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haha! No, I don't think I'll update this. This was actually my very first game jam submission. Was a lot of fun.

Hi Evan, thanks for the feedback. I am not much of an artist but I think I found my style. Next I'll work on my story writing skills so that I can take the players on some more child-like adventures :)

haha, thanks for the feedback. I really want to add some more variety levels in the future to make gameplay a bit longer. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for the feedback and for playing

Thank you for the feedback and for playing. I agree that the play area is a bit too small. The asteroids also don't move in the way I had planned and that would have prevented you from staying still while shooting.

Thank you for playing. I am glad you enjoyed it :)

Death is a SIMP! haha

Enjoyed this. Dialogue is funny, artwork is good and the sound fits the mood. I would just suggest slowing down the player movement especially the jumping, it didn't feel very natural.

But overall, good game!

I enjoyed moving all the furniture around and trashing the place, but I honesty have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Try adding a tutorial or how-to screen to help the player understand what the objective is. The letter in the beginning disappears waaaay to fast. Maybe add a button there for the user to press continue after they read it. Remember, people read at different speeds. A nice backtrack will also give this game a more complete feel.

Well done on the models. It looks great.

I like the artwork.

Just being able to run forwards or backwards felt a bit too restrictive. It took me a while to figure out what was going on, maybe a little backstory and tutorial will help clear things up. The time the user holds space is a bit too long, I held space a couple of times wondering what was supposed to happen (the menu only says space to collect not hold space). Some background music, ambience and sound effects will add greatly to the experience too.

Overall, good entry!

Cool game.

I would suggest some sound effects. It will instantly transform this game to feel more fuller. Also add some death effects on the enemies. It will give a sense of accomplishment to the player. It would be better if the waves didn't appear over each other, maybe wait for the player to kill all the enemies before spawning the next wave. I could also walk from the path onto the wall tiles.

Another thing, the font is not really legible for long texts. 

Overall, well done!

Really nice game. The music and art fits well with the atmosphere. I managed to get 11 full grown trees before I got lost on the map :/

My feedback would be to limit the map size (I walked forever and couldn't find my way back to the enemies). I also got confused with all the circular shapes. Maybe the splatters should be a bit distorted, so there is a clear difference between bullets, enemies, seeds and enemy splatters.

But overall, I enjoyed playing your game.

I enjoyed creating chaos, but it didn't last long.

Some instructions would have been nice. A tutorial or 'how-to' page. I also tried a different ordering sequence for the monkeys but it didn't sound different.

Good job on the sound and the mixing of the animal sounds with instruments

Definitely my favorite from this jam. I love arcade/old TV game style games. The CRT/Tube TV screen effect just gives me all the feels. My only feedback would be to have different difficulty settings. The AI is pretty brutal at times and my team just sucks, haha.

Well polished game 10/10

Cool game.

I loved running around and trying to fly and glide. It would have been nice to have an indication of how much time I still have left in the day. I ran around like crazy, trying to collect everything then the day was finished. The plants are also a bit camouflaged, I didn't know what can be picked up so while I ran around I just spammed F to pick everything up :)

The camera angle switch from outdoors to indoors confused me at first, but other than that, good game.

Thanks for playing. I drew everything in Photoshop with my mouse. haha. I even wrote the words with the brush using my mouse. I'm glad you liked it.

Thanks for playing!

Good farming sim. I filled it with everything the objective said I should but then there were only about 12 spaces left for me to do whatever I wanted with. Either give the user the control to plant WAY more than they should or limit them with the objective and have the amount of plants and water add up to the amount of open spaces there are.

Also add some visual queues/feedback. I got confused as to what tool and what plant I had selected. Another small thing is that the music doesn't loop.

But overall, good game and I love the art style :)

I struggled with the wall running and once the acceleration kicks in I jumped over the platforms because of the gravity. The gravity also feels different for the 2 levels? I would suggest to put a couple of walls in the beginning for players to get use to the mechanics. It will serve as a nice tutorial within the level. Other suggestion is to add some background music and sound effects. You will see, your game will feel instantly different and more alive.

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what I usually do is set the volume on all your sound effect's audio sources to 0.4 o 0.6 while the background music/ambience stays on 1 :)

Thanks for playing. Interesting idea to include the dinosaurs into the gameplay somehow. Didn't think of that.

I've had trouble finding a good balance with the difficulty, but I do agree that the asteroids should explode into tinier asteroids. I'll definitely add it in for a future update.

Awesome platformer. The music and art fits the mood well. 

Some feedback:

The background music cuts off in the tutorial, it does not loop and I died in the tutorial, because the time ran out before I could finish reading the text. Maybe only activate the timer when the player starts to move

Well done, it was fun! I want more levels :)

Love this SOO much, but I feel you need some trigger warning or disclaimer in the beginning though...Might or might not have shed a single tear in the end. Couple of pointers from me: The rain sound effect in the menu is too loud, it overpowers the mood from the background music and some of the in-game sound effects felt too bright for the mood of the game. I also liked that in the beginning the pit of hands was immediate game over but as you progress you can get out of it. Well done. Really good game.

Thanks for playing! This game forms part of a bigger campaign to bring awareness to social distancing