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Test your VR headset with these tools · By knob2001

Reverb G2 interesting HFOV measurements

A topic by tfojistazy created Aug 06, 2021 Views: 530 Replies: 2
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So with the stock facial interface I get 96 and with the interface removed and getting my eyes to pretty much touch the lenses I get 98.

This doesn't seem right. Only 2 degrees gained? Seems impossible, especially since everybody complains how much FOV the interface takes away. When I tested this in some other applications I thought I'm getting a ton more FOV by removing the gasket. 


Hi,  tfojistazy

The absolute max hFOV of the G2 is 98.85°. That is stated by the driver given the hardware, so it means that without the interface, the max hFOV you could ever have is that value. I don't know what other apps are you using, but if any of them give you more than 98.85º, then there's something weird in them.

Thanks for buying the app! 

Thanks for clarifying that. I used the free Steam environment version of your app and I thought I got like a 102 - 104 degrees but of course since you can move your head in there it's unreliable.