that you liked it. The download speed depends on your (and's) internet connection.

He's strangling intruders instead of calling the police - he's definitely not normal.

Nice that you had fun!

Did "reset" inside the settings menu work?

That's strange. Do you play with a mouse and keyboard and on Windows (64-bit)? If so, try going into Settings -> Input and click "Reset".


That's awesome!

No problem. If you'd like to get the game in the future, just add it to your wishlist on Steam and Steam will notify you when it goes on sale.


You almost did it! Nice.

Hey, the game already released on Steam:

The coin is likely in a drawer in the hallway (on the ground floor) or in the upstairs wardrobe. Cheese on a plate should be in the kitchen, you may need to open some cabinets.

Nice intro! You were so close to beating it, only had one object left.


That's good to hear. Many Thanks!

Cool video! Thank you for trying the game out.

Thank you for your kind words! Nice that you had a lot of fun with it and also got jumpscared. 

Funny video you got there :)

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the AI will stay alerted once he sees you (it's the same on the Steam version). You did it pretty well and still found lots of items despite the Ai running around the house. Also, you can perform several actions to distract him for a few seconds (turning on the CD player, ringing the doorbell, setting off beartraps).

Thanks! Nice video and cool to see how surprised you were when he jumped through the window.

Thank you for your kind words and the video! You can see the golden chalice on the piano in the background (17:13). To make the footsteps louder: You can change the volume of the footsteps (and also music, sound FX) in the menu. If you want more, be sure to check out the full game on Steam.

Awesome! I'm glad you like it!

That's nice!

hahaha, you already posted your video in a comment below.

Cool video! It's nice that it scares you more than at dead of night.