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There’s no manual outside the app because the explanations are written on the walls. Most of them are just places to look and stare, looking for errors and limits. 

Are you having any problem with locomotion? 

Great news! And very helpful for others with the same problem. Now, time to explore the limits of your  VR headset!!!

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Thanks for the support, really appreciate it! Let's try a different approach. Have you tried to decompress the rar with the last rarsoft available? That error could be pointing to a missing file lost or erased due to an incorrect unrar method. I should have compressed it with 7z or ZIP, I guess. 

Anyway, try that because knowing that the build works for at least 2K people, it could be something related to the rar itself rather than code. Also, do you know your specs? Amd? Intel? ati? nvidia? Those stuff.  If the rar doesn't work, I can compress it in zip and send you a copy to test it.

More info I just read around:

"EXTRA NOTE: Whether or not you happen to be using the official Itch Directory App, some users upon opening the .exe for the first time may be greeted by the error message, "Couldn't Start [File Executable Location] CreateProcess() Returned 2".

In this case, either move the .exe back to the file of origin, uncompress the zip folder in another location, get any firewall or antivirus you may be running to unblock it or simply re-download it."

Sorry, but as you probably know, these "one man projects" are hard to maintain. I'm working full time on another company right now and it's not an easy task to find time for this.

About you problem. Frankly, I have more than 2K (2,041) downloads right now and no one has asked me about this problem before. I've tested this app everywhere for a year (yesterday in two different computers) and it just works. It's based on 4.22 Unreal and the only custom stuff I've coded is a little chunk of C++ for the Synth generator. The rest is pure unreal. Packed as always.

I'm afraid that the error could be a combination of your exact system and my app, something I could not resolve because I don't have those exact variables here. Sorry again about that. I really think that the refund is a great option in these cases.


That's weird. It must be something related to the system, as the game is made in Unreal and it has been working in all the people's computers. There's nothing fancy inside it.

Have you checked if your antivirus is messing around?  your antivirus software could be causing the issueLink 2

If you can't get the game to run you can find out about itchio refunds here, of course. 

Let me know if you manage to run it to have that info for anyone later.

And thanks for buying it (and for using VR). 


I’m out for holidays, but I’ll check it as soon as I return home in a week. Weird because that zone is exactly the same code, double checked with the creator of hmdq himself. Thanks for the feedback!

Hi! Yep, you were very right about that.  I've added a line with "Touch Mandatory" at the very beginning. Thanks for the feedback :) If I manage to find some time between works, I could try to modify some tests for people with gamepad. 


Thanks for the feedback. As this is just a "One Man Only" project, I can't find the time between work and family to update it with that. I'm with you: free locomotion is not the ideal. 

About having some fixed spots... I did that just for the FOV test. Remember that you can move outside any fixed point because the VR outside movement (you can walk in real life, literally), so the only way I found really useful was to freeze you and the headset. But that is soooo uncomfortable that I don't want to do it for the the rest of the tests. I placed a "shadow" point at your feet for location purposes.  

Hi! The app was meant to be used with the Touchs, Wands or whatever the Windows Reality names their controllers. I'm afraid I can't do all the interactive tests for joystick as some of them needs both hands to work. Sorry about it (you can ask for a refund, no problem about it, it's completely understable)

Buenas.... Pues realmente no se qué puede ocurrir. ¿Qué visor tienes? Unreal toma siempre los datos de la calibración del visor (steamvr o oculus). Ese botón lo único que hace es mover algunos tests a la altura de tus ojos para mayor comodidad. 

Buenas... pues hasta donde yo se, lo único que tienes que hacer es bajarte la última versión (Framerate) de los links cuando entres con tu usuario (está mal traducido: no recibirás en casa ni en el mail, sino que al pagar, recibirás acceso a bajarte los archivos). La anterior se ve muy bien pero a costa de perder frames si tienes una gráfica antigua y la Framerate es con forward rendered, que mejora muchísimo el framerate con cualquier tarjeta a costa de perder algo de brillos y efectos.

Un saludo.

So... here you have my second version of the HMD Test tool than more of 6.500 users have been using at StemVR environments. This one, standalone for Oculus and all SteamVR.

List of Test included in Version 1> 

* for Interactive Test

  • Lenses TEST
    • Geometrical Aberrations
    • Sweet Spot
    • Glare test
  • Readable Test
    • Rounded Form test> Blurriness
    • Snellen Test
  • Sub-Pixel Test
  • Audio Test
    • Binaural Positional *
    • Frequency *
  • Contrast & Brightness Test *
  • FOV test
    • hFOV *
    • vFOV *
  • VIDEO Test
    • 4k/2k/FHD/SD image test *
    • Distance Test *
  • Color Test
    • Color Charts 
    • Details Test

Hope you find it as practical as me!

Virtual cheers, fellows VR colleagues out there!