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5 start it is. all things are best from all the submission

Power ups could make it more fun ig.

thanks for feed back, the outline will be great , i will definitely implement it after jam

damn, thank for playing. xd

well saw your score, 39 . damn never i have gone there so didn't know how sound will affect, thanks for feedback

good game and mechanics

i am swimming with my duck, XD

awesome game entry, theme suits well and sound , aesthetics and cool

buttons are so good like pressing wood in water.


well made game and power ups are fun

the only thing is most of the time i die is because of bug ig, the platform is there at bottom below blue line but i just die 

nice game.

well the theme is correct but too much, why move (bounce) player itself when it can be at one place shooting balls, that would be playable.

satisfaction it is, cool mechanics and graphics

the hard punch is so nice, its like a flat ping ball

nice game and art, a little slow paced but nice

well, theme is fitting nice but the control could be better, nice entry

damn nice paced game, music is also great

i dont know if it is a glitch or mechanic of game, but when i pick a cube i can directly move the player with it to the top, lol

well thought and well made 

nice music and art very nice game 

goosebumbs on first spacebar,

well i dont know but i had fun playing

but the movement could be better like it was like so zoomed in, watch some tutorials on fps movement ig,

very cool mechanic and well made too

the dice is not falling, i mean when it rotates it should fall and not be on the edge, got it?

other than that , what if you delete the camera movement like camera will follow automatically and not with the mouse manually, ig that would be cool, try testing that. <3

try downloading please

it is going through ground.

cant play

the level design was great and idea itself is fun,

but implentation is not good, at least use text mesh pro for text.

and the red cube kills you but the platform also is red 

well anyways cool idea.

winner or top ten for sure!!

but wish the mime theme was delved into more instead of it just being another platformer/*

me too, do you have any idea about that, lol :)

(1 edit)

I hate it, it is bad and i am commeting because you said if game is bad, comment

player controller can be made better. the jumps are not feeling good 

i think you thought it would be nice if you add those texts in game but it is not period

at least use tardev youtuber's 2d player controller

well anyways i am going to hack it and complete the game

fuck, I played whole thing, If i play again i am going to draw a fucking map of this game.

and another dream of course, But very well made enjoyed the boss fight too, i was like in one corner and in fear that those little bombs dont hit me, lol

i think yet you belive you can control everything level has a error, it didnt have a 2nd key 

very nice game and levels and art and music

but i think theme of this game should be gravity or reverse, because it is real we are just reversing it

the leaf told me the way and I was going up and up and up then went down and there was a room lol,

Hint: Up, left , down, right, right, up

very cool game and riddles too.

nice art, sprint and jump was very cool and fun, the normal gravity should be more,

the laser of boss bee should be 1.5 or 2 sec max. Overall great game

I never thought anyone will go up to motorcycle point, thanks for playing

why you decided to not let player shoot

i touched the grass lol

I was falling and falling and falling.

ORB BOY huh! very cool

nope, over the head!!


you know what I want to. 

mark are you watching, sue it!!!! lol