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thank you! Hope you have a great year as well 😁

thank you for being an inspiration for indie publishers worldwide peow for ever babeyyyyy

aaaaaaa thank you!!!!

hello! I made a zine with the amazing electric zine maker! it was made on a rush but i had lots of fun making it! feel free to check it out!

thank you so much!!! i'll have this in mind 

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hello everyone! it's my first time asking for help in a forum omg. anyway. I am making a comic and I want to publish it here instead of other sites and I have zero programming knowledge and I wanted to make a reader tool for my comic so i can update it regularly. 

something like this or

any tips? and thank you 

another banger!!!! love your stuff as always

thank you so much!

thank you!!!

el de david lynch y el ultimo son increíbles 

hello! im klarip and I make zines about my life and things i like! and I'm currently working on my first visual novel :)

thank you!!!

thank you very much!! <3

thank you!! i tried it and oh yeah!!! it really fits!!!!

thank you!!! 

I love the way you edit photos so much!!! keep it up!

thank you! 😀

thank you!!! Im hoping to start a game this year 

I really like the vibe!!! it's like creppy and cute(?? thanks for the shout out!