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Test your VR headset with these tools · By knob2001

Locomotion Sickness and Menu

A topic by IDPGI created Oct 07, 2019 Views: 101 Replies: 1
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  Thanks for the app. I'm using it to test several HMD's including the HP Reverb. With the HP Reverb I can see the 20/20 line in the chart!

I have two feedback comments:

- Can teleportation locomotion option be added? The flying through the room triggered sever motion sickness for me.

- I recommend adding a special popup menu to allow teleportation to each station and locking the HMD tracking. This would ensure the same distance when doing side by side comparison. I want to take through the lens photos. The pixel density menu can be added to the popup menu as well.



Thanks for the feedback. As this is just a "One Man Only" project, I can't find the time between work and family to update it with that. I'm with you: free locomotion is not the ideal. 

About having some fixed spots... I did that just for the FOV test. Remember that you can move outside any fixed point because the VR outside movement (you can walk in real life, literally), so the only way I found really useful was to freeze you and the headset. But that is soooo uncomfortable that I don't want to do it for the the rest of the tests. I placed a "shadow" point at your feet for location purposes.