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try try but don't cry!👍


man this game was great, dont know how it works, but it works

it is hard but fun and cool. enjoyed it!

wow man,  very innovative idea, really enjoyed it. make more levels for next update i will follow you on

i played it well. after getting first ivan i was not sure what to but i found that damn ivan 

well, how this game is chaotic?

very hard to play 

this game could be better like you know with particle effects and trails and more animations and more stuffs like in popular tpp games

could be more chaotic but game if great and perfect if not for this theme

post processing effect are cool add power up and decrease hp of enemies hitting bullets repeatedly to one enemy is somewhat boring and add more type of enemies and powerups

enjoyed it though!

very nice game but little less chaotic i guess

cat animation could make it better, art is cool

well you know i could do that but whats the point of chaos then right?

well cool concept, controls were difficult and making time fast after slow was not good but overall ver cool game


busted! but it is great music and fits for game

particle effects was cool 

idea is nice but not that innovative because games like this are available with great graphics

but you implemented it thats great

as a first game of yours its noice but i was just sitting at one place

if enemies were instantiated at random ot could have been a real chaos

(1 edit)

more things in to do list 

nice try!

I might try to study it in the future, or after the jam.(very cool)

i made this kind of game as my first game , it could be more chaotic you know.

Art and animations really quality. Nice work on that. The strawberry was fun to throw around with the boost. That part feels punchy and awesome. Honestly though I get pretty lost without some direction on where to go. I avoided the birds but then I jumped off the edge expecting for there to be a platform but there was nothing and I just fell to my death.

same here lol

the visuals are great and that transition , that was awesome but only problem is nothing is chaotic

i acutally played it alone but not that chaotic sry

i was just holding left click and killing squares, but graphics is best and damn those small squares!!

how does lava get inside house lol

(1 edit)

ya theme is applied should add more mechanics with cool animations and guns

nice game it will be more nice with audio

ohh man i nuked it , curse me, lol but why the color of every blast same !!

nothing great but movement

pure 3.5 star game very cool

so problem is chaos, cool game and concept, art was nice

you know what i dont like chaos of this game,  and the way player throws red balls

but you applied the theme correctly lol 

very very cool concept but it could have been nice with out pixels like a pure fps 3d game , althogh graphics was cool considering pixels also. enjoyed it.!

overall fun game and nice graphics.mechanics could be better than this

fire rate of player is slow, art is nice  and not that innovative sorry.

not that great , controls could be better and overall could be better and more fun.