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Wow, so cool to see your thought process playing the game. Thank you for posting 🤍

Incredibly gripping, every title card felt like a strike of lightning.

The visuals are incredible. I long to become part of an infinite fungus.

wow this rules. really impressed how many mechanics you fit into such a compact game. the middle puzzles in particular are super clever, loved solving them


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Thank you so much, that sounds like a lovely evening 🤍

Fucking me up. 10/10

saw god. he likes boys.

I’m still processing everything, but holy shit this is remarkable/devastating/moving/vital. Thank you for making this game.

I enjoyed how uncomfortable this gallery was. I can imagine a version of this game that is just about messing with the art until you find something you like, but I’m much more intrigued by this slightly hostile variant. It speaks to an anxiety I feel in a lot of real world galleries, where the space seems to consume the art inside it.

This was really interesting. The note about everything getting consolidated in Discords and Twitter threads in particular is something I’ve been thinking about and am similarly concerned by. Just trying to get my own forgotten game working has emphasized how ephemeral videogames can be if they don’t make it into the preservation canon. Thanks for submitting!

Thank you so much for playing 🤍

This was so cool! Love the collision of fleshy characters and mundane tech and I was surprisingly moved by the ending. Thanks for making it! (also love seeing how different everyone’s paintings are, I might have to try again now I know a bit more about how to “draw”)

This was such a delight. I could never get very far into this game and had no idea there were so many levels 🍦

I love the way this is laid out, I’ve not seen Twine used this way before. Really excited to checkout The Queer Games Avant Garde (recently played GENDERWRECKED and didn’t expect to see the wolf spirit on a book cover lol).

Thank you 🤍 I will have to make a follow up where you try to eat the pancakes (might have to be a horror game 🥞)

Thank you so much for playing, I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful

Oh beans

Pathologic as Left Libertarian is interesting. I struggled with some of the questions to know how meta it was fair to go. Reading the descriptions it sounds pretty accurate though.

The way this trilogy ties form and narrative together is stunning. Still unpacking my emotions but the journey was captivating.

Holy shit this is so good! Absolutely captivating writing and the mixed interface is fascinating. Eagerly awaiting future episodes.

Can't get Dorian out of my head. What a banger!

I love that this basically takes the "I didn't ask for this" Deus Ex meme and turns it into a compelling exploration of bodily autonomy, technocratism, and the politics of self-harming. Very interested in the full release.

Thanks so much! Hopefully by next year I'll have more stuff to put together, I love collections and doing layout design.

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Draw cards and connect to your inner stars. A solo table-top story told through tarot cards and introspection. Featuring lots of astrology flavor, ghost goats, and a bull made from a mountain.

This is a magical thing. There's such a quiet longing in each poem. I feel like I'm part of a romance even if I don't know with who or what. I was uncertain about the text-to-speech initially but the longer I played the more it felt entwined with the sense of belonging but still being outside. That's a nonsense statement, maybe; this factory sitting in a wasteland, remembering some connection, reflecting on its absurd existence - there's a deep sadness here for me, like whoever's talking is only ever being heard in half measures. I love it, I love the bizarre humor mixed with moments of profound introspection, it's unlike anything I've played. I need to spend more time with it to feel as if I actually understand it, but the 1 & 1/2 playthroughs I did (accidentally ended it earlier the first time) were wonderful.

Having a great time with this so far. The "eek" sound effect for Maria is delightful, I'm rooting for her all the way!

Wow, I really loved this. It reminded me of having anxiety attacks as a child ("meltdowns," my mom would say), where I would latch on certain images and just have a sensory overload. I know that's a weird way to compliment a game, but it's not a part of my childhood I think of much and being able to revisit / recontextualize it as temporary and abstract meant a lot. Love the use of mixed media and the GeoCities-esq train especially. I hope the hook person is alright in the end.

Damn, this is exceptional! I liked the first track a great deal but this is on a different level entirely. The guitar solo near the end is so smooth, just top notch work all around! Can't wait for the next tracks.

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I love how everything looks like it's melting or on fire. The elevator motif really worked for me as an abstract "the world ceases to exist while you are in this box" kinda thing. I didn't care for how the characters talk like they're 4chan posters. I'm not sure if I missed some subtext but it seemed like an odd choice. Otherwise enjoyed it, I appreciate that I was never quite sure if I was breaking the game or playing as intended. It felt appropriate.

Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

Adore so much about this. I'm from the states so not at all familiar with ceefax, but now I'm fascinated to research more into it as a precursor to the 24h news cycle. The recreation of an 80s digital interface is on point, I'm hugely envious (I've done some projects trying to do something similar and this is just so slick).

Thank you so much! I changed the viewport a little so hopefully they won't cover them up anymore, but it might just be a weird screensize thing. I wanted this to be simple so I'd actually finish it in time for the jam, but I'm super excited to try more branching/mechanical stuff in future games. So glad you liked it!