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ok sorry I completely forgot

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В 4Knight после релиза возникла ошибка при открытии. Мы уже это исправили. И вскоре вас может ожидать множество обновлений. Хэллоуин, Новый год, день релиза и регулярные обновления. Не забывайте, что игра будет продолжать обновляться.

Вот ссылка:

 What is 4Knight? It is a roguelike game filled with a lot of content. There are very powerful items and events in it. The essence of the game is to save 2 worlds. Or maybe there is another secret ending.

Thank you

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So recently the "4Knight" update was released. Version: 1.3.

In this update, many things were added:

1. New class. It is a class obtained with in-game currency. A kind of multi-class.

2. Four sets of armor and weapons were added. All these sets are the best items in their class. The classes that have the best sets are: Shaman, Mage, Warrior, Thief.

3. Attacks of the final boss named Nexar were changed.

3.5. Bug in the Nexar battle was fixed (the bug was related to the wrong enemy).

4. Another part of the storyline was added.

5. The combat system of the roguelike was improved.

6. The last monsters in roguelike locations will now be bosses with unique battle mechanics. (I only tested the boss from the first location, the "Dragon".)

7. Mini-gamemodes were added, for example: Gun Duel.

8. A secret boss called "Programmer" was also added. It is accessible by entering the code: 8970. The boss has three stages of battle.

9. Survival battles were introduced (mode based on the number of enemies killed).

10. New weapons and armor have been added.

11. Game bugs have been fixed.

12. Nexar got new helpers in stage 1.5.

13. The "Darkness" event became more challenging.

14. Location designs were improved (mostly with small details).

15. The first location of the classic roguelike was completed (enemies).

16. Promo codes were added.

17. Many new characters have been introduced.

And now it's time to reveal some new promo codes:

1: 4111 - money (a lot)

2: 45678901 - level 99

As you can see, we have done a lot of work, and I hope you liked it.

link to the updated game:

If you want to support us, you can send us a donation to:

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HELLO ! This is Kotofey124. It's been a while since I sold an IndiansRun game for a whole DOLLAR. BUT for those who want to play there is a sale from 17.09 to 31.10 for $002, I hope you are interested

Now more details about the game. This is a runner made similar to those that were the very first. In the game, you are an Indian dodging rocks or cacti while running from cowboys. The game has gold and many bonuses. Gold can be spent on skins. And bonuses give you invulnerability and more gold.

Why buy this game? You will support the author and his YouTube channel.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment, THERE I WILL ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS.


here's the sale:

here is the game:

topic closed project deleted. Be happy!

Thak you.

hello, sorry, I did not understand the last sentence, can you formulate it differently.

I rewrote the characters and removed this project from the game jam. And the new game is made much differently. For example, I put a lot of effort into writing a plugin with a cheat code. The character has a different personality and the villain has a different motivation in the secret ending. I understand everything, but even the voice acting in this game is different. Most of the time was spent on background graphics. I redid them. Well, I fixed the bugs. I don't want to argue, I'll just say thank you and ask you to notice that I made the game with a slightly different background. I did as they do in the literature of my country. Thanks for the comment. (if something to open the secret ending, you must press -=12 at the beginning and reach the choice)

my English level is A2 with spaces. The fact is that I do not live in America or England

I want to thank you for explaining the rules and bide your luck. I removed this game from the jam now there is another one made over the past day and a sleepless night. I made a different plot and characters. Please understand this is my first jam

can you watch this project? Well, I have another new one, but this one is all.

you don't like the monster? Well, I'll replace it, it's 20 minutes of work

where is she also the most endings other protagonist other backgrounds other choices other?

Hi, what are you talking about, I already deleted the project from the competition and created another one for today and yesterday.

This is a very heavy time killer. ITS ESSENCE IS MAXIMUM SIMPLE. Kill enemies without touching their bullets. Will you be able to pass all the bosses and finish the game. BIG PLEASE WRITE A REVIEW AND RATE AFTER THE GAME!!!!

project link:

Give me a link to rule wheee I can find “you cannot start create a game earlier than 1 September”

I will remake all sounds and rebuild project in English only. Ok?

That’s all?

But there is no such prohibition in the rules. I can change textures and sounds.

thank you 

Rate the project please! It will help me and my team a lot. And a reminder that we accept ALL your ideas for updates.

good game

how to add author to project?I really need it!!!

sorry the question is over. The fact is that at the beginning of the game jam I created a project and it did not appear. Now I've got it all. Sorry

my project is given when i put it up for jam. What's wrong? Here is a link to the project page:

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Many people who make games on RPG Maker MZ are familiar with the feeling of pain in the eyes from a bright screen. For some, lowering the brightness does not help, as the game is very bright. I myself have encountered such a problem more than once, so I thought about this plugin. JUST PRESS "3" if you want to reduce the brightness of the game and textures. AND IF YOU WANT TO INCREASE THE BRIGHTNESS, PRESS "2" .

Plugin link:

And there is also a huge discount from 2023-08-29 00:00:00 to 2023-08-31 00:00:00. Plugin price $0.06. EXCEPT THIS PLUGIN THERE IS A DISCOUNT ON MY OTHER PLUGINS

4Knights is a roguelike game. It still has a lot of bugs and it's not perfect. BUT I am updating the project by making it stronger and making it so that everyone likes it. Now the game can offer a good storyline, a lot of fights, a lot of characters, a bunch of classes, types of armor and weapons and cases. In addition to the unusual final boss. Do not forget about the large number of NPCs on the map. And this is only a small part of the things. Due to the large number of everything that is in the game, EVERY passage is Unique. Try to play and please leave your review or comment.

and here is the link to the project:

I'm sorry to digress, but I have a question. Can I make a second post about this game? I realized that I need to completely redo it.

I made a runner. In it you are a car and you have to dodge the trash and wave on the road. THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RUNNER. Here are links to the first one and this one:

Runner about the car:

First runner:

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I will release a series of games to the end. So the name of the series is "Zomboid". The essence of the first 3 games is to run for a minute from zombies. And at 4 you run from people for zombies so that you are not cured. And in part 5 you run after zombies and heal them. There is a rather unusual plot (about it separately at the end). Here are links to all parts:

zomboid chapter 1 (dangerous city):

Zomboid chapter 2 (dead city):

zomboid CHAPTER 3 (dangerous place):

zomboid chapter 4 (life or be a zombie):

zomboid chapter 5 (end of story):

Plot: You are a survivor who is trapped inside the city. A huge number of zombies are running after him. He was able to survive and escape. On one of the days of his journey through the city, he hears a signal from the station of the survivors. Our hero comes to the station but everyone is infected. But the hero is found by one survivor. After that, the two of them go to the base of that survivor. At the base, he is bitten by a zombie. (digression about the virus: this is a flu virus that has mutated). Running from the zombies in the base of that survivor, the hero becomes infected with the flu and becomes a zombie. After 3 years, they are trying to cure him. But the hero escapes. And after 5 more. The survivor who owned the base of the 3rd part was cured. After that, he goes and heals the zombies at his base (this is part 5). The series is now over and no sequels are planned.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it

Thank you

I don't understand can you explain

The game is called magic planets. In the game you need to be able to defeat the mages BUT DOVER THE MAGIC OF YOUR ENEMIES.

Simply put, it's a hardcore time killer.

And here is the link to the game:

you can play from your phone or from a computer

HELP. I don't know how to put the project on gamejam?

Indians run is a runner in which you are an Indian running from cowboys. Along the way you will come across a lot of bonuses and gold for which you can buy a skin for your Indian. In addition to random levels from the classic version of the game, there is also an endless mode. Also, this game is not only in 2D format but also in 3D. The 3D version is still quite crooked and the version of the game is older but I'm going to update the project. If you are interested, here is the link to the project:
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if there are errors in the article sorry for my english. And now to the article

there are several ways: 

1 way: you can find plugins, but they are expensive, there are few of them, not everything works fine and many other problems.

  Method 2: do it yourself. But for example, I can't make such a plugin (many probably too). Such plugins require a good level of programming. 

BUT people like me should not be upset, I figured out how to make such a system. Let's divide it into 2 parts (following the example of roguelike games). 

Part 1 (bullets) what the boss or monster will kill with. Part 2 (monster/boss). 
Let's start with bullets: we create an event that follows the player and works when interacting with him. Here it is necessary to understand the method of murder. If it should transfer to save, then set the “end of the game” setting. If it should return somewhere, then set the “move player” setting and set where. And also there is, for example, such an option: 1 bullet to demolish 1xp the player has 3 of them (let’s say) and if 0xp then he should go to the healer at the location with the monster and he will return him to the location for the treatment (let’s say the game starts). Now we copy the resulting ones several times to the location with the monster (places where to copy are not important). IMPORTANT don't make too many bullets in one place and don't make too many of them in narrow rooms. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE BULLET MUST BE SET "at the same level as the player". OTHERWISE WILL NOT WORK. 

Now the monster. His system is tied to a system of local switches. We make settings for it (I advise you to make a version of the view for the monster) On the first page, we make settings for it, either the player's interaction or the action button in the application. Next, you need to make sure that if you somehow start the event, then it starts the local switch A. copy the page 4 times. At the same time, on the second page, we make it so that the page works with switch A. In the event settings, instead of switch A, we set switch B (this is where switch A was activated on the first one. And similarly, we switch all the following pages (in the page operation settings, 1 higher) and in the settings put the next letter on switch D (final) It should be in the settings of the page. the monster was alive, then put "turn off the switch A, B, C, D". This scheme was invented by Kotofey124. THE MONSTER MUST ALSO BE ON THE SAME LEVEL WITH THE PLAYER. I hope it helped. 

If anyone has something to add, I'm waiting for everyone in the comments

If the coverage of the article helped you, please write a comment. If you have any problems, write to us and we'll try to fix it.


a project using such a combat system:

the source of the project using such a combat system (feel free to take the blanks from here):