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Test your VR headset with these tools · By knob2001

How to move?

A topic by garethwalkom created Oct 18, 2019 Views: 984 Replies: 9
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I've just downloaded this, but I can't seem to move. I have an Oculus Rift CV1 with a remote and an Xbox Controller.



Hi! The app was meant to be used with the Touchs, Wands or whatever the Windows Reality names their controllers. I'm afraid I can't do all the interactive tests for joystick as some of them needs both hands to work. Sorry about it (you can ask for a refund, no problem about it, it's completely understable)

Thanks for your reply. Don't worry about the refund, I appreciate what you're doing with the app! However, could I request you define the requirements on the main page in the description? 


Hi! Yep, you were very right about that.  I've added a line with "Touch Mandatory" at the very beginning. Thanks for the feedback :) If I manage to find some time between works, I could try to modify some tests for people with gamepad. 

Spot on. Please let me know when you've included functionality for a gamepad, as I'd be very interested! I'm sure many others would too.

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I also need! I only have the HMD valve index and xbox one gamepad because I only play simulators(DCS, Elite dangerous, Asseto Corsa), so I have no interest in knuckles controls. add keyboard and mouse would solve all problems!

I have a Reverb G2 which is considered a WMR headset with WMR controllers and I don't know how to move :| none of the buttons or axes do anything.


yep. It’s weird that HP decided to change all the axis and buttons functions... only working in unreal .26 Press the upper button on each controller and move the hand in the axis. It’s a little shitty but right now it’s the only way to move around with the reverb G2. I’ve changed some interactions to the trigger instead of grab to make it more compatible.  (Look under the Controller mapping in SteamVR)

No useable with the HP G2 Reverb

How do you move with HTC Vive pro controllers - can only spin around using the touchpad no forward or backward movement is possible other than physically walking and I dont have a room large enough!