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Relaxing little platformer.


  • Block player from moving off the edge of the map
  • Place the platformers further apart or nuke jump distance, it was very easy to reach platforms
  • Add super mario jump sound effect ;)

There was no dragging bullets to gun to reload.  There was 4 types of ammo to match the guns. You equip the gun then press R to reload the gun, or press Q to swap to the other gun and reload! What gun type were you having issues with?

Thank you for the kind words!

Thanks for your feedback! What part were you getting stuck in? The main menu, the "hub" for stash/shop/missions, or was it inventory/loot menus?

For all of you maybe not watching the discord, the Google Form is still open until 5PM GMT+1. Go submit it while you can.

This is the way

Fun little idle kind of game.  The upgrades don't work for browser unfortunately!

The good: Shooting feels good and reward, much of art and animation is clean.

The bad: The excessive swearing was weird and off-putting. The control scheme felt really alien and made me struggle a bit at first.

Chat box covered the on screen buttons I needed to see to know how to progress the chat box, lol.  Player state machine status still active too.

Fun idea, didn't expect to die so quickly the first time.

Add hold E to fill up buckets and add buckets away from mobs or make mobs slower, it was nearly impossible to refill once you got aggro.

Well done!

The idea is you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to introduce 'aqua' as naval warfare, that fits! It's there for creative spark.

10/10 best fish game Fish Game

Maybe 'build' instead of 'arch'?

Nothing wrong with X and N, they're just too far apart and other hand already has to use arrow keys, maybe X and Z next time?

Looks good, love the colors.

Some recommendations/pointers:

  • I can't grab junk that ends up above me, and map makes it so it can get stuck above me.
  • What is an "arch"? Maybe use full word if I'm not told what it is ahead of time.
  • Spawn junk continuously! Spending junk just to spawn more means it's 1 step back for every 2 steps forward if I want to save up, I didn't find that very rewarding in the game loop, and would be a big concern in a more long term version of the game.
  • Put hotkeys near each other,  X and N is a weird jump?

Things I found done well:

  • Game feels greats, player movement is responsive.
  • The art feels unique and cool!
  • The sounds are well polished and create a very aquarium-like vibe.

Bump, seeking +1 to round off the team.  Feel free to DM my discord @ konsciousness with your pitch and portfolio, or reply here.

It's not made up, it's on the official jam discord.


Not an admin, but PSX is usually low-res textures and not pixel art, so I'd guess it doesn't qualify.

Programmer/px artist working in Godot still looking too.
konsciousness on discord if you'd like to chat


Your answer is literally in the rule you stated: "game must be pixel or pixel styled at all times" which means "scenes moving in and out of being pixeled" would be against the rules.

Bump, still looking! 

Better find a way to get it to work, because it's required for the jam ;)

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Howdy all.

I am seeking to partner with two other individuals that are enthusiastic for this jam.  While I'm not aiming to win, I am aiming to contribute heavily to the success of this said jam, while having fun and seeing what I can learn/make out of it.  I'm a hobby dev, I do this in my spare time.  I find it enjoyable and replaces my long hours I dump into MoBA games.  That being said, I have put aside time from work for this jam specifically this year.

While some of the material is older, you can find something of my portfolio listed here.

I am looking for mainly pixel artists, and programmers.  I am open to other roles as well -- I think it might be fair to say I'm looking for those individuals that can contribute meaningfully in multiple roles.  As for me, I can offer the skills of a game designer, project manager, pixel artist, programmer, a rudimentary writer, and offer some experience in SFX. 

A little about me:

  • I have been doing game dev on/off for 5 years
  • I have been doing pixel art for almost 15 years (with a weaker area in animation)
  • I have been drawing art in some form of another since I was a kid
  • I have played a LOT of video games
  • I have been programming in PY for about 4 years, GDscript for 3 (on/off), and recently learning JS.  I have some experience with HTML and CSS but it's been a long while

What I'm looking for:

  • Willingness to work in Godot
  • Pixel artists
  • Programmers
  • Someone on a US timezone
  • No one below 18 please
  • Looking for someone that can dedicate 8 hours a day to the jam for the duration of the jam.

Feel free to respond here and I will get back to you as soon as I can. 

Thanks for reading! :)

You most likely won't find anyone here.  The teams are 3 max, which doesn't leave room for a tester if you can't bring something else to contribute.  That being said, most jams won't look for testers.  By nature, games developed in games are full of bugs and are left half completed, your efforts are better spent looking for a longer term project, or perhaps a jam that lasts a month or longer. 

Hope that helps.

Find a team that you can learn from potentially or create your own thing and wing it as much as possible, you will learn from the craziness of meeting deadlines. Find ways to be efficient, network, ask questions, and seek feedback.  Best thing I can say for the actual jam is to organize your time, set goals and time buckets for everything.  If you spill over that bucket move to the next, you will run out of time and you will have to cut corners.

I saw this too! I was trying to screen capture to share with friends because I loved the artwork and music combination, but the monster overtook me and I expected to die, but didn't.

There was also large spaces of nothingness for a while, I think you could have gotten away with a smaller map or included more obstacles!

The lack of lighter animation threw me at first, until I kind of figured out what it looked like.  I think adding color from the lighter to contrast the level/artwork would have been a nice polish, and perhaps things you can burn/interact with the lighter with have some small form of color.

Also if you jump THEN try to go up the ladder, you can't.  It took me way longer than I'd like to admit to figure out how to get up the ladder, lol.